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Re: JACKLUKE post# 2959

Saturday, 10/21/2023 2:24:44 AM

Saturday, October 21, 2023 2:24:44 AM

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They aren't dark. They just can't seem to learn. The network was taken down from this board due to bad behavior, but it's just the same ones talking and new recruits never amount to anything as far as videos go. Bad behavior can't be rewarded, and there was no outrage here. Just complacency, which is all that's needed for evil men to prevail. So it's all been locked down. People have to work. Your outrage to injustices was non-existant. So, to me, Karma is unfolding as it should.

Everything DD has said has been a lie in my eyes. They are a small time operation, not funded, from my observations and speculation. In my eyes, they are fleecing their own members. An Amway pyramid type structure. Only, they can't grow it, it seems. Only Allow and the same few do any work from my observation. And no new openings of anything lately according to Masada's network. Just the same ole celebrations. Recently celebrated an anniversary.

It's very simple to me. Manipulate your stock. Dangle a carrot, and let Allow and the few remaining get rich and let envy sit in. But, they are retarded it seems. They have the car giveaways like the Pink Cadillacs of Amway. But, they don't understand. Just amateur hour. I wish they would pull the trigger on their reverse split. That would be more self-inflicted gunshots. I'm just enjoying their pain and suffering, even though I have 1.3M shares now. It's justice. And there is no way enough justice has been served the way they tried to shut down free speech here in the USA according to my *theory*. They should fire DD, whom I *assume* is connected to the company and get somebody that knows how to kiss our ass and cater to shareholders. He comes in here with no prior history and still no other history than this one board. As if he was here to pump the stock and feed lies. Only, they lie to him and he remains loyal like a lapdog that can't get paid. That's my theory anyway.

They will not get any cheer leading from me. Everything they do, ,and everything they don't do but should, has consequences and I have along memory. In short, they probably pissed off half the members the way they pissed me off. They just can't understand carrots and motivation. But they aren't dark. Stupid, yes. Incompetent and can't even do a reverse split it seems. But they aren't dark. Not yet, anyway. Wish they would just sell the shell to someone competent.