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Friday, 07/21/2023 11:55:41 PM

Friday, July 21, 2023 11:55:41 PM

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JPM Investors Have Been Denied Large Dividend Distributions.

All those SEC fine payments could have become dividend payments but went to pay fines to cover up a cheap Mafia crimes.

How much have you lost?

From another poster;

I prompted:
"JP Morgan Chase has a long history of paying claims as defendant in financial illegalities. Give me 20 chronologically."

"As an AI language model, I don't have real-time data, and my knowledge is up-to-date only until September 2021. Up until that time, JP Morgan Chase has faced various legal challenges and controversies related to financial illegalities. However, please note that the list provided below is not exhaustive and may not cover every single case or event in chronological order. Here are 20 examples of legal challenges and settlements involving JP Morgan Chase:

2002: JP Morgan Chase settles with regulators over conflicts of interest in its research practices during the dot-com bubble.
2003: The bank pays a $80 million settlement to the SEC for its role in Enron's accounting fraud.
2005: JP Morgan Chase pays $2.2 billion to settle charges of aiding and abetting WorldCom's accounting fraud.
2009: The bank settles with the SEC for $75 million over allegations of improper handling of auction-rate securities.
2011: JP Morgan Chase agrees to pay $153.6 million to settle charges of misleading investors in a mortgage security transaction.
2012: The bank faces scrutiny and criticism for its $6.2 billion trading loss related to the "London Whale" incident.
2013: JP Morgan Chase pays $13 billion to settle claims related to the sale of faulty mortgage-backed securities.
2013: The bank faces a fine of $920 million in relation to the "London Whale" trading debacle.
2014: JP Morgan Chase pays $1.7 billion to victims of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme for its failure to report suspicious activities.
2015: The bank settles for $550 million over charges of manipulating foreign exchange markets.
2016: JP Morgan Chase agrees to a $264 million settlement to resolve allegations of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).
2017: The bank faces a $53 million fine for improperly handling ADRs (American Depositary Receipts).
2018: JP Morgan Chase agrees to pay $65 million to settle claims of benchmark manipulation.
2019: The bank faces a lawsuit over allegations of charging customers excessive fees for cryptocurrency purchases.
2020: JP Morgan Chase pays a $920 million fine to resolve investigations into market manipulation in precious metals and U.S. Treasuries markets.
2020: The bank faces a class-action lawsuit over allegations of charging higher interest rates to customers of color.
2020: JP Morgan Chase agrees to pay $250 million for weak internal controls in its wealth management business.
2021: The bank faces allegations of discriminatory lending practices and settles for $22.5 million.
2021: JP Morgan Chase agrees to pay $920 million to resolve investigations into its role in the fraudulent sale of mortgage-backed securities.
2021: The bank faces regulatory scrutiny over its handling of customers' investments during the GameStop stock trading frenzy." ChatGPT
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