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Tuesday, 01/10/2023 1:09:28 PM

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 1:09:28 PM

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This management team seems to be scared of their own shadow! They put out a 137 page 8k which basically said nothing for potential investors or current holders. NEVER seen anything like it! This cmpy states that they are acquiring 51% of a said cmpy ~ heard to be on the larger side for a tiny micro cap !
If that number is accurate and the deal actually happens~which remains to be seen. This would create some traction. Only problem know ones about this cmpy because management is scared to death. We all know they acquired the wound care, CLIA lab and other assets from PRED.
( We all got screwed from this cmpy led by the kiss of death BRAD) I am sure he made $$$$ from the transfer of assets, except the pred shareholders got a write off!)
The wound care division developed $800K from one months of sales during the last Q! Because of a strong ramp up as mentioned in the second 8K just released a few days ago that the 4th Q will show a dramatic spike in rev growth. Maybe $3-$4 million ! This number will not be announced for months because they do not have to report for 90 days. The first Q of 2023 could easily be much better as the continued traction prevails.
The cmpy that they are acquiring could easily offer an avenue for great distribution . Again, in the second 8k they could have given ballpark numbers, but they are so scared! The JOKE of the second 8K is management believes near term they are going to get uplifted to NASDAQ or American\NYSE. So we have .25 stock that trades a few thousand shares per day and they are talking about uplifting ( are they going to do 20/1 RS--not likely) I know they are going too hire a PR firm long on promise and short on results. Most if not all PR firms are totally useless. What they need to do is prepare a forward looking Presentation with estimates and do a bunch of "dog and pony shows"! The PR firm could produce the Presentation & calendar them a series of Investment dates. Most likely they will be scared to say or do anything. Calling the cmpy is a waste
of time because they never return calls~ even though they say will! You can only hope that people that did a deal with BRAD are not made of the same cloth. Wound Care is a huge and expansive market that has global implications . This could be a huge home run if management can really execute and get their heads out of the sand. There is a small write up on the cmpy within a financial pub (pub since 1984) email alert DEC 9th. So they are following this story-line. At .25 or so it surely is worth a "roll of the dice" Only time will tell!

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