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Re: Soapboxmom post# 19796

Monday, 12/04/2023 4:08:43 PM

Monday, December 04, 2023 4:08:43 PM

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I see the trademark application for “RIDDICK "BIG DADDY" BOWE BOXING” was just applied for on Nov 17, 2023. It hasn’t even been assigned an examiner nor put out for opposition so it's a LONG way from approved. Click the "documents" tab to see more (including the photos of Riddick below)

That trademark filing provided clues to other interesting finds such as---

The web domain was just registered on 9/24/23

The company was created in June 2023 and headquartered in the Sarasota/ Tampa area.

It is owned by L.R. MAGE LLC (aka the guy “L.R” whose name is revealed below)


The company is currently in default a/o 9/22/2023 for failure to file its annual report) is run by Leonard A. Rubenstein (with his wife as officer on some) and has set up multiple corporations dating back years and years.

The owner of all the above is apparently was an "unlicensed medical doctor" in Sarasota, FL by the name Leonard A. Rubenstein MD (see email: per the USPTO app). IF this is the same guy (which seems likely) he has quite a bit of entertainment value to offer!!! Examples: You get the drift.

As promised, the USPTO application includes these photos of a one page agreement (IMO likely prepared by Rubenstein... a handwriting analyst would have a field day) and dated 9/1/2023 wherein Riddick transfers various rights to “LR MAGE LLC and Leonard Rubenstein” (NOT Eddie Vakser) . As further proof they display Riddick’s Florida driver’s license as well as another photo of him him holding holding the letter and his license. WHY WOULD RUBENSTEIN DUPE RDDICK INTO REVEALING SUCH A SENSITIVE PERSONAL CREDENTIAL THAT COULD BE A POTENTIAL GOLD MINE FOR IDENTITY THIEVES? But there it is... uploaded onto a government website with nothing redacted (at least I blurred specifics to try and protect the guy a bit). Regardless, I also find it interesting this improvised agreement is dated well AFTER the trademark application states was the “first use in commerce.”

Thanks to Rubenstein Riddick’s Florida license lists his address as being an 878 sq’ 2 bed/ 1 bath home in nearby Tampa. I don’t know if that’s his ‘’real home’’ or just his “Florida residence for tax avoidance purposes’’ home

Lastly, check out this Instagram post (presumably generated by Riddick's new ghost writers). Longtime readers will note some classic recycled Eddie Vakser failures! Connect-the-dots

If all the above is correct it seems to me Eddie has no direct deal between himself (and/or his toxic tickers) and Riddick. . As I read it, Rubenstein is APPARENTLY the gatekeeper holding the keys to any licensing deals. Forget about boxing matches. IMO the real Main Event is when these two con-men battle it out try to fleece the other.


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