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The present destruction of the Ukrainian infrastructure is in preparation for the invasion of the Ukraine and the debate in the west is whether the Russian army of in excess of 750,000 troops will move to take Kiev or to move to take over the border of Poland and the Ukraine through which is supplied all the Ukrainian weapons. The latter route is quite logical as combined with the destruction of the electrical grids in the Ukraine the supplying of the front troops would become impossible.

There are four possible fronts in this battle of Russia against NATO. One is Iran. They need only shut the Straits of Hormuz to create their front and 22 million barrels a day of oil are blocked. Russia then takes back the stans including Azerbaijan, and shuts down all their oil exports (excluding China and India) and the former provinces which they have taken, or 47 million barrels a day shut down. The US Joint Chiefs of Staff say that the US cannot reopen the Straits of Hormuz quoted in the next link:

Of course, Russia controls its own oil so that there is nothing the US can do about that. What is interesting about this idea is that the US and the EU loses without firing a shot. We understand that the Siloviki are reviewing this approach with Iran. Putin has lost a lot of his authority.

The US and European governments would dissolve as in 1933 Germany in the event of half the world oil production being cut off as this would trigger the implosion of the 3.5 quadrillion derivative exposure explained in the above link which according to Warren Buffett would act as a nuclear weapon of financial mass destruction. The Bank for International Settlements 600 trillion derivative figure is rejected by Swiss banking authorities as grossly understated. This implosion nearly happened in 1987 which rescue I supervised by forcing the major Wall Street firms who had used the derivative structure to create the crash to reverse rig the market using the derivatives to settle for cash above the indexes as they drove the market up as they had done the crash in reverse by placing the cash settlement below the indexes. My master plan format was used in 2008 though I was working in another area so the manner in which was accomplished was so incompetent (they did not act quickly and in situations such as this he who hesitates is lost) that it required 29 trillion dollars of reserve credit to be created to save the system which was never recorded in the official figures of the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet. I acted so fast there was hardly any delay as the decision was made in one hour by the deep state. It was gradually paid off unlike the fake pandemic credit issuances.

There are three pressure points including the above:

1. China takes back Taiwan.

2. Russia and Iran shut down around half the world oil supply as explained above.

3. North Korea invades South Korea.

There is some question whether the US could even handle one front though Heritage says it cannot handle two.

U.S. Military Forces Cannot Fight on 2 Fronts

Ambassador Middendorf's warnings in his "Nightfall" have been ignored. He called it "Nightfall" as the US as a world power was being eclipsed by China and Russia. He was not listened to though as the Secretary of the Navy he revolutionized warfare in favor of the US giving it military superiority based on submarines capable of firing nuclear missiles. And he created a defensive missile system for ships called the Aegis Ballistic Missile defense system way ahead of its time.During his tenure and again using his legislative contacts, Middendorf helped increase the Navy budget by 60 percent while the Army and Air Force budgets remained relatively flat. Programs he championed included the Ohio-class submarine and the companion [Trident nuclear missile, the Aegis surface-launched missile system (which became the Navy's longest-running construction program; the 100th Aegis-equipped ship was delivered to the U. S. Navy in 2009 and systems are now in service with five allied navies). He also championed the F/A-18 carrier-based fighter attack aircraft—which Middendorf arranged to have dubbed "Hornet," as a tribute to his Revolutionary War ancestor merchant-shipping Captain William Stone, who donated two ships to the fledgling Navy which were then renamed "Wasp" and "Hornet." Those names survived many years and many ships, but as the fleet began to shrink and as ship-naming became more political—i.e., breaking the old rules and naming ships after living politicians—there weren't enough new candidates for traditional names.

Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System - Wikipedia

The Patriot missile defense system, and the THAAD missile defense system are worthless and the Patriot was unable to defend Saudi Arabia against primitive Yemenite missiles. The situation is so dire the army had to create a land based Aegis system moved into Romania and supposedly on its way to Poland but it must be remembered that Ambassador Middendorf invented the Aegis System between 1974-1977 when he was Secretary of the Navy. Of course, it has been improved but it is not worth anything today as it was in the 1970s and 1980s. Ambassador Middendorf predicted in his book the present US deficiencies and wrote me recently as follows:

Dear David,

Thanks very much for the nice review of my book The Great Nightfall: How We Win The New Cold War. It was published 2 years ago this month.

It must have been a bit too early because it received very little readership. As you pointed out, however, everything predicted is now coming true.

Warm regards,


The Great Nightfall: How We Win The New Cold War

As the Russians have pointed out, the excuse for the Aegis was to defend against Iran which was absurd but rather it was for the placement of offensive nuclear missiles as the Raytheon land Aegis is interchangeable between offensive and defensive missiles. Poland's are not supposed to be active yet. Here the US has militarized Romania and will so militarize Poland when the Aegis is activated.

The US had promised Russia that if they withdrew from Eastern Europe it would not be militarized but this turned out to be not only a lie but they were joined to NATO when Russia was too weak to do anything about it. That situation is no longer the case.

US Secretary of State James Baker’s famous “not one inch eastward” assurance about NATO expansion in his meeting with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on 9 February 1990 was only part of a cascade of similar assurances.

How Gorbachev was misled over assurances against NATO expansion | NATO Watch

The above replies to comments by my European Analyst. I agree that Russia will take back the Eastern Ukraine and create a neutral and denazified western Ukraine. I had suggested some years back to the Polish leadership that they should take back the western Ukraine as before World War Two, and they would know how to handle the National Socialists there who killed so many Poles, and give back to Germany Danzig, East Prussia, Silesia, etc. which was taken from Germany. We may see this happen if Germany leaves NATO which is distinctly possible and makes a pact with Russia as in 1939 which they should have kept. In that pact they would be given back the former parts of Germany that were seized from them after World Wars One and Two. It is no longer likely that Russia will give Poland the western Ukraine based on the way they have misbehaved.

My European analyst comments:

It is an interesting analysis, but why would Russia want to be saddled with a failed state. They do not want to occupy the Ukraine. They just want the territories where ethnic Russians live traditionally so that it becomes part of mother Russia. The people there need protection. Indeed to force Ukraine to the negotiation table they will need to cut the supply routes to the Dniepr and they may have to hold Kiev itself to ransom. The winter offensive will come but Russia does not want the western Ukraine and the nazis that live there. So it is time for China to start thinking of invading Taiwan, this way the west will be stretched. A third front should be opened elsewhere in the world, let's say South America, so that the Atlantic Alliance gets stretched over three different continents. World war may be the only winning logic here. And then, once the west is forced to the table, let the EU, or what is left of it, deal with the fallout of the failed state they created on its eastern border.

Endgame Ukraine; Putin's Battleplan

Mike Whitney • Friday, November 25, 2022 • 2,000 Words


“Ukraine’s unquestioned strategic center of gravity is its western corridors to the Polish border where the vast majority of its war support enters the country. Their operational center of gravity is their resupply lines emanating eastwards from Kyiv to Ukraine’s various frontline positions. Without those two corridors, it would be nearly impossible for Kyiv to sustain wartime operations for more than a few weeks. Putin, therefore, may calculate the best use of those 218,000 additional troops will be to launch a three-pronged axis to cut both of those supply routes.” Lt. Colonel Daniel L. Davis, Senior Fellow for Defense Priorities and Contributing Editor at 1945

“I want to emphasize again that all tasks of the special military operation… will be unconditionally fulfilled.” Russian President Vladimir Putin

Another day of large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine’s hobbled energy infrastructure has plunged much of the country into darkness. The relentless attacks—which continued through the night and into the early morning hours—have intensified dramatically as Russian combat troops continue to join their units along the perimeter in preparation for a major winter offensive. Russian President Vladimir Putin has waited patiently for the Zelensky regime to grasp the gravity of their situation and press for bilateral negotiations. But the Ukrainian president has stubbornly rejected diplomacy at every turn opting instead to fight til the bitter end. He is fully supported in that decision by his backers in Washington who see the conflict as an opportunity to weaken Russia so it cannot obstruct US plans to “pivot” to Asia. The transformation of Ukraine into a frigid, uninhabitable wastelands is largely the result of Washington’s voracious geopolitical ambitions. This is from a post at the website Moon of Alabama:

