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Re: redspeed post# 90012

Sunday, 07/30/2023 7:12:46 AM

Sunday, July 30, 2023 7:12:46 AM

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You're gonna sue me, redspeed? For what?

Calling you a criminal?

I am going to sue you straight up for libel for calling me a criminal

That sounds like a great idea, redspeed! If there is anything I can do to help accelerate the process, let me know, OK? I have a message for you and your Israeli attorney, but we can circle back to that here in a bit, I'll dedicate the last paragraph to it because you've made it clear that you are struggling to read and comprehend words unless they are in paragraphs, but first I'd like to do a comparison. I'm going to compare your favorite stock TOMDF with my favorite stock MONI. So lets start with TOMDF shall we?

TOMDF is domiciled in Israel, and unfortunately for this planet, Israel is the financial crime capitol of the world. You see most people don't realize this, so when you make a statement like that, they clutch their pearls like a stupid bitch, and then immediate start calling you antisemite, happens every time, but the facts are facts, and it's 100% true. So just so you know redspeed, here in the US, you cant sue someone for telling the truth, redspeed, but don't let any of this discourage you because I still want you to try and "straight up" sue me. Seriously.

So If I want to say that an OTC stock(TOMDF) that is domiciled in Israel, is a complete scam and operated by a bunch of criminals, I can say it, and I will, and good TF luck trying to sue me for it because it's true. Now I will present my case, and start my TOMDF v MONI comparison.

TOMDF is domiciled directly in the center of the financial scam capitol of the world, Rehovot Israel. There are literally thousands of fake financial scam companies spread out all over Israel, but Rehovot, and TOMDF's headquarters is known to be concentrated with hundreds, if not thousands of these TOMDF type scam companies. Rehovot, and Tel Aviv seem to be the major nests of this rampant Israeli corruption, If I'm not mistaken, TOMDF's "offices" used to be in Tel Aviv, but for some reason they moved their offices about an hour away to Rehovot, I don't know why, but I'm sure it's scam related.

Ever heard of Mariana Van Zeller, redspeed? She's famous and world renown Portuguese journalist and correspondent for National Geographic Channel. She has her master's degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She's won numerous prestigious awards for her documentaries like Vanguard (2008–2013) Narco Bling (2012) Obama's Army, El Chapo: CEO of Crime (2013) Inside: Secret America (2013), also known as Undercover USA Pimp City: A Journey to the Center of the Sex Slave Trade (2014) and Trafficked (2020–2023) that she did while working for National Geographic. In one of her Trafficked documentary series back in 2020 she did a piece on Israel being the financial crime epicenter of planet earth. Here is a quick trailer of that episode:

If anyone would like to watch this entire episode of Trafficked by National Geographic Here you go...It's a great documentary, she starts in Jamaica, but saves the biggest and best for last...Israel. If you want to skip Jamaica, just skip ahead to her full piece on Israel starting at the 26:40 minute mark. It's quite fascinating and definitely worth watching.

Now I already knew all of this about Israel, and have for over 20 years. Ironically enough, I learned about this shit with Israel while cutting my teeth in the OTC over 20 years ago. Yep, and it was common knowledge back then, and a lot of people used to talk about this on the financial message boards. Everyone knew to stay TF away from any OTC/pinksheet stock that was domiciled in Israel. They would say: Nope, fuck that, everything coming out of Israel is a scam, fake company, you will lose all of your invest there, stay away! I heard this a lot, and in every case I can remember, it has turned out to be true. It was good advice back then, and it's still really good advice today. It was like a rule back then that not many broke because they knew. It's strange that no one talks about this much anymore because now that Israel is considered the financial crime capital of the world, they are worse now than ever before, I think no one mentions any of this publicly anymore because as soon as you do, some Jewish person will crawl out of the internet woodwork, and start calling you antisemitic, or a Nazi or a holocaust denier and will attack you, try to cancel you, or "sue" you. So I guess it's fear that holds people back from talking about this nowadays, but this all should be known, and taken very seriously by anyone that is even considering to trade stocks on the OTC. As far as investments go on the OTC/pinks, 100% of them out of Israel are scams and you will lose all or almost all of your money to these Israeli scammers. redspeed, I challenge you or anyone reading this to show me one single pinksheet company, that is domiciled out of Israel, that is NOT a scam. Just one. If you can do that, I will change my statement from 100% of them are scams to 99% of them. Good luck on your search.

