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Monday, 03/25/2024 3:26:34 PM

Monday, March 25, 2024 3:26:34 PM

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$EMGE On March 7, 2024, Resonate Blends, now known as KOAN, issued an 8-K entry into a Material Definitive Agreement, marking the execution of the triangular merger. KOAN, rebranded as Apollo, serves as the main parent company. Trading of KOAN and EMGE common shares will proceed as usual until the completion of the 251(g) reorganization of the new entity, APOLLO. Following the conclusion of the 251(g) process, EMGE common shares will be exchanged for KOAN shares, and the company, now under the name Apollo, will introduce a new name and expect new symbol.

What makes this merger exceptional is NO reverse splits, the elimination of debts, and insider shares locked up for one year. On top of that, EMGE current float is under 300m. Remarkably, the share structure has remained unchanged since May 2023 marking ten months without dilution. Such stability is super rare in the realm of OTC land.

Let's now closely examine the subsidiaries of APOLLO BioWellness.

1 - EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGICSIS Must see beautiful site: <><><>
In my humble opinion, it's evident that Morrison has all his ducks in a row, and it's only a matter of time before he launches a massive news campaign. Here's the proof: On September 12, 2023, (NASDAQ: BRTX) entered into a supply agreement with Evolutionary Biologics.

Additionally, he has the Cinema ads campaign ready for marketing Biologics products once the 251(g) process is completed. He organizes everything year in advance. His commitment to investing in product development and the Cinema ads campaign without diluting shares demonstrates his dedication to his companies and the shareholders. Such situations are beyond rare on the OTC land.

Watch the CINEMA ads Campaigns. Compelling and Essential Viewing: A Must-Watch Experience

The Evolutionary Biologics NYC® cinema ADs campaign provided Creative Doorway with a unique opportunity to introduce a high-end biologic product offering to the glamorous themes of the beauty industry. With a marketing undercurrent that would pronounce the celebrity appeal of the former president of L'oreal

Integrative Practice Solutions, LLC is an innovative clinical business model that focuses on resolving Osteoarthritic knee pain experienced by over 27 million elderly Americans. Their approach, known as the Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol™ (AARP), offers a non-surgical solution for treating knee pain caused by Osteoarthritis. This comprehensive program combines non-surgical intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections, specialized knee bracing, and a comprehensive physical therapy program.

"With over 230 highly successful integrated clients in 46 states and growing, the AARP program is producing multi-million-dollar earners throughout the United States"


Emergent Health Corp. will continue with the operations of Wholistic Brands, a majority-controlled subsidiary as a separate, but affiliated entity of the Parent Company, it is a brand that represents the best natural formulas made from plant-based ingredients, including shelf-stable plant-based exosomes. Wholistic is developing products in support of our suite of businesses while building a proprietary D2C and consumer business around clean wholistic health.

Jim Morrison, CEO of Emergent stated, "The Wholistic Company is a brand that represents the best natural formulas made from plant-based ingredients. We have selected the top-selling products and formulas from the portfolios of Emergent Health Corp. subsidiaries and rebranded and repackaged them to be consumer-friendly and be part of a growing family of naturally inspired products launching in 2023.

Below is just an example of the new line of products being developed by "The Wholistic Company"

4 - JUVENTIC <><><>
Juventix Regenerative Medical is a leading provider in the field of regenerative medicine. They specialize in autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and other related Cell Therapy technologies. They manufacture their products under the JUVENTIX brand. Juventix PRP™, an FDA-cleared 510(k) Class II Medical Device designed for the safe and rapid preparation of autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This device enables physicians to prepare PRP from a small sample of the patient’s blood at the point of care. The PRP can then be mixed with autograft or allograft bone to improve handling characteristics when applied to bony defects."

After years of researching stocks, I've yet to come across an opportunity like this: acquiring shares of a legitimate company with an FDA-cleared 510(k) Class II Medical Device at such a low price, well under one cent.

JUVENTIC own Juventix PRP™, an FDA-cleared 510(k) Class II Medical Device.

. 'We currently have a professional sales force with 700+ independent sales reps and distribution partners covering all aspects of our brand ecosystem.'

They acquired JUVENTIC last year, with a total revenue of 4.5 million and 300 independent sales reps.

Read the news above. That privately held company is JUVENTIC, and it has grown to more than double the size of the professional sales force with 700+ independent sales reps. We don't know their distribution partners yet. If the distribution partner is Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, or a major franchise drugstore, that would be an awesome outcome.

