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What's the beginning? This Chinese company actually got stuck in the neck of the American military giant Loma!

2023-05-27 19:14HenanLovers in the field of history, dynamic creator
The Sino-US trade war has long evolved from an economic war to a science and technology war. With its strong scientific and technological strength, the United States has launched a crazy all-round suppression of Chinese high-tech companies. Even its followers, Japan, South Korea and other countries, have begun to impose strict restrictions on China's high-tech field under their pressure.
The technological restrictions in the United States have greatly constrained the development of some Chinese high-tech enterprises. Even some high-tech enterprises have to press the pause button, and some enterprises have to disband the R&D team. It can be said that the restrictions of the United States on China in the high-tech field have made many Chinese high-tech enterprises miserable. What they expect and can rely on can only be a breakthrough in their own domestic substitution.

How to counter the sanctions of the United States? In fact, we don't have many cards to play. After all, as an old technology power, the United States holds many technology cards. These cards give it the means of technological hegemony, while other countries can only deal with it passively.
As for the resource-intensive means proposed by many people to restrict the export of rare earths, the actual role is not as big as expected. If we want to restrict the United States equally, we must have the means it does not have.
Just when many large companies were helpless about the sanctions against the United States, there was a small Chinese company that was unknown, but the world's top military giant in the United States, Lockheed Martin, was dejected and hit Loma's neck. Because this material produced by this Chinese company is unique in the world and a necessary material for many Loma's products, it is now refused to be provided to Loma.

Up to now, Loma has not found a way to crack it, and can't find an alternative product at all. It has to lower its head and find this company, hoping to raise its noble hand, let Loma go, and provide some continued materials.
Originally, during the normal trade between China and the United States, the two countries had nothing to do with each other. You have me and I have you. Everyone does business peacefully. It's very good.
But over the years, the United States has not thought so. All day long, it is thinking about how to limit, delay and hinder China's development in the high-tech field, so that the United States can always be on China in these fields. In order to do this, relying on normal trade means alone, the United States felt that it could not achieve its own goals, so trade wars and science and technology wars came one after another, all of which were aimed at China and killed it. There is only one purpose, which is to interrupt the momentum of China's development in the high-tech field, so that China will always follow the buttocks of the United States. If you want to surpass the United States, you can't even think about it.

Various sanctions and restrictions of the United States are constantly hitting China. China, which is unwilling to be bullied and surrenders, will naturally fight back.
We have also begun to restrict the export of some key rare strategic materials to the United States. These rare strategic materials are not only rare earths, but involve many fields.
What makes the American military giant Loma feel uncomfortable this time is a Chinese company called Yi'an Technology, which has liquid metal processing technology, which is unique in the world and has always been the supplier of Loma.

After the implementation of the equivalent countermeasures, Yi'an's liquid metal material was included in the export restriction list. As a responsible Chinese technology company, it is necessary to support the national measures. As a result, Loma can no longer buy the liquid metal of this Chinese company.
At the beginning, Loma didn't care. It was just a kind of metal material, and there were plenty of inventory. Even if it's used up, won't it solve the problem if you just find another one? You don't have to hang yourself in this company.
The ideal is very full, and the reality is also very skinny. When this liquid metal material was about to run out, Loma began to look for alternative companies all over the world to produce this material for it, but not one could find it! Because except for this Chinese company, other companies in the world can't produce this thing at all, and there are not even substitutes with similar performance!

Now, Loma was in a hurry and put the idea on Yi'an Technology Company. Loma Company put down its figure and sent a letter to Yi'an Company, describing the small grievances in his heart, saying that he used the material of Yi'an Company, and the products he produced were not at the weapon level. Please ask Yi'an Technology to raise your hand and supply some materials.
This letter from Loma Company was not actually written in the name of Loma, but was made through a company called RMS Company to avoid China's export restrictions.
This letter is written to Dongguan Yihao Metal Materials Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yi'an Technology.

Of course, we are not fools. With a look, the little tricks of the Loma company showed their original shape. Naturally, the request of this intermediary company was strictly rejected.
This happened in September 2021, when the trade war between China and the United States and the scientific and technological war was in full swing. The rejection of Chinese companies has undoubtedly made Loma extremely uncomfortable.
This example also shows that we are not without any countermeasures against the sanctions of the United States in the high-tech field. As long as we support the development of high-end technology companies with independent intellectual property rights, we can not only break through the sanctions of the United States to a certain extent, but also impose sanctions on the United States.
Although this kind of counterattack may not hurt the United States, it can let Americans know that we are not without the power to fight back.

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