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Wednesday, 02/28/2024 1:16:51 AM

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 1:16:51 AM

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Bitcoin was such a convenient way to start up just as all this "chaos" was happening. I find it super interesting we keep finding "surplus" each worldwide unwinding and that Barclays kept certain part of Lehman alive never discussed in the Judge Peck order - no one ever mentions they acquired Lehman's main money management hub in SA in Buenos Aires and Across the Rio de la Plata in Montevideo Uruguay coincidences! Well a CIA Intelligence Chief who commanded 1,000 CIA employees went to Lehman as an "oracle" who would be on Floor 31 with Fuld and all the senior execs every Monday from 2005-2008 telling them where they were to put their billions!!!!!!!

LFG. We know there's enough out there. Plus I looked deep into it- there's bank holding co TRUPs and there's Delaware Statutory Trusts (companies) that issue pref shares that are tied to ... Real Estate! And... I have been over this so many times but they are not the outlaw Tier 1 Dodd Frank TRUPs .... They are still DST issued PFD's I think there's a reason that the pre-IPO included the DST registered in Delaware ("III-VI") and then they had their Registered Agent, then they issued the n* amt of PFD shares and common shares wortth some nominal amt. THEN swapped to LBHI in exchange for one subordinated debenture that was equal to ALL The PFD shares and all the same various guarantees etc as in the prospectus. After that I believe they distributed to 20+ banks to underwrite and sell for $25.00 each to profit - after that not sure who had them or what but the PFD shares we got are the actual shares. IF the DST "Trust" was cancelled in Delaware I don't think it would matter bc LBHI can distribute to any PFD share holder directly (of course it can't yet it's in CH11 freeze mode) and I believe we also may sue the property trustee or the property trustee can sue LBHI. Either way we got real shares. I don't think what happens to the DST matters nor do I believe we are like real TRUPs from Bank Holding Companies not counted as T1 capital by Dodd-Frank nor tied to real estate like our DST issued PFD shares.

I believe we are able to just get what we are owed form LBHI. LBHI only makes money from the operations of its subsidiaries. Says it in the prospectus makes sense. It's not a Bank Hold Co tho. And I think that there's plenty of private negotiations with subsidiaries and the amt of lending LBHI did to it subsidiaries where soon as we finish this Appeal, the LBH PLC admin Tier X, Y, Z and LBT (in NL) and whatever is in its' final appeal in the highest Swiss Courts I forget what it was but it was also about something waiting on the UK admin... We will see money. Don't you worry boy.

CIA in 2005-2008:

Come on now. Who are we too say the surplus wont hit us. It's clearly got inside job written all over it. It isnt illegal to collaborate on a way to make a worldwide cycle end but litigate a framework to follow without any govt taxpayer bailouts for a private sector//cross-jurisdiction never before done process. Is it? I think not. I think that's what we're dealing with. This is a special case. Europe had their ECAPS. Well our DST issued PFT shares (I can't call them TRUPs bc they have the whole 1031 exchange and real estate tied profits without directly owning that real estate property) to me are far more valuable. And look at the damn dates. People buying these were like buying 50 year bonds. There's a way that this is why BarCap was transferred assets by a Judge that Barclays PLC paid for with borrowed funds for LSE:BARC ownership. Also those were 4M in pounds not USD. This is truly unique.