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Re: surfkast post# 23330

Sunday, 03/17/2024 3:03:24 PM

Sunday, March 17, 2024 3:03:24 PM

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My guess is Brian McLain is in on it now and hosts the miners in TX, while paying a pretty penny (575m shares and 23% of the company) for hush hush. My guess is Wade has a % of those shares on the closed door backend as well. Either way, an absurd amount of shares were issued at .00000 for 'services rendered' without any kind of filing for how/why he was handed almost 25% of the company out of the blue, in TX where they host the miners.. $402,500 at the current market price with no risk must be nice. They are restricted, but for how long? No info on that. I could be wrong, but its the most logical thing I could come to.

Im guessing maybe some Kentucky name will pop up on next filing with another drastic share issuance for "whatever we want to insert here" Who knows. Based off filings, this wont ever get to fly, no matter what BTC price is... this literally trades off BTC price, nothing else., what happens when BTC cools off? Surely no more selling or AS raises or S1 offerings right? Gotta get more miners is the only thing they have or like .6cent dividend for every million shares owned. I am glad that its at least trading and people flipping are making good money off the BTC pump, too risky for my blood at this current state, given at any moment 200m-1b shares could dump on my entry, in an already bloating SS...

Getting even harder in TX to turn a BTC profit