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Re: Soapboxmom post# 19990

Saturday, 03/30/2024 6:42:46 PM

Saturday, March 30, 2024 6:42:46 PM

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Re. Pdgood--he purports that the Mark Miller shell hijacking case has tentacles that reach far beyond just the three people indicted. I wrote that the relatively amounts ("hundreds of thousands of dollars") they illegally pocketed didn't seem to warrant all the national attention the case received. In particular, CNBC --arguably the most popular financial network in America-- has been following the story.

Then came this report dated May 18, 2023 at the end of which it states--

During his sentencing Thursday, Miller’s lawyer told the judge,My client has great concerns about how much we will talk about this case,” referring to his criminal prosecution.

Noting a CNBC reporter was monitoring the hearing via Zoom, (Miller's lawyer) Lengeling said, “There’s at least one media outlet that has taken great interest in Mr. Miller’s case.” “For some reason, this has been a salacious type of case for this particular media person and I’m not sure why,” Lengeling added.

“Mr. Miller has made a mistake and has made amends,” Lengeling said.

The lawyer ended the hearing by asking (Judge) Doty to seal the transcript of the proceeding for a decade. Doty did not immediately rule on that.

By asking the judge to seal his records for a decade simply to protect his already blown reputation seems odd. However, there is apparently a civil case still pending once Miller gets out of prison. So I'm betting Miller doesn't want his depositions to be brought into that case --especially if he ratted out other actors involved in the cases he was found guilty of or involved in other scams. THAT bay be why CNBC is still following the story. I wouldn't be surprised if they've been alerted to stand by as more shoes drop. Miller and one of his partners went to prison while the 3rd got 2 years probation.

I'm curious to know how broke Eddie Vakser suddenly came to be running hijacked UITA. No one simply gives away a ticker. So what was exchanged? Who was involved?

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