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Thursday, 02/23/2023 6:31:05 AM

Thursday, February 23, 2023 6:31:05 AM

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I don't even know what to say about it any more. There are near countless lawsuit records and filings in court where the lawyers, judges, PFPB , DOJ and everybody else has proven in court by their own intentional behavior and track record that this entire setup is nothing but a bloated pump and dump scam.

There are legal agencies and judges, articles coming out even now where people are demanding that the people involved be arrested because the majority of it isnt just incompetence, it's blatant and intentional fraud, stealing people's homes committing an entire laundry list of intentional crimes by employees in every company involved and acquired by Ocwen, PHH, services by NewRez or any of their MANY penny stock shell company names. A stock scam operation preying in thousands of mortgage holders. Their own customers.

The old man's behind it. The original owner now largest stockholder It's been happening ever since this original billionaire running Ocwen was supposedly booted back in 2012. He's become a billionaire many times over off these scams .

Ocwen booted him when the California DOJ under Tamala Harris won a 2.1 billion dollar settlement against them listing an entire book of intentional mortgage crimes.

It's the same guy that was later a board member and is still a major stock holder. Everytime they get into trouble they run another merger scam, new CEO , they do a big employee rotation scam, moving more and more operation off shore to cover their trail of crimes.

The government knows it. Judges know it and every lawyer and DOJ, Federal stock regulators and agency knows it. This thing was birthed to be a huge scam and you have got to know people in high and powerful places to steal and rob this many people and the government dies nothing to stop it.

They don't know what to do. They've had lawsuits and settlements involving 33 states, 49 states, huge judgements but they keep operating, changing names and the scam keeps going.

These people involved , major stock holders , legal agency people involved are all sucking each other off apparently. They pay off judgements to make it look legit but it does nothing to help the countless victims theyve put through this over and over again under this scam operates design.

They keep pumping the stock scam over and over with the blessing of NYSE and regulators just stealing people's homes . Payoff judgements in the trail of lawsuits and victims like nothing criminal is happening and nobody has gone to jail YET.

It literally is a pump and dump scam and people in high places have lots of lawyers to fight it over and over, they payout fines, but nobody has of yet been jailed for these intentional mortgage scams.

These are not my conclusions , or not only. This is lawyers all over the country and others, Federal Judges, Government officials and thousands of victims saying these things.

People know it and people all over want SOMEBODY in prison now. It's too obvious what they have been doing for years has been intentional. They just keep changing names, CEOS, BOARD MEMBERS, primary players, to coverup their crimes
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