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Re: Dragon Lady post# 106808

Monday, 01/29/2024 6:15:43 PM

Monday, January 29, 2024 6:15:43 PM

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HNY as well to your DragonLady, when a person trudges in the filth like I have since 2006 on IHUB I grow wary. I lost my original account on the SPNG Spongetech account. Lost a few more after that as well. I provided MUCH information to FED’s on that one Spongetrch account. I have helped bust several scams over the years. I have not felt the urge to Bash the stock scams since that shell Miller stock scam we brought down in 9/2021 ( you did a magnificent job on that one. I could not for the life of me get thru to the OTC, but You did thankfully!! That was a good one. We made bag holders of paid pumps and insiders. The overt death threats and “we’re gonna sue “ threats have always been my favorite parts of bashing stock scaaaaaaaaaaaams. lol. In this stock scam the Pumps on the Miguel scam were mostly decent bag holders. Heart in right place and truly believed in the “science” although no science existed since Phase 1/2 Myocell trial from 2006. Liar Miguel always promised to restart that Trial but it was all just a lie. He was all about the “scam” Putrid scam kits of his poison Goo he was pushing on the terminally ill and get his terminally ill victims to leave the USA for TJ. Nothing more than a Civil War carpet bagger preying upon the old and down trodden that FOOS is. My thinking is he is thinks putting his home in a trust will protect his asset. But it will not. The 3yr look back period does not apply to Brenda since the scam was ongoing and defrauding her since 2010. We will NEVER see a USRM BK filing. Doing so opens up the DOJ arm. I would think that the FDA investigator never pursued this stock scam because of lack of resources and that Cali court took em down and besides the DOJ has more teeth to put Miguel, Spin Doctor and others in a Fed Pen for 12/24 months. Concerned that the statute of limitations is gonna run out on this and ANOTHER bag of shit CEO will get away with a massive crime spree. Hopeful that Brenda gets them. And yes RIP Dr M. Everyone remembers you for your pacemaker and blood transfusion bags not this stock scam. I noticed that your people did a great job of removing Your name from news releases on this scam.