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Saturday, 01/13/2024 5:11:33 PM

Saturday, January 13, 2024 5:11:33 PM

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They’re doing jack squat with a 15L bioreactor. If it was so efficient, why are they thinking they will be able to get a 1400L one…IN 2 YEARS. LMAO. They don’t have a 1400L bioreactor, let alone a patent on it.

The clowns are way behind the 8 ball already. And they’re going to take 2 more years to have anything that could even possibly bring the cost down slightly. But in 2 more years, others will be light years ahead capturing the vast majority of the market share. I posted you the link which came from the head clown mouth himself from under a month ago. Didn’t want to read I it? Then weep?

Here it is again for you.

“In the next couple of years, we expect to launch the 1,400-liter bioreactor that can produce 400 kilos of cultivated meat per run with very competitive COGS.”

Get it now? THEY DONT HAVE A 1400L ONE AND WONT FOR AT LEAST 2 years. A 10k one is decades away. Maybe they can grow some ball sack hairs in the meantime with their 15L one. Or asshole hairs might be more fitting. Kakis an expert on that one, since he’s seen every shareholders asshole hairs, past and present.

Just like the clowns and how they messed up keeping their “state of the art” technology to themselves all these years. Now over a decade later, they want to get into manufacturing cells for others now that the competition has basically taken that market from them. They’re going to be left with the scraps which nobody wants. Can’t wait for quarter after quarter go by with the usual ZERO revenue.

We have zero evidence that their pathetic bioreactor can do anything close to what they’re saying. The clowns reign as one of Israel’s biggest scam of a company that’s milked over $400,000,000.00 from investors without having any revenues, is coming to an end.

It becomes more laughable watching someone try and defend this company and the true clowns that run it. Right up there with Zzatts reason to be in about half a million…WE GOT ZZIENTISTS.

Can’t LMAO more at the two of you. Hopester, Doc and all the others too. Maybe you and whoever you work for will go down with the ship. You all need a cellmate named Bubba. Would be bitter sweet seeing how you’re in on this scam.