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Re: DoubleDouble post# 2953

Sunday, 08/20/2023 6:37:06 PM

Sunday, August 20, 2023 6:37:06 PM

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My actions do indeed speaker louder than words. And also, in my case, corroborate my words. As I just said, verbatim below on time-time stamped record:

I was buying junk this week:

07/26/23 Bought 473338 of YBCN @GMan,980.99
07/25/23 Bought 1000 of BTBD @No Moderator,490.00
07/25/23 Bought 10000 of IVFH @GMan,504.95
07/25/23 Bought 300 of YBCN @ROB.45

Basically, I just wanted to punch somebody in the mouth.

Since then, I sold BTBD at $2.49 for a wash. They failed to inspire and lost their proxy war with NROM. But they were able to deny them a quorum, so their CEO will be up for re-election next year. So they still have a gun to their head. So, that tells what you I think of the "junk" I bought. Plus, my silence here lately shows how disinterested I've become with this chit show. Or, should I say, lack of show. Also consistent actions. But, I have kept YBCN. The spread is huge, so there isnt' much choice. Hoping for someone to take over the shell and hope the Pro Se tries again to take over this abandoned shell. These words all reflect my actions.

And, for the upteenth time, I am not Noble Roman. I am the new custodian of his accounts, but NR is a furgitive from the law! And he was bailed out of a corrupt prison by the Mob.

My actions also reflect my real interest, which I'm going to update on the QSR board right now:

1,900 shares long of QSR and 6,000 shares long TAST, and 10,000 shares long THCH
Total investment as of this time stamp of 8-19-23 on the original allocation of $111,000 is now at a current market valuation of $196,000 ($130,000 QSR + $44,000 TAST + $22,000 THCH)

That's the call options (reservation) on QSR I exercised last year despite YBCN trying to prevent me from realizing my dreams with their lies and incompetence. And have since added more. My actions reflecting where my heart is at. And this piece of #$#@ stock YBCN should not have anybody's respect with the ongoing shareholder abuse. Nor anyone that defends this deplorable behavior.

And I also sold about 50,000 shares of AVNI last week because they can't get their show started either. Both of them are a crock of #$#@. At least AVNI gave a 3 for 1 share dividend after buying some stupid ass boat. This company wants to do a reverse split instead but can't even get that done. Idiots! And my actions and mouth on the same page. Hoping somebody fires this worthless CEO at YBCN.