Now TOMDF is NO exception to this rule, in fact, TOMDF is the perfect example of this rule, and just another one of these Israeli financial scams designed to steal all of your money. It's too late to warn the current TOMDF shareholders because they have already been scammed out of 98% of their money, but soon to be 100% after TOMDF does their 500 to 1 reverse split that they said they were going to do in their most recent filing. Take a quick peak at their chart. A year and a half ago TOMDF was trading over 10 cents, now it is trading at .0003-.0004. That is a 99.6% decrease of TOMDF's stock value, and unfortunately for those poor TOMDF suckers TOMDF is so late with their filings, that TOMDF is on the verge of going to the "Expert Market" or the gray sheets which is lights out. Either way, TOMDF shareholders are goyem toast.

One person did try to warn all of the people on the TOMDF board and other places around the internet that TOMDF was a total scam, and that person was JPetroinc. Probably a very recognizable name here on the MONI board because he bought some stock here, and used to be an annoying pumper here, but doesn't really show up here other than to fight with redspeed. Most people don't know this here, but JPetroinc is considered and has been labeled a "Public Figure" here on Ihub. Which means that the Ihub TOS rules do not apply to him so technically you can say pretty much anything you want about him, just as you can about any CEO or employee of any of these OTC stocks that we all trade and talk about here. He was labeled a "public figure" or "insider" here by Ihub because years ago, maybe 4 or 5 I forget, he did a stock deal with the current CEO of TOMDF Gerald Commissiong. JP claims that he gave Gerald Commissiong hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Gerald "straight up" stole all of his money. JP claims to have all of the receipts and I actually believe he is telling the truth. You see this is not the first OTC/pinksheet stock that crooked Gerald Commissiong has been the CEO of. Good old "rob you blind" Gerald Commissiong used to be the CEO of OTC ticker AMBS Amarantus Bioscience Holdings Inc. yep, this isn't Gerald Commissiong first fake rodeo. Back in 2018 when Gerald was CEO of AMBS it was trading over .20 cents, now it's trading at .0008 which is ironically enough a 99.6% decrease in AMBS share value, the exact same % loss as TOMDF right now, but good old Gerald "I'll pick your pocket" Commissiong is about to break his personal record with TOMDF and take TOMDF shareholder value to ZERO. So Gerald steps down as CEO of AMBS and now Gerald's father is the current CEO of AMBS, and that zombie stock is just sitting on their shelf, and ready for Gerald to concoct another scam of his with it once he is done squeezing every last dollar out of his TOMDF shareholders. JP didn't do a stock deal with Gerald on TOMDF but with Gerald's first scam AMBS, and if anyone reading this that has made it this far and wondering how any of this is MONI related, just keep reading, it's coming.

So a couple few years ago JP see's that good old Gerald "I got all your money" Commissiong is gearing up for his new scam with TOMDF so JP blew the whistle on Gerald immediately, and starts telling his story publicly to warn every one of their impending doom if they invest any of their money into TOMDF. I mean JP took it all to the next level with his whistle blowing, not only was he warning people here on Ihub, but pretty much every internet forum that discussed OTC stocks was warned by JP to not invest in this TOMDF scam, so this is when everything came out by JP about how Gerald stole all of his money and is a huge scammer and that is when Ihub deemed JPetroinc an "Insider". This is when all hell broke lose for poor JP. Those TOMDF criminals were pist as hell at JP and still are for exposing them, and took advantage of Ihubs "open season" on "insiders" rules, and unleashed a relentless and very personal attack on JP. JP worked for or FEMA for a long time, and when the TOMDF shills and criminals found out where JP worked they started calling and emailing his job at FEMA and telling his bosses that he was a racist and a scammer, but mostly a racist. You see Gerald Commissiong is a black man so they pulled the racist card on him hard. I personally don't believe that JP is a racist, but they were using that to try to get him fired from his career job and destroy his life. Not uncommon on social media these days, but the TOMDF scammers were mad as hell so these TOMDF freaks didn't stop there. They posted pictures of his home and published his address, I think they found his homes appraisal online some how and they were posting that and making fun of the value of his home and his home in general, saying shit like he lives with his mother and things like that, and JP has children, daughters I think, and those TOMDF freaks started making fun of JP's children. Just recently they posted a bunch of personal information about one of his daughters. They posted what kind of car he drove and it's color, they found out what other OTC stocks JP was invested in and they attacked those stock specific boards relentlessly, and trying their hardest to destroy every company JP invested in and ran a bashing campaign on those boards like I have never seen before, trying to destroy those companies and do as much damage to JP's investments as possible. If anyone is interested to see exactly who these TOMDF goons who were and still are trying to bash and destroy JP's stocks to death you can check the IBIO board and the MONI board here on IHUB. I mean just look at this shit:



Redspeed, how many time have you admitted openly and publicly that you are only here on this MONI board to pay JP back for exposing TOMDF? I've seen it with my own eyes numerous times, you admitted it mostly before the IHUB rule changes so those posts were removed quickly as off topic so not many got to see them and read them, but they still exist, and I still have access to them and am looking at them right now. What do you have to say about that, redspeed? Remind us of why you are here again, redspeed. You've done it before, why not now?

