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Re: BearRickPunch post# 70992

Thursday, 05/18/2023 3:45:12 PM

Thursday, May 18, 2023 3:45:12 PM

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Do you even read the posts you put up or are you just another spam bot on these boards?

I read and apply the formula.

ABVG was formerly SREH. SREH r/s'd to 21 million shares bought a goldmine and then spit out 2.1 million Goldmine divvies.

DUTV 3,537,719,078 - 3.51 billion Blue Bull Venture B V Inc at PTEL is still 27,719,078 DUTV...

I still get 27.7 million DUTV + 20.4 million Nasdaq Ready + 30 million from DWAC/TMTG deal + 2.1 million SREH goldmine divvy's F/S to 21 million + 4 million from certs = 103.1 million ABVG.

DUTV pet project Viz Ads ...RUM was looking for a streaming ad service. Tony always said advertising was where the money was...some kind of business degree in that....

Should be a Hoot. $44 billion for twitter. 1.5 billion ENTI exit divvies. 800 twitter - Elons 9% 72 million = 728 million X 2 - 1.456 billion . 8000 SREH goldmine divvies for my .02 cents X 200,000:1 = 1.6 billion - 100 million corporate = 1.5 billion

I guess you could keep 1000 SREH now/ABVG in the Nasdaq Treasury leaves 7000 X 200,000:1 or 1.4 billion. Since it seems like 8002 tagged the Nasdaq Ready several years ago...I believe it was on a Thursday @ 157 PM. It was raining in Michigan and chilly.

Unconventional IPO ? 44 billion/ 1.5 billion = $30 per plus 17% goldmine basal 4 requirement....

NICE Party...21 million SREH divvy cover buried in 5 billion SS ABVG holding Co, once SREH...bulit MMX app for ENTI

PTEL assumed all assets and liablities for MMX. Is the app an asset?

-1,000,000 DUTV -7,000 PTEL = 1 ENTI cert

Would the Goldmine make ABVG Basal4 compliant?

I'm a Crazy Scots-Irishman Blue Blood... It's probably not a good idea to listen to me...every thing I say is of my opinion. I'm not a good place to get investment advise...