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Re: LesMoore post# 91361

Tuesday, 09/12/2023 2:38:46 PM

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 2:38:46 PM

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I will again , for the last time , will attempt to explain this as comprehensively as i can.
Quote: "3/ I do believe the owners pumped the COMPANY in 2022 thru tweets that there is zero proof or follow thru.

The flaws with this logic are many. The most obvious being your assumption that something not revealed is a lie, and is proof it does not exist, FALSE.

The company CEASED communication and rightfully so by the advice of counsel. You are thinking very narrowly making this assumption, so i will attempt to explain why this is wrong. As I stated before This is an assertion of Fraud by the OTC. A company accused of such will make necessary moves to protect itself just like any lawyer will tell a client Rule # 1 SHUT THE FU*K UP !.
Then protect THE COMPANY from further lability with simultaneously BUILDING a case for damages.

You're assumption is that everything they said was a pump. Credit Suisse, Bonds, Crypto, Naz, ALL OF IT cannot be proven as false at this juncture to make that assertion is frankly irresponsible and shows a lack of understanding as to the legal effect of the CE.
Every "gripe" you have calling it a pump is actually a line item for damages, as the company can show they could not execute because of CE, which they assert is being held ILLEGALLY. IF they execute any of your gripes now, they can't claim them as damages later can they?

Every so called "PUMP" tweet is now a matter of record of fact as to the companies intent, and now becomes a lability in a DAMAGES case.
I've told you before Dr J is playing 3D Chess here.

4) As to the same logic with 2.3mm pound order, Dr J could show damages as the CE equates to fraud and TXTM's client could exit the contract and go directly to RSAMMD.. Again damages to TXTM. That's the legal route, then after the contract could again be restored though us and he could roak the funds back to us.. ALL LEGAL, an d there are MANY other scenarios why we have not seen the revs, it doesnt benefit us to have them now, when we can claim the 2.3 mm revs ANNNDDDDD the delay in the 10 million expansion part that the OTC would be liable for if we prove damages.

What's ironic is you're thinking EXACTLY like the OTC, thinking this was a "pump", thinking they were broke, thinking everything was a lie, which proves DR J's planned worked on them, and you.

Sit tight and wait for this to unfold before jumping to conclusions based on the passage of time.