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Sunday, 05/26/2024 8:34:26 AM

Sunday, May 26, 2024 8:34:26 AM

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Ok now come clean. Either Tucker Carlson or Alex Jones Is posting here.

If it’s neither of the two my suggestion would be move to where your trust and beliefs work for you because obviously the United States is not for you.

You’re welcome in advance.

“these anti djt are parasites, they suck on the flesh ,the dole, their hard work is eating you alive to the point that there is no sustainability. the parasitic worm also wants you to stfu and take it while they drain you. like a vampire. the fed supports this. rothschild family wrote the book on communism/kabutzism marxism,marx was a rothschild. the supposed money in your wallet is created by lies and deception hatched out of their ass. totally unsustainable. even they know it is unsustainable and this is why they are buying gold. yes the fed is buying gold to try to save even themselves from the ruin they have created. we need to take it away from them ,take the right to hatch money out of nothingness ,fiat garbage. socialism works until the host is dead. socialism works until they run out of money. the great reset is just another lie to imprison it's host so it is easier to suck the life out of even more people. they bite you chew on you and castigate you at the same time because you stupidly put up with their bs. and along comes bitcoin and it is stealing their candy and they can't have that. so here we are today . this will be the 3rd central bank that we will get rid of and go back to sanity of our own treasury our own banking system not theirs. this is why the fed has to go. we want sound money, god's money gold and silver and we will ride bitcoin until we get it. for over 300 yrs the rothschild's have ridden us with their foul lies/deception. it is not sustainable now that we are all awake. they created taxation, they created these endless wars, and if you see the truth then you have to shun them. truth is coming truth is here, and our leader who is one of us is riding the pale horse to their apocalypse. decentralization is the key to freedom and a real life. we have to uncouple from the rothschild's matrix in order to survive. even larry fink of blackrock has come to this realization. look at venezuela for example. the only people that have survived are those who bought btc and moved to columbia and chile from venezuela they had to flee or be devoured by the parasites.”
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