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Re: TheWhigs post# 106816

Monday, 02/12/2024 3:51:48 PM

Monday, February 12, 2024 3:51:48 PM

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".Comella is off running another "Stem clinic SCAM" on her own now and getting her sorry ass sued off also in several lawsuits....she already lost one at trial....and is "Trying" to avoid paying by pulling a shit-show BK scam and fraud.....same old same old with these 2-bit scammer charlatans.....:))"

-Do you have any proof/links for that?

Hi Whigs, yes, there is proof on the public court portals.

She's being sued in Broward County FL and also has a lawsuit going in Miami-Dade county superior court also. Here is the Broward cases for "Failure to pay her MD/Physician" she used, stiffing the Dr on her insurance premium/Malpractice coverage. And another by USRM aka US Stem Cell Inc this penny stock being sued for failure to pay a lady named Brenda Leonhardt over $1.4 million they owe her - she's the wife of the founder of BHRT aka Bioheart which is what this stock was called before they changed the name.

Then - there is another medical malpractice lawsuit for harming another patient - filed against Comella and crew who ran that variation of the clinic(s) her and CEO Tomas created and ran:

Click on "Business name" and enter "US STEM" and you'll see the following lawsuits JUST for Broward County court alone (not the Miami-Dade suit) :

1) The old Jeannine Mallard of France blinded lady lawsuit (they blinded a total of 4 women now !!) it is "Re-opened" as US STEM this penny stock scam and Comella who CEO Tomas "gave for free" the former US Stem Cell Clinic LLC is failing to pay the settlement agreement portion they are responsible to pay her (I think it's $5K per month for a certain number of yrs as part of the multi $million insurance settlement. They half to barf-up cash as part of their responsibility to settle the lawsuit and now they are stiffing on those payments owed to a lady who's life they destroyed. Nice folks - NOT !!) :
Case No: CACE17022427
Jeannine Mallard Plaintiff vs. Hollywood Eye Institute, P.A. Defendant Products Liability 12-12-2017 Reopened - CV

2) This is the Dr Rosemary Daly lawsuit for stiffing her on insurance premiums Comella agreed and was obligated to pay her. They lost that lawsuit at a bench trial and now owe several $hundred thousand dollars to the Dr who is STILL trying to collect from charlatan scammer Kristin Comella !
Case No: CACE20016818
Daily Wellness LLC Plaintiff vs. Regenerative Wellness LLC, et al Defendant Other 10-09-2020 Reopened - CV

3) This is the loan they stiffed on Brenda Leonhardt - this lawsuit is now over $1.8 million owed with interest accrued and more. Shit show - total fraud !
Case No: CACE20012095
Brenda Leonhardt, et al Plaintiff vs. US Stem Cell Inc, et al Defendant Contract and Indebtedness 07-27-2020 Pending

4) And this one - another butchered/severely harmed patient. Comella and crew HAVE NOT even retained a lawyer as the clinic is BK busted broke !! They are simply "trying" to ignore the lawsuit - which ain't gonna work - they will get her sooner or later:

Case No: CACE23015543
Donald Pelton Plaintiff vs. US Stem Cell Clinic LLC, et al Defendant Professional Malpractice - Medical 06-30-2023 Pending
THAT is the "new" Comella DO-OVER of here latest SCAM clinic. She's being sued as "Infinite Impact" after losing to a judgement in the Dr Daly above listed lawsuit !! Same old shit, different day !!

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