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Re: zzaatt post# 44169

Wednesday, 01/11/2023 9:33:27 AM

Wednesday, January 11, 2023 9:33:27 AM

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They’ve tried to bring drugs for 4 indications to market and they’ve ALL failed. Funny how you don’t ever mention any of that stuff just he latest and greatest pipe dream.

That Tnuva deal could be worth billions upon billions. Sounds like an AWFUL amount of hope there. That sounds like someone going for a gamble, hoping for a home run. I guess you’re happy how Kaki threw a one liner in the corporate update on his new and improved direction for the company. He did say you’d hear by the end of the year and boy he did not disappoint.

If they achieved proof of concept, you’d think some details would have emerged via a press release on that. But no, just slide it into a corporate update. Guess since this is their last hope, they’re being extra careful not to let this one hope end too quickly. Wouldn’t want the stock to crater. LMAO.

Funny many many years ago I questioned why they don’t grow cells for others, which would have brough a substantial amount of revenue that would FUND their trials. You laughed and said oh how I think I’m a big bad CEO. Funny how things turn out huh.

You constantly talk about the vitriol on this board, but yet do nothing but give a laughable argument trying to defend these morons. With your oh it takes years to get a product to market. They’ve been trying for 20 years now and are still at square one. Really they’ve given up on that aspect. Haven’t heard anything going on with ANY indication, not even ones that others are doing in early PHASE 1.

What you have here is a potential manufacturing company. In a very niche market with a lot of massive players that are well funded and connections with incredibly deep pockets. These guys are light years ahead of Tnuva and Pluristem, building out massive facilities to ramp up production.

Pluristem has their clean room that’s been sitting Idle for a decade and a half now, costing tens of millions to maintain. Don’t even get me started on their 75L bioreactor. At one point they had a shot to be the leader in so many places. They decided to hire friends and ex colleagues, instead of people that actually work in this extremely complicated space. I guess that’s why they’ve almost blown through $400,000,000.00 with ZERO to show for it.

Only reason this pig is anywhere near a buck is pure manipulation to only prolong the inevitable. But these guys are like massive dairy farms. They know how to milk every last penny out of their animals.

Must drive you absolute batcrap crazy how freaking right I am. Again, once that rs happens, schadenfreude will be the theme of the day. And how zzome will have experienced TWO of them within 4 years, and youlll STILL be happy with management. Jokes bud. Laughing stock of the board.