Previous attacks had limited the distribution capacity to some 50% of demand. Controlled blackouts over several hours per day allowed to give some electricity for a few hours to most parts of the country. The attack today created a much larger problem. Not only were distribution networks attacked but also so the elements that connect Ukraine’s electricity production facilities to the distribution network. All four nuclear power stations of Ukraine with their 15 reactors are now in shutdown mode. Kiev along with most other cities of Ukraine no longer has electricity.” Ukraine – Lights Out, No Water And Soon No Heat”, Moon of Alabama

The widespread power outages are accompanied by freezing temperatures that will inevitably lead to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Millions of Ukrainians will be forced to flee across the border seeking refuge in Europe. Others will be left to hunker-down in makeshift emergency shelters that are sporadically heated by diesel-powered generators. There is no prospect that Ukraine’s dilapidated power-system will be fixed quickly if ever. And even if it could be cobbled-back together in some improvised capacity, it would only be a short-term fix. The fact is, the Russians have identified the main substations, terminals and auto-transformers across Ukraine and are picking them off one-by-one. Unable to defend itself against the daily barrage of precision-guided missiles, Ukraine is gradually being bombed into the Stone Age.

The objective of the Russian operation is to undermine Ukraine’s ability to wage war. The attacks on Ukraine’s power-grid, railway hubs, fuel deports, bridges and command-and-control centers are merely Phase 1 of a 2-phase operation that is designed to defeat the enemy and bring the war to swift end. Russia has gathered roughly 500,000 troops in a combat Strike-Force that will traverse the country along three main axes annihilating Ukrainian Forces wherever they are encountered and seizing key cities along the way. Critical supply-lines from Poland will be blocked, leaving troops at the front cut-off and vulnerable to attack. Eventually, the regime and their Right-bloc security forces will be killed or captured. Moscow will not allow a government that is openly hostile towards Russia to rule the country. This is from an interview with Colonel Douglas MacGregor:

There are now 540,000 Russian troops stationed around the outskirts of Ukraine preparing to launch a major offensive that I think will probably end the war in Ukraine. 540,000 Russian troops, 1,000 rocket artillery systems, 5000 armored fighting vehicles including at least 1,5000 tanks, hundreds and hundreds of tactical ballistic missiles. Ukraine is now going to experience war on a scale we haven’t seen since 1945.” Colonel Douglas MacGregor, Rumble

MacGregor again—Everything has now changed… the large probability of offensives beginning in the next few weeks, whenever the ground freezes completely and the Russians judge their forces to be ready. and they will move in and they will finish off this Ukrainian state, let’s not kid ourselves, The regime in Kiev is likely to be annihilated along with the remainder of its armed forces….

The biggest mistake we in the west could make is to involve ourselves. We’ve done enough damage….and I think what we are going to see…. is the total destruction of this rump Ukrainian state. Now, what happens afterwards, I don’t know. I’m quite confident that Russians do not want to remain in western Ukraine …Russia is now treating Ukraine as a real enemy. Previously they were not. and this is not understood in the west.” “Ukraine is about to be annihilated”, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, youtube

(Question—Is there any chance that US combat troops will be sent to fight in Ukraine?)

MacGregor—We’re in no position to go to war with Russia, and anything we would do on the ground would fail miserably and we’d be embarrassed. But obviously no one in Washington is listening…There’s no real understanding of how desperate the situation is in western Ukraine. So what we can look forward to along with this massive (Russian) offensive is the migration of millions of more Ukrainians into Europe because they have no place else to go….. The Ukrainians know what’s coming. There’s not much they do about it at this point, but instead of throwing them a lifeline, we’ve essentially told them to sink with the ship that they’re on.” Col. Douglas Macgregor, “Ukraine is about to be annihilated”, youtube; 6:35 min

Note—So, when the missile strikes end and the ground freezes, the Russian offensive will begin. But what is the plan? How will the Russians deploy their troops and what tactical objectives will they seek to achieve?

