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Wednesday, 02/08/2023 7:42:39 AM

Wednesday, February 08, 2023 7:42:39 AM

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“…stated Ken Williams, CEO of The Now Corporation. He continues: 'Although MePeeps allows for free speech, we are not allowing, hate, obscenity, harassment, or misinformation of any sort. Regulate yourself, and don't let the Government do it for you!'”

Who determines what is “misinformation of any sort”, seems arbitrary, and therefore fascist censorship with no thought, reason or progress to explain what he means by that, and thus weak and poor leadership imo. If Hitler, Mao or any dictator could determine what is defined as misinformation then they could censor their enemies in their pursuit of power and wealth, and promoting self-censorship is basically saying shut up or the dictator will shut you up, that is free speech? Nope and free speech is necessary for progress. This CEO is a regressive until proven otherwise. What this CEO and Biden are is the opposite of enlightenment, it is a regressive return to 1930s stupidity in government and business and that is what China wants because that stupidity and the promotion of not paying attention to government crimes makes it easier for China to manipulate populations and consolidate control and thus power over them, it’s very simple to understand and very simple to flag pro-dictatorship traitors for who they are with their own words and actions.

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