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Re: Lime Time post# 11236

Friday, 05/05/2023 12:59:20 PM

Friday, May 05, 2023 12:59:20 PM

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Interesting however,

616 Float...

I think it was said the Float would be around 669 million when done.

Some ENTI didn't make the trip in 2010, locked out of trading. 59 million on the ENTI buy /sell + 616 = 675- 6 million caught Naked in a cash account = 669 million.

59 million DWAC/DWACW (Equity stake without taking a position is my assumption. Borrowed shares returned to Playbox US treasury is my understanding. Considering Elons statement, twitter could become the Largest Financial institution in the world. That 9% of twitter 72 million shares might be the replacements to the replacement shares.

30 billion ENTI/333 = 90 million + 15.4 billion PTEL @1711.56 = 9 million = 99 million PTEL Reset. Bank and Credit Union? Bank does have to be separate. Is 90 million and 9 million separate? 669 million float in a venture when done? Ventures attached to a financial institution have to be @ $4 or above or cleared under Dodd/Frank.

I was also looking at 54 million Ally (Formerly GMAC) shares that were leveraged by The US Treasury. They have to be replaced. 20.4 million Nasdaq Ready + 27.7 million DUTV + 6 million = 54.1 million + 42.2 million ECGR + 4 million in certs = 100.3 million.

That was interesting because. Rumble was talking about video ad streaming. Nasdaq Ready is #1 in eCommerce and does just that Video ads. Also seems like 8000 goldmine divvy's tagged that SS they were SREH and converted to ABVG and for my 2 cents went Poof. 1000 to treasury or SS for another spin-off like 7000 x 200,000:1 = 1.4 billion crypto currencies. 800,000,000 twitter - 72 million = 728 million X 2 = 1.456 billion. I believe there are 1.5 billion exit divvies owed. Would 44 billion twitter/ 1.5 billion be a $30 plus per IPO launch plus whatever the goldmine value is? Gives you a 5 billion share Holding company. Gold backed.

Rumble then might cover the IYP IOU divvies in a Trust.

IDK ... PEG Inc shares might reset ENTI. also have a Goldmine in Nevada that for some time had the same address as ENTI 1/2 of a REIT. Other 1/2 I believe will be under development in the Venture along with TORQ.

I'm a Crazy Scots-Irishman Blue Blood... It's probably not a good idea to listen to me...every thing I say is of my opinion. I'm not a good place to get investment advise...