While no one can say with certainty how the offensive will evolve, two recent posts at the military website 1945 provide a compelling and detailed explanation of what might take place if Putin decides to deliver the knockout punch to the Ukrainian armed forces and the political leadership in Kiev. The articles were written by 1945 “Contributing Editor, Daniel L. Davis who is a Senior Fellow for Defense Priorities and a former Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army who deployed into combat zones four times.” Here are a few excerpts from the two pieces:

If Putin orders an all-out attack, it will most likely start with a massive air, missile and drone attack to complete the destruction of the Ukrainian electric grids, substations, fuel storage facilities, rail yards, diesel locomotives, and communication facilities. Intent will be to make it intensely difficult to support the UAF, complicate communications, make intra-country movement of troops much harder, diminish their capacity to logistically support troops in disparate fronts with food, water, medicine, ammunition, and spare parts.

By increasing the burden on Kyiv to take care of the civil population throughout the country, there will be yet fewer resources to allocate to supporting the war. If Kyiv prioritizes supplying the combat units, civilians could freeze to death or starve as a result, putting the government in a terrible no-win situation….

The key to understanding what Putin’s objectives may be is to assess what an additional 200,000 troops could reasonably accomplish in Ukraine: a three-pronged axis of advance designed to sever Ukraine’s life blood – the supply corridor from the Polish border through which all NATO supply and equipment enters Ukraine.“ (“Putin could launch an all-out attack on Ukraine but it could be his downfall” Daniel Davis, 1945)

Much of what Davis anticipates has already taken place, so we will move on to his more stunning scenarios. The post below was published just one day after the article above. Here’s what he says:

In this final edition, I will lay out what I contend is the most dangerous course of action Ukraine could face: a ground campaign to deprive Ukraine of its lifeblood from the West…. What I represent in this analysis…. represents the gravest danger to Ukraine ...

In this scenario, Putin recognizes that the number of troops he has for the task remains insufficient to capture large cities – and that he doesn’t need to capture major cities to succeed. Instead, what he may seek to do is identify and then take out the Ukrainian center of gravity. (which) military theorist Carl von Clausewitz. (defined as.. “the hub of all power and movement (of the enemy), on which everything depends.”

Meaning, in war, the overall objective should be to deprive the enemy of the one thing he must maintain to win the war..

In my assessment, Ukraine’s unquestioned strategic center of gravity is its western corridors to the Polish border where the vast majority of its war support enters the country. Their operational center of gravity is their resupply lines emanating eastwards from Kyiv to Ukraine’s various frontline positions. Without those two corridors, it would be nearly impossible for Kyiv to sustain wartime operations for more than a few weeks.

Putin, therefore, may calculate the best use of those 218,000 additional troops will be to launch a three-pronged axis to cut both of those supply routes: the priority effort in the west out of Belarus with the objective of Lviv, a supporting effort to the northeast in the Sumy direction, and supporting axis from the east to reinforce the current offensive in the Donbas.

A Russian attack out of southeast Belorussia with the objective of Lviv would represent the greatest strategic threat to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF). Virtually all of the UAF’s weapons, ammunition, and repair parts enter the country from Poland through several land routes towards Kyiv. If Russia were to cut these routes off by attacking along the Polish/Ukraine border down to Lviv, Russia could cut off the majority of the shipments of war material from the West, without which Kyiv would not long be able to sustain its forces at the frontlines in the eastern part of Ukraine. …


If Russia employs a three-axes advance with its newly mobilized combat forces, added to the roughly 200,000 troops already engaged – and critically, avoids trying to invest cities – they will have a chance to focus their combat power where Ukraine is weakest, and in ways that are mutually reinforcing to other axes. This course of action would represent great risk for Zelensky’s troops, but it isn’t without significant risk for the Russians either. … (“Putin Could Launch a Big Winter Offensive in Ukraine to Cut Off Weapons

