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Re: FIREMEDIC0001 post# 2972

Monday, 02/05/2024 10:02:13 PM

Monday, February 05, 2024 10:02:13 PM

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That million-share bid is me. I wouldn't read much into that. I raised it from .0005. Not getting filled but it's a GTC. I say good riddance to the board members that left. I just see it as a hostage situation is all. They can't make money unless we make money. And they are still spending money. The things they do aren't cheap. So, the are still punishing themselves the way I see it by waiting. All China stocks are having a rough time, so perhaps that good. I'd say don't throw in the towel. I didn't expect them to come full circle for another 10K which is the most costly filing, but I guess they are going to slam their heads into a brick wall again. Masochists is all I can think of every time I watch them. I guess they to burn money.

Same thing. They ever give up and sell the shell. Or they do something. Meanwhile, they are taking their members on on yaughts. And one of their members somewhere recently said they hope to go Nasdaq soon. So, they are still feeding the Nasdaq nonsense to my eyes. Probably a Nasdaq marquee unless I see proof to the contrary. But still means they have to show their members something sooner or later if they want to grow the group. Lies can only carry a group so far. And I'll be fair to say that China stocks are persecuted for now. so let them keep bleeding . I'll wait and let somebody throw in the towel for hoever long it takes. I will outlive them.

Like here, spending money. They love to spend money and party, as usual.

When they are ready to get serious, they can spin it into a great PR story. That's what normal, sane people would do that intend to go public. That's why I have 1M share order on the bid. That's all.

Personally, I prefer to watch my other Chinese Investment, Tim Horton's China (THCH) because they actually work. And have opened their first 10 Popeyes units within 4 months. They don't play around like YBCN. But their stock isn't doing good. I have 20,000 shares there. But they do work!