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Re: JACKLUKE post# 2942

Saturday, 07/15/2023 1:01:59 PM

Saturday, July 15, 2023 1:01:59 PM

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It's not just chat, it's an actual filing. I would say your chance of reversal of decision is 1%. I'm certain it will happen. It's actually a filing

"The Reverse Stock Split will become effective upon the filing of the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada. We will file the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation to effect the Reverse Stock Split approximately (but not less than) 20 days after this Information Statement is mailed to stockholders."

This too is consistent with their MO. They can't even do a reverse split in a timely fashion. Always behind schedule on everything they attempt. 100% of the time. When you can't even reverse split in a timely fashion, I think it's safe to conclude amateur hour. It is part of their plan to upload all those shareholders in that "shareholder meeting" you saw. In my not so humble opinion.

They are all tools. They want their money, so they give them attention. You are a nuisance in their short shortsightedness, so you get no attention. That will change in the future when they need you to be their cheerleader I think. Their MO will still be consistent, to give you attention and groom you. Llike we see with their sharholders that are struggling to grow the group from my vantage point. Because like with us, they can't give them the carrots they seek it seems.

That is why I wish we were dealing with the Chinese Mafia . If only there was a hint of heroin being smuggled in those boxes, a hint of competency somewhere so we could move forward in a timely fashion. Instead, it's always like the 3 Stooges to me trying to find their way. Always struggling to get things done. Still no signs of a new clinic opening from an alleged loan. The chatter out there is down just like last year at this time. Hopefully not another mass exodus coming where they have to replace disgruntled members. Which I suspect happened with Peng and otheres from the more creative side. I've never observed creativity ever reach the heights of early last year. Most likely because they can't ever do anything in a timely fashion, like this reverse split.

Everything consistent with my MO of them. Im sorry. But it's coming. The reverse split will happen I think eventually. One day. It looks like they may go through the laborious 10K again as the months go by, which made them go dark briefly. It's very costly, very hard to do. Lots of questons asked, so they will endure self-inflicted punishment that way. Which will look like masochism on the surface if it turns out that way. But, could be more like cloaked incompetence. And maybe the Pro Se can nibble on their heels again and try to prove his/her case that the shell was abandoned if they go dark again and that he worthy of custodianship. A Pro Se couldn't do any worse, that's for sure.

Just remember, when they need you, don't ever forget the abuse you suffered. I won't be trusting them. But to each their own.