There is, of course, no way of knowing whether the war will actually play out in-line with Davis’s scenario. It does seem likely, however, that Russian strategists have already figured out that the war cannot be won without cutting off vital supply-lines to Poland. That is the main artery that sustains the conflict and allows Zelensky to avoid negotiations. For Putin, attempting such a move would be a risky gambit that could precipitate his political downfall, but if he fails to seize the opportunity to force Kiev to the bargaining table, the war could drag on forever. There are no easy choices but—in this case—it appears the benefits clearly outweigh the risks.






The trains in the Ukraine are largely run by electricity carrying munitions and the electrical power is therefore a permissible military target according to modern rules of war. NATO cannot send the Ukrainians locomotives powered by diesel as the track grade is different. The Germans had the track grade problem in World War Two. The United States followed this bombing policy in Iraq destroying all such infrastructure prior to its troop invasion.


The mayor of Lviv reports a difficult situation: 80% of the city is without electricity, the heat supply has been stopped, and electric transport is not running.

US Iraqi War strategic targeting consisted of preplanned missions against fixed facilities. In Iraq, Coalition forces attacked most of these in the first few days of the war with cruise missiles and other precision-guided munitions. This targeting was characterized by strikes designed to destroy, degrade, or deny the ability to command and control Iraqi forces. Preplanned targets included leadership, government, security, and military facilities, and certain dual-use infrastructure elements (such as electrical power, media, and telecommunications facilities).

End Quote:

The knocking out of the electricity paralyzes the resupply of the Ukrainian military front. Unfortunately, this will lead to 15 million Ukrainians without electricity and water knocking at the gates of Euroland for admittance. We would expect that they would never return as the 20 million that left after 1991 for higher paying jobs. An estimated ten million Ukrainians have already left due to the war. In fact, there would be almost no one there. Russia could also knock out satellite communications by striking communication satellites of Elon Musk ending military coordination in the Ukraine military.

It is noted that NATO can be totally defeated by Russian hypersonic missiles that it cannot be protected against. These can hit all natural gas and oil storage, communication centers, electricity centers, ports, airports, nuclear power plants, etc. in all NATO countries. In other words, NATO can be defeated in 10 minutes. No nuclear weapons are required. NATO would be forced to accept unconditional surrender or suffer from insufficient food and heating.

As to the issue of a nuclear attack that NATO accuses Russia of planning, this is quite absurd. Though it must be considered that the US and NATO have declared de facto war against Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, and certainly China who is capable of fielding 100 million troops stand to behind Russia if necessary, Russia has no intention of launching a nuclear attack on NATO that it could easily win. The Russian air space is sealed by a series of defensive missiles ranging from the S-300 to S-700 identified by Israel in the next quote:

“What’s important is that defense systems being supplied by Russia to Syria aren’t used against us,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said during a live interview with the Ynet news site. “One thing needs to be clear: If someone shoots at our planes, we will destroy them. It doesn’t matter if it’s an S-300 or an S-700,” he said.

What the American public does not know is that the entire Ukrainian conflict was set up by Zbigniew Brzezinski over the S-500 defensive missile which I reported in 2013 that sealed Russian air space against all incoming US missiles traveling at a speed of 15,480 miles an hour rising to an altitude of 115 miles, capable of hitting a target 2,179 miles away. It ended MAD. He immediately planned a replica of his luring Russia into a war in Afghanistan. My report was to encourage the US to develop such missile such as the Russian S-500 defensive missile that carries ten interceptor missiles. It was not to kill innocent Ukrainians. Russia also has nuclear bomb shelters for 40 million people in the cities should their missiles not be perfect in the shield and the US has nothing. And its defensive missiles as the Patriot, THAAD, and Aegis are worthless. The Patriot could hardly hit the primitive Houthi missiles striking Saudi Arabia. Russian defensive missiles seal its air space ending mutually assured destruction as a concept. The next link gives the Brzezinski plan against Russia in Afghanistan. Notice the similarities.

