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Re: oldstocks post# 70970

Tuesday, 05/02/2023 11:57:33 AM

Tuesday, May 02, 2023 11:57:33 AM

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Well for my 2 cents

ABVG was listed with fundamentals of 103 million shares on 11 billion in sales 6-8 years ago.

My understanding 32 million ENTI shares didn't make it through the FINRA approved 2010 corporate action transferring MMX from ENTI to PTEL.

PTEL assumed all liabilities and Assets of MMX. SREH built the App so is that an asset? I think so.

SREH was a sister holding company for ENTI.

Those 32 million became an Equity Stake without taking a position as my understanding the market barrowed the 32 million shares and 31 million associated divvies from PlayBox USA treasury.

They might be the associated Open Market buy launched at DWAC and DWACW.

My understanding Playbox returned those shares to its treasury. So there has to be a replacement for the replacements.

That might be where 9% of Twitter comes in 72 million shares. DJT or TMTG get 30 million shares. 72 million + 30 million = 102 million + 1 ENTI cert share = 103 million. It was a 3 for 1.

54 million Ally shares Formerly GMAC I believe were also leveraged. They have to be replaced. 20.4 million NASDAQ Ready maybe gets it started?

I believe those 8000 SREH/ABVG divvies tagged that NASDAQ Ready. 8000x 200,000:1 = 1.6 billion - 100 million Corporate = 1.5 million ENTI EXIT divvies. 800 million Twitter - 72 million = 728 million x 2:1 = 1.456 billion. Where are the other 44 million coming from? ECGR formerly ONCO? Only 42 million of 44 million or short 2 million. Must have something to do with those 2.1 million SREH divvies.

Me, well... just waiting and running numbers. BIG HOOT coming

5 billion ABVG holding company is HUGE even if it doesn't merger. 2.1 quintrillion in liquidity issues across the globe...hmmm.

I still like $99,999.99. Maybe a F/S...fine print at PTEL was 50 billion shares before ENTI 30 billion and 20 billion was added at PTEL during MMX.

I'm a Crazy Scots-Irishman Blue Blood... It's probably not a good idea to listen to me...every thing I say is of my opinion. I'm not a good place to get investment advise...