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Re: BigJuan post# 83477

Sunday, 04/16/2023 1:16:06 PM

Sunday, April 16, 2023 1:16:06 PM

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MONI .18+ Per Share New Fundamental Valuation…

Based upon the news below for MONI and when the deal of the ”Binding MOU” is closed with the Part 135 Air Charter Company out of California within the Aviation Industry acquiring them is completed, MONI should be fundamentally trading somewhere in the .18+ per share range. Here’s why through logical deduction.

First, here is the news below and some thoughts as to why I believe it is ”subliminally” huge:

Here is a post, courtesy of BigJuan, of a tweet, courtesy of CDNBOY, that states that he has done his research on certain California Air Charter companies and that the smallest one he found has about six plus planes and generates approximately $25 Million:

Here below, the Net Profit Margin for the Airline Industry (Air Transport Services) is 9.71%:,31%2C%202022%20is%209.71%25.

The growth rate for an Industry is synonymous with the P/E Ratio. The growth rate for the Industry is huge for the Airline Industry as I would just suggest one to research how fast the Airline Industry is turning around and how very fast it is growing. The link below shows that the current P/E Ratio for the Airline Industry is 51.4:

About the P/E Ratio:

These are all key variables to justify a share price for where MONI should be fundamentally trading once this deal is closed. If any of the variables are different once the acquisition closes and details are announced, then use the ”Substitution Property” to replace any of the variables in the upcoming formulas that are used to derive the valuation of a company. For inquiring minds, I have recently confirmed from the Transfer Agent (TA) that the Outstanding Shares (OS) for MONI is still the same as currently indicated on OTC Markets. See the key variables below that I will use to derive the Earnings Per Share (EPS) for determining the valuation:

Key Variables to Note
** $25 Million in Revenues for 2022
** MONI Outstanding Shares (OS) = 663,262,060 shares as of 04/14/2023
** Net Profit Margin for Airline Industry = 9.71% as of 04/16/2023
** P/E Ratio for Airline Industry = 51.4 as of 04/15/2023

These are the fundamental formulas that I will use that are commonly used throughout the market to determine the fundamental valuation of a company…

Revenues x Net Profit Margin = Net Income
Net Income ÷ Outstanding Shares (OS) = Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Earnings Per Share (EPS) x Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio = Share Price Valuation

$25,000,000 Revenues x .0971 Net Profit Margin = $2,427,500 Net Income
$2,427,500 Net Income ÷ 663,262,060 shares (OS) = .00365 EPS
.00365 EPS x 51.4 P/E Ratio = .1876 Per Share Valuation

I believe that the deal will close sometime in the near future. After doing further DD, I truly believe that the ”Key Variables” above are fairly close to what investors should expect after the consummation of the deal. Again, the purpose of this valuation post is to show where MONI should fundamentally trade if they achieve what they have announced for coming in to take over the company. Also, if they achieve something smaller or greater after key details are released, again, use the “Substitution Property” accordingly to substitute out any variables in need of such.

I believe that MONI is still significantly undervalued and is no longer just a trade. In my opinion, MONI is transferring from a trade to an investment, especially considering how hard it is to find undervalued investments these days. I believe that... those who don’t see it now… will see it later.


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