This was in 1979-1989. Here he lured the Russians in and then we as in the Ukraine piled in equipment like the stingers to hit the Russian helicopters and planes landing in Afghanistan. In 1985 we persuaded the Gulf States to dump their surplus oil on the market driving the price to about eight dollars a barrel decimating half the Russian budget which was my idea as it was an honorable form of persuasion than using innocent Afghani people as cannon fodder. That was the end of the Soviet Union. Russia declined from the days of Joseph Stalin who anticipated such western treachery and therefore achieved by 1937 complete Russian self-sufficiency which is an ideal situation for every nation.

It is not widely known that the US and England built Germany up from 1933 to invade Russia and this is one of the reasons that Britain (perfidious Albion) and France refused to help Poland when Germany invaded that nation as they had agreed. They had pre-notified Hitler so 90% of his army would face Poland instead of splitting his forces to absorb an attack from the west from France and England. The deal was that Germany would invade Russia. Once Hitler had defeated Poland with Russian help, Hitler was nervous about leaving his back open to the English and French when he invaded Russia so he invaded Europe largely defeating it in 20 days. Hitler then thought Russia would similarly fall and betrayed his word to Stalin that they would have peace with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. That was a fatal decision which NATO is indulging in now.


Russia was corrupt by by 1985 and collapsed in 1991 from internal rot. They withdrew from Afghanistan by 1989. This was actually the second western Afghani War. The US propaganda mill is now predicting the internal collapse of Russia but they should be more worried about the collapse of their own house.

Between 1839 and 1842, British imperial forces fought a bitter war in Afghanistan. Initially successful, the campaign ended with Britain withdrawing from the country having suffered one of the worst military disasters of the 19th century.

The Maidan affair was the planned overthrow by Brzezinski of the Ukrainian Government that was friendly with Russia. Brzezinski used the National Socialist element in the Ukraine to achieve this as we and England had done in building up Germany for an attack on the rising Russia under Stalin, and when the Ukrainian Government started shooting the pro-government demonstrators the deep state ordered Obama to call Putin to request he not shoot these revolutionaries as the US would maintain for Putin his control of the Ukraine. That was a lie. The problem for Brzezinski was that he did not realize how weak and incompetent Putin was and could not conceive that he would give up the Ukraine without a fight. So he ordered the shelling of the Russians caught in the Ukraine by Russia's collapse to force Putin to invade. It took the murder of 20,000 Russians by shelling in the Donbas and the stepping up of the murders per day by the Ukrainian shelling before Putin was forced to invade. Putin really should resign in favor of Alexander Bortnikov. In the meantime in 2014 Brzezinski had the Gulf States again drive down the price of oil to wreck Russian finances. The purpose was to topple the present regime as in 1985.

When this did not work Brzezinski planned a pipeline from Qatar through Syria to take away the natural gas sales from Russia and Russia successfully intervened in Syria to prevent this at quite low cost. The crack troops Russia sent to Syria have been transferred to the Ukraine and Iranian troops have taken their place. The present Ukrainian War was the war Brzezinski originally planned. The next part of this report brings us up to date as to what is happening to this Brzezinski plan.






China can muster 100,000,000 troops and stands behind Russia but Russia does not need any help. Russia alone can easily overrun all of Europe once it mobilizes ten million troops. NATO is one giant bluff. We can compare the Ukrainian War to the Spanish Civil War which was used to experiment with new weapons and tactics. Russia has held back their most advanced weapons though. The US largely has not. This is just the beginning.

What the US will achieve in the near future is the overthrow of the corrupt Putin creating the ascendancy of the Russian Soliviki and the US is playing into the hands of the Soliviki. Nikolai Patrushev is too weak which is why Putin picked him and the likely replacement for Putin is the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov. He is honest and highly capable.

