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Saturday, 09/09/2023 9:11:12 AM

Saturday, September 09, 2023 9:11:12 AM

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Let' s put this all in perspective shall we? Once and for all:

Keep in mind the OTCM is a business, Businesses can incur losses. The OTCM business heavily relies on consumer confidence and faith that the system is fair.
If that faith is breached, then the business suffers. This in no way is eternal purgatory. If what I've put forth is indeed true, the potential damages ae piling up by the day and will reach a breaking point that exceeds whomever they are protecting from a short position ,(or whatever their buddies like CDEL did).
It s all in plain sight. TXTM is far tool small and was too young to have an investigation into its business operations take this long. There was frankly nothing to TXTM at the time. So.. why are we here?

The "legal" investigation into ALL business practices, promotions, internal and external ended on or about 11/28/2022. You wanna know HOW I can make such an "outlandish" statement? I'll tell you how

Exhibit 1:
This document proves all shares are valid and there was no conversion by ownership into common shares to support a "pump and dump". The company maintained pink current status so ALL requirements were met.

Exhibit 2:
THE MOST important post by the company that is not discussed here enough.

November 10th, 2022 -Protext Mobility, Inc (OTC PINK: TXTM) today addressed activity that caused OTC Markets to place a "Stock Promotion Designation" alongside the company's symbol on the website on Nov.3rd 2022. The Company wants to reaffirm that it has not participated in any activity that would have prompted this designation and has not paid for any promotional activity, as confirmed by OTC Markets to Company management and its SEC counsel. This is being addressed as a matter of priority by management and its SEC counsel.

The NEXT DAY we got the CE, because the OTCM knew they were screwed.

So there was no pump and dump, the OTC ADMITTED to Our lawyers that we did nothing wrong.
So, no promotion, no pump and dump, no insider selling of shares. THOSE were the INITIAL accusations set forth by the OTCM all satisfied and answered late year last year.

How can I be so sure? Because our SAME lawyers and accountants are with us, if this statement was false they would be liable for being complicit in dissemination of false information. THAT hasn't happened so.... what's left?

A witch hunt.. delays, delays, overreach, circular questions inquiries and more delays.. until.. The OTCM made a fatal move, the licenses...
Which leads to the final piece of this puzzle ALL the recent tweets by management, the videos of the Minister who's government issued the licenses MADE A PUBLIC STATMENT that they were valid . Mentioning the ICC, jurisdictional sovereignty, corporate veil, the exhaustive layout of the structure of TXTM in its filings make a STRONG case of wrong doing by OTCM.

IMO The OTC broke the law is the clear assertion by the Company. The details of what they did remans to be seen, but for a head minister to speak out against this and know this would be in the public, matters.

This is what they don't want to come to light, and this is why this will end.
It's in the best interest for all parties that this be handled quickly now that post by Dr. J was him dropping the gauntlet. This is not eternal purgatory for us, but it could lead to irreparable damage to the reputation of the OTCM company.

So what remedies does the company have at its disposal?

1)The company could file for immediate injunctive relief from this mess, forcing removal of the CE.
2) We could list on another exchange like JSE
3) This could go away quietly..

Dr. J up to this point has obviously been patient trying to take door #3 because he realizes exposing corruption at this level affects the entire market.
Discovery and depositions would destroy the OTCM company// But it seems his patience is at an end... These are my opinions based on facts in the public domain, not cherry picking , but taking into account all information in the public domain. That being said, there is only one conclusion you can come to.

This is about liability vs. potential losses. When the lability and exposure damages exceed financial losses the OTCM is protecting its buddies from, this ends.