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Re: oldstocks post# 70966

Wednesday, 05/03/2023 11:45:17 AM

Wednesday, May 03, 2023 11:45:17 AM

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Well, I should explain...

The ENTI cert shares delivered, involved in the CASH account that was in the Market Failed DNA follows

-1,000,000 DUTV - 7000 PTEL = 1 ENTI cert

There were 4 entries in my account. It was a 3 for 1. "1" was delivered.

8000 SREH now ABVG goldmine divvies. For shits and giggles lets say, 1000 go to the Nasdaq Ready Treasury and 7000 does a 200,000:1 for 1.4 billion shares. For my .02 cents a very cheap share slap for IOU divvies.

44 billion for Twitter. Lets say minus the 100 million from its 800 million former SS X 200,000:1 = 1.4 billion

$44 billion/ 1.4 billion IPO = $32 per share plus whatever the gold mine is worth. I am sure the Goldmine would cover the 17% Basil 4 requirement for Crypto.

However, my pause on crypto would be. Elon has control of all the twitter toys in X corp and since the Twitter brand is damaged. There might be a licensing agreement with TMTG for the TRUTH brand and a 1.4 billion SS IPO issued.

Elon did say Twitter might become the Largest Finacial institution in the world. But then there is PTEL and its 99.9 million SS reset. Bank? 15.4 billion PTEL @ 1711.56:1 + 1 million Form C for a 10 million SS Credit Union, then you have Blue Bull Venture Inc a spinoff from PTEL @ 3.51 billion (TORQ hidden somewhere and the other I/2 of a 500 million REIT). Fyi other 1/2 of the REIT is a Goldmine in Nevada.

I like $99,999.99 for that "1" so what is the Holding Company in ABVG worth per share?

I'm a Crazy Scots-Irishman Blue Blood... It's probably not a good idea to listen to me...every thing I say is of my opinion. I'm not a good place to get investment advise...