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Re: DarthYoda post# 323

Wednesday, 01/18/2023 6:55:44 AM

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 6:55:44 AM

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There are Law firms all over the country that advertise for suing them. You can find these lawyers in nearly every state today. I've never seen this with any other supposed Home Mortgager unless it was attached to Ocwen.

I'm not saying that there aren't others that have been sued even today, but the more you look, depending on what browser , keywords , dates or way you type it in, Ocwen, Phh, New Rez, Homeward Residential, LITTON Mortgage , SHELLPOINT and more of their acquisitions and shells names come up.. Especially Ocwen and PHH. This isn't all of their "subsidiaries ". I've had people tell me about others that Ocwen , Phh or one of these companies bought and tge exact same things were happening.

They are known for buying failing mortgages and companies, passing them around causing confusion for the homeowner.

People say they are constantly transferring their note around, they don't keep up with the paperwork, everything gets lost in the process, and then everything gets caught up and lost including their escrow money disappears. Their insurance doesn't get paid they lose coverage. They dont leave the customer a means or way to pay the note.

By the time try to straighten it out, they have sent the customer into foreclosure because they refuse or "" misapply" payments claiming they don't receive them . It ends up costing customers thousands of dollars for fees, lawyers, foreclosure costs. The courts have found them guilty of these things repeatedly. A whole list of infractions.

There shouldn't be any deadline on suing these people they've been doing the same thing since Ocwen was started up all the way back to the 1990s and early 2000s based on what I've read. These investment scammers should never be allowed to buy American citizens mortgage notes but they pass them around and destroy people's lives like its it just another stock scam.

These people are ruthless and so are the people they're involved with and the people that aren't holding them accountable as of yet.

Their day is coming. They may not know it yet, and it may take some time, but its in the works.

This law firm is advertising right now. I don't think there's a state that they operate in that the DOJ and / or individuals, aren't suing them constantly.

A lot of it just doesn't make big headlines. But this just one of the many I've ran across mostly by accident. I really haven't tried to track them all but I've seen plenty that specifically advertise for Ocwen victims. I suspect there are dozens if not hundreds.

Its just like people state online, Ocwen, Phh and their garbage shell staff don't care, they keep a law team on staff and they are every bit as ruthless , low down and rotten to the core as Ocwens team of gangsters. They make their living protecting this scam.

this is one of Ocwens Palm Beach pump and dump " future leaning statements " about trying to become compliant. Everything about them runs just like a stinky pinky pump and dump scam gone to the big swamp on Wall Street. You know how they work. "We are going to do this, we believe that, we think that our company will. But we don't know ". They dont know because they're talking bullshit.

Ocwen Financial Comments On New Financial Eligibility Requirements Announced by FHFA and Ginnie Mae | Ocwen Financial Corporation
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