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Wednesday, 01/04/2023 12:29:40 PM

Wednesday, January 04, 2023 12:29:40 PM

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Aclara_Provides 2022_Review and 2023_Outlook

On paper this all sounds reasonable, logical, and pragmatic for developing this project along fundamentally good ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance) guidelines in an ideal capitalist-loving free-enterprise country but I have spent the last 10 years invested in a Chilean lithium mine near corrupt slimy leftist-controlled Copiapo (reference stab-us-in-the-back ladies-man beaner Governor Miguel Vargas) in Maricunga Chile that has yet to sell even one kilogram of lithium and to think Chileans are anywhere even near being reasonable, logical, and pragmatic is a total freaking waste of time. If you are not fighting right wing fascists in the real & shadow government dead set on killing your project through government regulation/bureaucracy to protect the existing old world upper 1% ultra-wealthy elites/class of white Spanish descent who control powerful existing claim-jumping mining companies then you are fighting left-wing commies intent on nationalizing your new mine a few minutes after you have spent all your seed/start-up money perfecting the research/engineering/pilot-plants plus corralling all the free-loading eco-terrorist flat-out extorting cocaine snorting indians (Mapuche, Colla, Camar etal ad nauseam) to get their sign-offs after they have been fully 110% satiated through bribery/kickbacks.

If the Aclara "Outlook" writers could next address in their Penco plan how they actually intend to satisfy all the corrupt conniving thieving foot-dragging government bureaucrats in the current leftist/commie anti-mining government led by commie-loving Mommy's Boy Gabby Boric and Anti-Mining Minister Marcela Hernando along with their plan for getting the locals (eg bloodsuckers, freeloaders, moochers, dopers, part-time eco-terroist indians descendant from Russian Inuit/Eskimos hundreds of years ago) to even allow this project to begin to go forward on their "tribal lands" (aka sacred junkyards/landfills) then we potential/future shareholders would indeed greatly appreciate this additional "direction/input" also. (see last paragraph).

The Doctor

PS, and what is the timetable for securing a nearly-impossible-in-this-sheethole-country SEA approval?