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Sunday, 03/04/2007 9:41:05 PM

Sunday, March 04, 2007 9:41:05 PM

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Lesson Finding Resistance:

To find resistance you first have to look for stock prices that are higher then the current stock price. The sequence goes from most recent low to most recent high. For example, if my stock price I am looking at is at .22 currently and one week ago there was a high of .25 and a few days before that the high was .29 and three weeks ago there was a high of .25. The resistance for now would go as follows..... current price .22 resistance #1 .25 resistance #2 .29 *the .25 a few weeks back would no longer be resistance because after the .25 we had a .29 run which allowed anyone holding at .25 to sell at .29 for a profit. You see resistance is a simple concept, resistance = SUPPLY! Lets say somone got in the stock at .15 and it ran to .29 then dropped to .22 which the current examples price. Someone had to buy at .29 range, so we call that SUPPLY meaning the holders from .29 are going to say to themselves "If this stock ever goes back up to .29 i am SELLING!" So .29 will have plenty of "supply" meaning people selling shares at that price which means it will be more difficult to pass that range because everyone wants to sell. NOW when the BID goes HIGHER then .29 (meaning all those .29 sell orders are GONE and we now reach .30 bid) we look for the next previous high that is higher then .29! and the process goes on....

Lets use BLYC for example here....Current price is .0016, so lets find every price higher then .0016 from previous runs.....ok so starting with most recent is .0023 then .0018 BUT this is NOT RESISTANCE because after that .0018 we ran to .0023 so people could sell, so this is no longer a area of resistance. Ok so current price .0016 Resistance #1 is .0023 then .0025 for resistance #2 then .0028 R3 and .0037 R4 and you can go farther, but lets not put the cart before the horse!

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