Centrifugation Instruments:
Juventix offers a full line of high-quality, reliable, economical, and easy-to-use centrifuges to meet clinical needs. These centrifuges save processing time, are user-friendly, and consistently deliver exceptional performance

Business Opportunity:
Juventix provides practitioners with a unique business opportunity within the regenerative medical industry. Their approach to Platelet Rich Plasma application is low-cost and offers high margins. PRP treatments are 100% autologous, posing virtually no risk to patients.

Juventix Medical packaging:
was designed by doctors for doctors, resulting in a simple and intuitive process for procedure setup and execution.The company has products listed on spectrum4med. The physicians can buy the Juventix PRP Kit, and other products link below.
In addition to the medical equipment mentioned above, they also have an extensive range of medical products.

MAXIMUS Men Heath<><><>

MAXIMUS will roll out a state-of-the-art "Regenerative Men's Health Vertical" called "MAXIMUS Men's Health". With the combination of world class biologic products with a best selling PRP offering, and our expertise in the treatment of sports injuries and arthritis, we have the nucleus for a new brand in the regenerative treatment market for men. The company is aligned with several former professional athletes who give us a high level of credibility in the treatment of sports injuries and peak performance training for men.

Sports Injuries
Portfolio provided by IPS / Juventix / Evolutionary Biologics / Nanosthetic Wharton’s Jelly – gives us a 360-degree answer to the non-surgical treatment of sports injuries as well as arthritis in older men.

Hair Loss
MAXIMUS will offer all forms of hair replacement, surgical and non-surgical.
Under the direction of veteran management, we will also develop a line of Men’s Hair Care products under the MAXIMUS Brand. The products will be designed to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth using new age biologic technology.

Given the execution of the triangular merger, I am not counting on the events previously announced under Emergent Health. However, it's still important to remain aware of these developments, even if they are temporarily on the back burner.

SPIN-OFF PharmaZu IPO that will be applied for listing on NASDAQ or NYSE/AMEX, with NO DILUTION to the Emergent Shareholders.

ACQUISITION on December 2023, we entered into a non-binding letter of intent (the “LOI”)
with Accredited Solutions, Inc., a publicly traded company (symbol: ASII).

This stock is still flying under the radar, as many have yet to fully comprehend the potential impact of its completed merger. However, it's only a matter of time before the true potential of this opportunity is realized. This merger marks a significant game-changer. I feel reassured under the leadership of Chairman and CEO of Apollo Biowellness, Mr. Morrison. With a distinguished career in the personal care industry, notably as President of L'Oréal for 9 years, he engineered the acquisitions of Redken and Matrix, guiding the company through a period of unprecedented growth. He is considered one of the top brand strategists in the personal care space.

L'Oréal S.A. is a French personal care company headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, with a registered office in Paris. It is the world's largest cosmetics company. As of March 17, 2024, the stock price of L’Oreal SA (XPAR: OR) is 446.15 EUR. Equal to 485.72 US Dollars.

The key question that needs addressing is the fate of the EMGE common shareholders.
When we refer to “EMGE Equity Interests”, it refers to the transfer of ownership in EMGE. The ownership or financial stake in a company.
These are the common financial terms. Equity interest, interest, compound interest, liability interest...“EMGE Equity Interests” include both preferred and common shares. Furthermore, (EMGE Equity Interests) include common stock, preferred stock, bonds, warrants, and other financial instruments.

Section 1.02 (b), mentions the Exchange of EMGE Equity Interests for KOAN Exchange Shares: "Upon the consummation of the transaction contemplated hereby... KOAN shall acquire all of the EMGE Equity Interests from the EMGE Preferred Shareholders by through the Exchange by issuance of the KOAN Exchange Shares."
The link below provides information regarding ALL of the EMGE Equity Interests from EMGE.

Section 1.02 (c), describes the result of the exchange: KOAN shall acquire the EMGE Equity Interest.
(c) As the result of the Exchange, (i) KOAN shall acquire the EMGE Equity Interests, also as set forth on the Exchange Schedule on Schedule I, attached hereto, and EMGE shall become a majority-owned subsidiary of KOAN and (ii) the EMGE Preferred Shareholders shall have received the KOAN Exchange Shares.

For more details on the triangular merger post by DD_dempsey.

WHY $EMGE could be bigger than most realize...

8K published under $KOAN Edgar filings. March 20, 2024 - 8-K

Exciting news! WIPEOUT REMOVED 93% of the diluted EMGE shares. The Series F Convertible Preferred Stock, which was set to convert into 93% of the common stock of the Company on a fully diluted, has now been removed and is no longer part of the triangular merger agreement.

There you have it! Clearly shown in The New APOLLO BioWellness Inc. website:
The Future of Regenerative Health

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