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Sunday, 04/23/2023 5:23:17 PM

Sunday, April 23, 2023 5:23:17 PM

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Again I will remind you, we are not the company, if you have any issues you can email the company directly through the company website. We short stocks and also buy stocks depending if it's a pump and dump (short) that of course are most tickers listed, or one of the few valid operational tickers like GNGR (Long).

Some keep addressing me as if I am the CEO. If I were the CEO it would have been quite the process of having GNGR’s CEO become a biological women that gave birth to two kids. I email the company to get updates and focus on the play at hand and you should do the same. Other than that, I have no corporate answered to give to you that you seem to think I have. Most of the data was once on the website but has since been updated. Anyone can buy shares in any company, some or all of the shares if desired. If a company had one share in the float at $100 anyone can buy the share and claim they own the float. If we choose to buy 100,000,000 shares that are in the float of GNGR we also have that option. The cheaper the shares the better.

We are in this for the money but it will be fun to watch everyone try and figure out how is it they have more shares in their accounts then what is in the float. When we accumulate the 100,000,000 shares we will then work with GNGR to make things happen very quickly. It will happen as quickly as all of you saying, “well there goes another ticker in my account that folded and reversed into a new pump and dump but at least I still have GNGR.” All while GNGR is still proving they have what it takes to survive and continue to expand. We want some of that success and we will end up with a good chunk of the tradable shares while we also focus on other tickers to short.

GNGR maybe our last play since it looks like it could be like winning the lotto!

We tried to short GNGR initially but it’s impossible to short GNGR. They have no debt and debt in this industry means lots of revenue. A company that does not need to sell shares for revenue while most OTC’s sell debt for revenue is the difference between a valid operation vs. an intent debt dilution operation. GNGR has never diluted the float and with no debt to sell for revenue, they have to earn capital by selling products. It is sad to see the price where it is but that’s good for us while at the same time, GNGR was never a high priced stock to begin with. The difference between GNGR and other tickers that are around the same price per share are, those other tickers started much higher (Over $1.00) then debt diluted the price down to $.002 to even $.000001 while adding billions to the float and many also end up doing one or more reverse stock splits.

Even if GNGR investors wanted to buy more GNGR to cost average, they can’t. There are not enough shares to buy and at this price it is still too costly to average down because GNGR was never a high priced stock to begin with. To make any dent when cost averaging, the ticker has to have billion in the float at $.0001 or less on the asked price. If GNGR was at $.0001 on the asked, the low true DTC 100,000,000 float could be taken out for only $10,000. I would love that!

Fact; GNGR is not a pump and dump and can’t convert debt to revenue because they have no debt. They have a low float that was never at a price high enough to justify cost averaging at the current price and there are not enough shares available for anyone to cost average down.
GNGR has fewer shares in the float then most tickers on all exchanges and what are listed on the OTC and gray markets. Any slight change of plans means less shares will be available, once the oversold shares are taken out of circulation.

A low float, low priced stock on a valid company is a monster waiting to be awoken.
And it looks as though we have the alarm clock in our possession.

It would have been impossible to buy billions of float shares had GNGR emerged as a pumped stock years ago. Being able to buy a low float cheap is found money for sure and will also ignite past issues and expose what we are betting on, will cause a series of events that have been proven with 100% accuracy in the market place. The only issue with GNGR is any move to make the stock more attractive and liquid will be quickly suppressed when those who own naked shares start to sell holding the float hostage to what looks to be at least 400,000,000 held by investors over the float that can be as many as 2 billion or more over the true float.

The true DTC float being what it is, 100,000,000 is big enough to have everyone believe they own part of that float. Since no one owns over 100,000,00 DTC float shares there could be 2,500 investors who each own as few as 50,000 shares putting the total well over the true float yet they each believe they own that percentage of the 100,000,000. Some posted if I recall, own 10,000,000 more or less shares and still think they own that percentage (10%) of the float (And they do) when in reality they own a smaller percentage of what is actually in the market place as over sold that can hurt their position on any spike in price or liquidity movement. If there are 2 billion naked shares, those 10,000,000 represent only one half a percent not 10%.

In order for those who own the true DTC registered 100,000,000 shares and benefit by the success of GNGR, the naked shares need to be forced out of the market place first. Here is another problem. Since many brokers hold shares in a street name (Allowing them to be lent out to other short sellers) and for example if TD has 200,000,000 shares in many investors accounts and the broker only owns 20,000,000 DTC shares, they will not be able to pick and choose who owns the street shares, They will be forced to call in all the lent shares and still be short having over sold naked. And those borrowers who also lent the shares out will be faced with the same issue as they call back the shares they lent out. This can multiply the 100,000,000 true DTC float to be 10 or 20 times the true float. Their could in fact be over 2 billion over sold held by investors.
That is why any good news or attempt to move GNGR will remain stagnant with those over sold killing any benefit to the 100,000,000 true holders of GNGR.

Since all GNGR shares, DTC true 100,000,000 and the naked oversold shares are all considered real shares in real buy transactions, brokers have to treat all shares sold as real shares and they must deliver them. They could try and buy back billions of shares but it would expose a run and more will jump in to buy driving up the share price so they would have to first attempt to buy shares from the company, or anyone holding certificates before they start a public buy back to mitigate costs.

Anyone holding certificates will be very popular with brokers.

If noting is done to close the shorts, those additional shares above the float are never really exposed and end up just part of what is available to buy and sell with no oversight. That is why the oversold shares will be exposed by design not chance. When the shorts are exposed and the issue not corrected it becomes criminal. Why would (GNGR) the company work hard to have the shares really when the over sold shares will also trade on the open market? Close the shorts then move to higher ground is what needs to be done and in a specific order and time frame.

Also to mention, closing the shorts would put millions into GNGRs war chest.

I’ll say it again. Our attorney said in a meeting that if GNGR is trying to be a scam or questionable company they are doing it wrong. I have to go and focus on other tickers we shorted and get ready to close those out and make some money and continue to work on this play that is so out of the ordinary and looks like it may be a first in the market place. Super excited to say the least.

On that note.
What is a vortex machine? And yes! Anything is better then a PO box.

Time to hit Chuck E Cheese!
When my youngest starts to kick and cry I say stop acting like a typical OTC investor when they look at their stock account. I have yet to try the cheese to the face tactic.