The corrupt Putin made this astonishing statement to the oligarchs that their treatment overseas meant that they should have invested in Russia instead instead of sending their stolen money to Europe to invest. This was like a servant reporting to his masters which oligarchs did not answer to Putin but Lord Jacob Rothschild. Putin is just a Rothschild frontman trying to save his neck as the Rothschild servant at the expense of Russia which is why he sent only 100,000 troops to fight a million Ukrainian forces about a third of which were highly trained by NATO and they are training additional forces of about 30,000 to 40,000 at a time spread out over different members. Putin was sabotaging his own army by understaffing it. The Heritage Foundation below says the US is probably too weak to win one war much less two. This explains why Putin did this. He is a traitor to Russia. He not only has this treason to his credit but he has transferred to Lord Jacob two trillion dollars of stolen money by the oligarchs over 22 years using the petrodollar profits for the foreign exchange transaction. This was the seed money that should have been used to build internal industries as China did and to dramatically grow the Russian economy.

I was in Moscow for six months in 1979 trying to prevent the Ukraine War by offering 700 billion dollars to redirect all the natural resources of Russia away from the EU to China. I knew the US was boiling in anger over Nord Stream Two as it considered this supplying of natural gas and oil to Germany (EU) as a violation of the Anglo-Saxon concept of Halford Mackinder that he who controlled the heartland or Eurasian land mass controlled the world. The US would not stand for it.

Putin under orders from Lord Jacob refused my offer setting himself up for the Ukrainian war which I predicted at the Duma Peace Conference on July 2, 2019 would take place and that Russia would be cut off from SWIFT-CHIPPS. If Putin had accepted my offer there would have been no Ukrainian War as Euroland would have stayed in the US alliance receiving their natural resources as good vassals via the oceans controlled by eleven US aircraft carrier task forces. Mine was a peace plan for the Peace Conference at the Duma. This was handled by the Putin aide Shmal Gaddady who had privatized the Russian oil and natural gas industry in 1991.

Can Russia have Peace Now?

Here is a war scenario under Bortnikov. Russia mobilizes 10,000,000 troops and invades Europe. China invades Taiwan. North Korea invades South Korea. Iran goes to war in the Middle East shutting the Straits of Hormuz and invading southward into Iraq. All of this takes place simultaneously. Russia supplies China with what it needs but cuts off the rest of the world from all oil, natural gas, and natural resources which soar. As commodity prices such as oil soar to a thousand dollars a barrel, the 2.5 quadrillion derivative market crashes driving indexes New York Stock Exchange indexes down 90% as stocks are obliterated, and the western financial system implodes. Henry Kaufman reviewing this scenario says the money center banks must be immediately nationalized. Russia also takes back all its former provinces so that between Russia and Iran half the world oil supply is shut down. Russia and its former provinces have about 25 million barrels of oil production and 22 million barrels a day go through the Straits of Hormuz. That is 47 million barrels a day out of a 100 million barrels of oil produced.

The Straits of Hormuz as a Trigger to World Depression

The US and the western European nations face internal revolutions as their governmental systems implode. Chaos is everywhere but China and Russia will inherit the earth.

US military rated as ‘weak,’ may not be able to win one war, as tensions grow with China, Russia

In a recent e-mail exchange with J. William Middendorf the former Secretary of the Navy he said that the situation is unfolding as he wrote in his book that I recommended to you to read. The Russians have great respect for Ambassador Middendorf who created the submarine with nuclear missiles which was one of the most dramatic military changes in the twentieth century. He also developed the Aegis missile defense system which was a wonderful missile defense until the Navy allowed it to become obsolete as it did not sufficiently upgrade it. It is about the only defensive system we have which we stationed in Romania and is being built in Poland as a land defense. It is the best the US has but it cannot handle the Russian hypersonic missiles and these Raytheon launchers are interchangeable with offensive nuclear weapons which the US seeks to make hypersonic for the western border of the Ukraine. In other words, the Raytheon missiles in Romania and Poland are offensive missiles. So Ambassador Middendorf, who retired as Secretary of the Navy in 1977, was the last great innovator of the US military which has gone downhill ever since.

