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Re: REAGAN post# 106795

Thursday, 12/07/2023 4:22:42 PM

Thursday, December 07, 2023 4:22:42 PM

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USRM-a-CON: Old Man Murphy Is Deceased. RIP !

Hey Reagan - don't know if you saw this yet ?

Old man Murphy made it to 100 years young - he was a decent dude IMO that somehow got mixed-up with penny cons Miguel and Kristy and this shit show USRM. What a damn shame !!!!

Murphy, HE actually did some good for society unlike the 2-bit penny con charlatans of Mike Michael Miguel and Kristy Con-mella aka The Spin Doctor WTF !!

Only STAIN on that nice obituary write-up about Doctor M. (as in REAL doctor aka NOT fake PhD Con-mella and the gang !!) done in a major newspaper- is scammer Miguel had to go and get his scuzzy name schmattered all over it. WTF AGAIN - couldn't dirty Miguel just leave the old man alone even in death, just to have a fitting tribute, without the shit stain of Miguel's name being attached to Murphy's historic and legit legacy ?

Geez - these cons have no damn shame, no honor, it's ALWAYS about them the 2-bit scammers !!

MY "guess" - with Murphy gone now, I'd say the Vegas odds just got real, real high that Miguel BK's this hunk of shit scam as he no longer has "Money Bags Murphy" as is "go-to" funder in a pinch.

Also, it's highly likely IMO that Murphy was their last "credit line" who acted as "guarantor" to the big Seaside Bank FL, whatever the hell it's called; that old, old $980K loan that Miguel NEVER PAID BACK ONE CENT OF PRINCIPAL ONE, while fleecing this scam dry as a crypt of every last dime and cent of cash !!!!

IF Murphy was the "guarantor" - then IMO that bank can "call the loan" IF his estate or whatever pulls the guarantee or collateral or whatever the hell "arrangements" that had, now past tense most likely.

USRM-a-CON BK filing - I put it at 90% or better odds now IMO.

Wonder if Miguel is going to file it prior to end of the fiscal yr 2023 here, in less than a few weeks away ?

There's LITERALLY NOTHING LEFT OF USRM-a-CON so the BK filing can probably be done on the back of a napkin from one of Miguel's posh "company paid" dinners or lunches LMAO !!!

Hopefully - the passing of Murphy means the END OF THIS SHIT SHOW ONCE AND FOR ALL !!

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