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Re: FIREMEDIC0001 post# 2947

Thursday, 07/27/2023 1:02:02 AM

Thursday, July 27, 2023 1:02:02 AM

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That was me. I invested the $4000.

I was buying junk this week:

07/26/23 Bought 473338 of YBCN @ $0.0084 (Order #2202) Unassigned -3,980.99
07/25/23 Bought 1000 of BTBD @ $2.49 (Order #2199) Unassigned -2,490.00
07/25/23 Bought 10000 of IVFH @ $0.35 (Order #2198) Unassigned -3,504.95
07/25/23 Bought 300 of YBCN @ $0.005 (Order #2196) Unassigned -6.45

Basically, I just wanted to punch somebody in the mouth. And I can't find our leaders, so I decided to punch scorned Chinese investors that bought at .20. I hope they are picking their teeth up off the ground. Nobody was filling my .002 order. I raised it to .005 and that's how they thanked me. With 300 trinkets yesterday. Changed to all or nothing. Then put all or nothing on the ask today, and they gave some jerk 25000 shares intead of me. So I took the gloves off and smacked somebody. Just because I'm MAD. No good reason. My 450,000 share order didn't even fill completely, so I'm cancelling it as I type.

Done. Cancelled at midnight:
Buy 26662 YBCN Cancelled Jul 27, 2023 12:46 AM ET

That brings me up to 1.3 million shares of YBCN toilet paper at an avg. price of .01648. Just junk buying all week, so I'm not endorsing this shareholder abuse.

It's consistent with my other junk buying this week. IVFH there with 10000 more shares, bringing me up to 71,000 or so shares there. But that's a salute for the activists taking over and firing the CEO. I know that one is on the way to over $1.

And a salute to BTBD with 1000 shares, just because they are harassing my mgmt (nepotism) at NROM. The family is fighting for their lives at NROM to keep their job. No more Mr. Nice guys. In fact their headline yesterday was this:

Preliminary Voting Shows Noble Roman’s’ Stockholders Prefer Copperud 78% to 22% Over Mobley

And they have a 18 month runway left. Do or die ultimatum with guns to their heads.

And since my good companies that YBCN tried to prevent me from having, like the 1000 shares of QSR I bought last year is doing fantastic, giving me lots of firepower and rewarding my loyalty with dividends. Unlike this POS that wants to do a reverse split.

So, that's why. I have no good answer. Masochism is contagious perhaps. I'm hoping like those two above, either somebody gets mad and challenges Wang Fei. Removes him by force if necessary. Actually, what I'd really like is the Chinese mob to remove him by force and take over. I'd love some smart criminals. That would be a whole lot better. So, I'm thinking that can't keep pissing their money away forever on signs and harassing shareholders here. Eventually, they'll go broke and die a natural death if somebody else doesn't force them out. Then somebody else can buy this shell, so I'm positioning myself and punching former Chinese investors in the mouth. Because I'm tired of punching brick walls, watching this company bang its own head on bricks all the time.

Only Allow, Zhong, and the usual gang keep me motivated. Making videos for shareholders behind a firewall where they can't even see who appreciates them.

So I figure I'll reverse split up to around 65,000 shares at around .16 cents per share if memory serves right accordign to my calculations. Then I'll look like the turd that AVNI is. A lump of coal that just sits there. But at elat they gave me a 2 for 1 dividend and calld it a forward split. At least they try to serve shareholders. They have me positioned well but have no story. YBCN has a great story, but can't pull their heads out their $#@.

So, that's why. And they better not make me more mad than I already am. I'll probably set a new order at .002 in protest. So, don't think it was anybody in the "know" buying. I know is much as y'all do because I share everything, unlike those Chinese investors I just punched in the mouth today as they came here and bought shares in the 20s and communicated nothing with us. That's the kind of stuff that made Jimmy Hoffa vanish into thin air.