Look redspeed, anyone with eyeballs and a basic ability to search the internet can see what you've done to JP. You tried hard to get him fired from his career at FEMA, you doxxed him hard by posting pictures of his home, his home appraisal, you posted personal information about his children, daughters, where they worked, what kind of cars they drive. You've bashed JP's stocks relentlessly for months trying to destroy their value. You need to stop ALL of this shit right now. This is borderline terroristic threatening and easily harassment by you redspeed. I have always believed that IHUB has two cardinal rules that you never break: You never dox people, and you NEVER involve CHILDREN! I assume the only reason why IHUB hasn't perma banned you to hell for committing these crimes is because of JP's insider status here. You are putting JP and his children at risk, and you are doing it on purpose. How you are getting away with this here is beyond me, but you need to knock this crazy shit off immediately.

Should we get on with our TOMDF vs MONI comparison, redspeed? Let's talk about dilution, you seem to bring that up a lot here, but never on the TOMDF board, why is that, redspeed? How many shares has TOMDF diluted in the last 2 years or less, redspeed? Lets compare that with MONI. If I remember correctly, I first noticed TOMDF when half a dozen TOMDF paid goons chased JP over to this MONI board and had a coordinated attack here for months. I guess that was about 8-10 months ago when all of this bullshit started, and I think I remember TOMDF have roughly at around 1 billion shares outstanding. TOMDF has literally dumped well over a billion shares of TOMDF stock through death spiral type financing. Lets just go over the last 2 months of dilution that TOMDF has put their shareholders through.


75,000,000 TOMDF shares issued on 7/14/23
70,000,000 TOMDF shares issued on 6/27/23
98,000,000 TOMDF shares issued on 6/7/23
155,000,000 TOMDF shares issued on 5/12/23

HOLY SHIT redspeed! wtf is going on over there? You guys trying to drain the last drop of blood out of your shareholders over there or what? It's criminal. How the hell has TOMDF's outstanding share count gone from at around 1 billion shares roughly 6-8 months ago to 2,701,817,186 shares outstanding today? Good lord! How did it get so bad so quickly for TOMDF shareholders, redspeed? Well I already know, you want me to tell you how this happened? OK I will, but first lets compare TOMDF's dilution over the last two years to MONI's. That seems to be a big problem for here with you, so why do a quick dive into MONI's dilution over the last two years and we will all compare and contrast those differences together. We'll all be here for your report.

Now lets talk about CEO compensation with TOMDF vs MONI. How much money has Frank, the CEO of MONI taken in salary, Redpseed? Do you know? I do. It's close to ZERO if not ZERO. Which means that all of the money that is needed to keep these OTC companies with all of their filings and such has come directly out of Franks pockets and not his shareholders. Now lets compare that with the CEO of TOMDF's salary. This piece blew my mind. Can you explain to me, why ror the pats 2-3 years has your CEO Gerald "pants on fire" Commissiong has been taking a salary of over $726,000 dollars a year? That is the highest salary that I have ever seen an OTC CEO take. EVER! Is he a doctor redspeed, maybe a surgeon general or something? NOPE, he has absolutely zero professional medical training. All he is, is a 2-time failed pinksheet CEO that has cost every single shareholder that he has ever had their entire investment. He's just a worthless piece of shit that plays pretend doctor on twitter all day & night trying to sound smart so he can take advantage of sick people who are dealing with vax injuries that you are claiming to be "long covid". Yep, all day & night long, good old Gerald "fake doctor" Commissiong is shilling your absolutely worthless product Tollovid to desperate sick people that will do anything to cure their "long covid" You guys still trying to gouge these sick people for $300 a bottle of that worthless crap like you did during the height of the covid pandemic? We can discuss Tollovid here in a minute, but I want to get to the bottom of why TOMDF CEO Gerald is paying himself $726,000 in salary to pitch his fake product all day on twitter. Do you realize that $726,000 is more than some Directors of Medicine at some of our major hospitals here in the US. A lot of highly qualified and specialized surgeons don't make $726,000 redspeed. Why is your CEO of TOMDF worth $726,000 redspeed? All he has done has fucked over every single shareholder of AMBS and TOMDF. Please explain this to me redspeed, you seem to be very well informed of TOMDF and good friends with Gerald, what THE FUCK is Gerald taking so much cash out of TOMDF redspeed. I'll be waiting right here for your explanation on this, redspeed.

