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Sunday, 12/18/2022 5:07:40 PM

Sunday, December 18, 2022 5:07:40 PM

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Again all Nuclear weapons have been neutralized -the kinetic force will seem nuclear to some as structures in the US and abroad are destroyed - it will
seem the World is ending from this attack but in reality they will be destroying Santanic sites -I gave you a list of 34 specific sites the Georgia guide stones being one and it was destroyed with DEW - don't forget the ROG as seen right here in Beruit you have the fire then then Rod of God tungsten dart hits -pure kinetic energy - you don't know why they hit it do you ??? you think it was some fertilizer -lmfao you only know wht you were told to know - get it ? you are not willing to dig for the truth because you cannot handle the truth

I love the smell of direct energy weapons in the morning

Q has often told us that a scare event is necessary before the end of this military operation is reached. Just how will this “event” play out? This is only one scenario.

However, if you pay any sort of attention to alternative media sources, it is clear that the word “nuclear” has been bandied about like a volleyball. Real nuclear warfare or cyber nuclear psychological warfare… or both?

Whether or not we are watching a movie or a real war, most of us can only watch… as events play out around us, as we observe our former friends and family wallow in confusion and despair. As members of our former associates are injured or killed due to the “side-effects” of the vaxx, as people are laid off from their jobs.

We are witnessing the systematic slow demolition of a corrupt intertwined system that has infiltrated everything in our lives. We are slowly discovering, each at their own pace, that our whole concept of what the world is…. is a LIE.

Waking up takes time, even for those who have been somewhat awake most of their lives, questioning the mindless acceptance of “that’s how it has alwaysbeen!” I heard those words time and time, again, when I worked in Medical Records, when the nurses resisted performing their jobs by accurately recording what was done to a patient on the medical records. Was it intentional obscuration or simple laziness?

Well, after what the world has suffered through for the past nearly three years (much longer) the existence of hidden depths and questionable behavior within all systems and institutions has come under increased scrutinity.

The Earth Alliance military is attempting to wake people up, by pushing the envelope, disclosing the hidden agenda of a very dark, regressive alien/human agenda to control the world, an agenda that has been playing out for centuries. Technology, especially the internet, has just propelled the agenda into high gear and awakened those who recognize the danger to equal or greater and unexpected responses.

So, who is playing who? We won’t know for sure until the movie is over. When that will be is still unknown. As I and others have said, the operation is event-driven, NOT date-driven.

I learned what the term, “New Normal” meant when I worked in a state prison. America and the world will be functioning within a “new normal” once the last event and final disclosure is revealed. Until then, try to maintain your sanity, be patient with yourself and those who share your life. Learn to meditate and how to remain calm when everyone is freaking out around you.

You came here to be the lighthouse, the calm center of the Storm when the winds of change blow almost uncontrollably and normies lose their minds… hopefully temporarily, until they can muster the courage to look into Alice’s Wonderland and see what and who has been running the world from the shadows.

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