Also, while your at it, can you explain to me why TOMDF is constantly burning through over $3,000,000 million dollars in G&A expenses? Who the fuck do these people think they are redspeed? I'm very interested to know more about all of these TOMDF doctors and directors that are taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary every year out of the company. Most of these people here are right there in Israel, yet TOMDF shareholders haven't heard a peep out of any of them since the beginning of this TOMDF scam. What exactly do they do for TOMDF shareholders that would they deserve so much of the TOMDF shareholders money, redspeed? Did you know that the average doctor in Israel makes nowhere near a doctor does here in the US. That's a fact redspeed, look it up. Why are these shadow people that sit on TOMDF paying themselves WAY more than most every other doctor makes in Israel, redspeed? Who are these people redspeed, can you tell me? I am particularly interested in that guy on the bottom of the list here, you see that red arrow, redspeed? Who's Moshi redspeed? I think I know exactly who he is or at very least what alias he goes by. You ever seen this Moshi guy before redspeed? I hear he goes by the nickname "rabbi" there in Israel. Before we dig more into Moshi, can you please explain to me why TOMDF is paying more than $2,000,000 dollars a year in salaries to the fraudulent TOMDF officers and directors, redspeed?

So back to this Moshi freak, you see that creepy looking bald dude there in the middle of this picture, redspeed? That's Moshi right there in the middle of all of this or AKA "The Rabbi" Have you seen this man before, redspeed? Have you ever met him, redspeed? I've learned quite a bit about this Moshi creep over the past months, and he is quite the scammer, redspeed. Why is this Bonafede scam artist, Moshi Schlisser siting on the board of directors for TOMDF and getting paid $222,437 dollars a year in salary with TOMDF shareholder money? Want me to tell you a little bit more about Moshi, redspeed? Here's a little bitty tidbit of information about this character Moshi. A few years ago this slimy little moshi worm got caught red handed doing a big crypto scam. Yep, can you believe it, redspeed? You seem to know a lot about crypto, and you are very opinionated about MONI's BitGift product. I mean you've called bitgift a scam no less than 100 times, so what do you call this crypto scam that Moshi ran and "straight up" robbed hundreds of thousands of dollars from innocent unsuspecting people much like he's doing to the TOMDF shareholders now. Look here redspeed:

You see Moshi there in the middle again, redspeed? That was a huge crypto scam where Moshi stole "straight up" stole shitloads of money from people that he lured into his crypto exchange that he named Oobit. Yep, he tricked people into participating in his little Forex crypto trading scam. He made fancy looking websites, and flashy marketing material to trick people into to making them think that for a small investment of a few thousand dollars, he could help them make Hundreds of % gains a day using his proprietary trading methods, and all they had to do was put their funds onto their MoonPay card, through his platform called Oobit. But as soon as they took the bait, and funded that card, good old Moshi just stole their money and disappeared. It was all fake. They were "straight up" robbed by Moshi. There is tons of information about Moshi's Oobit scam online and available to anyone who wants to look into this deeper. There are also forums where you can find huge groups of people explaining how Moshi's fake crypto scam worked and how they were tricked by Moshi and how he just "straight up" STOLE their money. Now can you tell me why the fuck this criminal is sitting as a director of TOMDF's board, and it STEALING $222,000 a year from TOMDF shareholders money, redspeed?

I have much more for you redspeed with my TOMDF vs MONI comparison, but I have much more important shit to do today. I'm going fishing Moshi, oops, sorry, I mean redspeed, and I'm running late. No worries, it's my favorite spot, and I always catch lots of huge fish when I go there, but it's always best to get there early for the best results. Wish me luck redspeed! When I get back, I will be looking for your input on who all of these people are, I have already identified the main characters of this TOMDF scam, but I'm always looking for more info. I've noticed you have a close relationship with Gearald "the criminal" Commissiong. I witnessed you seem to have inside information about that whole Monkey Pox testing pump & dump you guys were into back when Monkey Pox became a thing. Is it true that Gerald never ran one single Monkey Pox through his janky lab? Oh and by the way, has Gerald settled that labor lawsuit that a majority of his employees filed on him recently. Can you believe that all of his employees were not getting paychecks through the holidays last year? I mean I can because Gerald is a massive POS. In their lawsuit they claim that come Thanksgiving most of them were 6 weeks behind on getting their paychecks, they were literally begging him for their money, and good old Gerald hid from them and never returned their emails or calls, and them come Christmas Gerald just fired them all with no notice. Who does that, redspeed? I'll tell you who, OTC companies that are domiciled out of israel. Hey redspeed, guess what, I'm about to get a new twitter account, and as soon as I do, I am going straight to Gerald's TOMDF twitter account and I will expose him for the world to see, and trust me redspeed, I will make damn sure to tell him who was responsible for motivating me to go there. Thank you redspeed! Gotta go rip some lips off some huge bass today. No time to even proof read any of this so I apologize if any of this is difficult for you to read. Enjoy your day.

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