It is important to note that the Russian hypersonic missiles that can go at hypersonic can knock out all ports and military and commercial air fields in ten minutes thus essentially defeating NATO in that time frame. There is no US defense.

Dear David,

Thanks very much for the nice review of my book The Great Nightfall: How We Win The New Cold War. It was published 2 years ago this month.

It must have been a bit too early because it received very little readership. As you pointed out, however, everything predicted is now coming true.

Warm regards,


Here is the review:

The US made sure that China would look east when it triggered the Taiwan crisis so it would think twice about helping Russia when it has its hands full with Taiwan. Russia is a strategic Chinese ally in the event of a Chinese-US war that could ignite at any time and China is a strategic Russian ally as well as a US-Russian war that the US is also fomenting that could break out at any time. In a sense the US has to all intents and purposes declared war on Russia and China. This is due to the Straussians having taken control of the US Government.

The EU brought to its knees by the Straussians, by Thierry Meyssan

Then the US will have to decide on whether to abandon Europe which it is economically destroying anyway or Taiwan. The US is facing a potential two front war which it cannot handle.

U.S. Military Forces Cannot Fight on 2 Fronts

J. William Middendorf in his recent book called it "Nightfall" wrote the US military position is rapidly eroding.

“What a superb book,” John Odegaard, former Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy said. “It should be required reading for every soldier, sailor and marine in the service today.” In his review of The Great Nightfall, U.S. Senator Jack Reed, (R.I.) a ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, said “With great knowledge and extraordinary experience, Ambassador Middendorf masterfully charts the daunting strategy and technological threat facing the nation as our Cold War advantage erodes in the face of a rising China, a reinvigorated Russia.”

It was Ambassador Middendorf who created at the Navy the Aegis defensive missiles which is about all that we had of any defensive value and it has not been kept up to date so that it is now outmoded. The US wasted trillions on meaningless brushfire wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. while China and Russia built up their military for defensive wars as we now see in the Ukraine where the Russias are protecting their Russian people in the eastern Ukraine from extermination. 20,000 Russian men, women and children were murdered between 2014 to 2022 by continuous artillery fire by the so-called Ukrainian Government in the eastern Ukraine ordered by the Straussians and in February this was increased to a massive extent by orders from the US Straussian leaders to provoke the present war.

During his tenure and again using his legislative contacts, Middendorf helped increase the Navy budget by 60 percent while the Army and Air Force budgets remained relatively flat. Programs he championed included the OHIO-class ballistic missile submarine and the companion Trident missile, the Aegis surface-launched missile system (which became the Navy's longest-running construction program; the 100th Aegis-equipped ship was delivered to the U. S. Navy in 2009 and systems are now in service with five allied navies). He also championed the F/A-18 carrier-based fighter attack aircraft—which Middendorf arranged to have dubbed "Hornet," as a tribute to his Revolutionary War ancestor merchant-shipping Captain William Stone, who donated two ships to the fledgling Navy which were then renamed "Wasp" and "Hornet." Those names survived many years and many ships, but as the fleet began to shrink and as ship-naming became more political—i.e., breaking the old rules and naming ships after living politicians—there weren't enough new candidates for traditional names. The Aegis system is the system for the defensive missiles being placed in Poland and have been installed in Romania which according to Raytheon can be converted to offensive nuclear missiles merely by substituting nuclear missiles for defensive missiles.

Aegis Ashore is a land-based missile defense component of MDA’s Missile Defense System. It’s a key element of completing the European Phased Adaptive Approach, the US military’s contribution to NATO’s missile defense, designed to protect Europe from Iranian short-, medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles. The Poland Aegis site is supposed to work in combination with the Aegis Ashore in Romania, which has been operational since 2016. The Poland site was originally scheduled to come online in 2018, but was hampered by construction delays. (8-22-2022 report). (DKL: This is clearly targeted at Russia and the allegation that it is a defensive measure against Iran is absurd.)

It is interesting that we had in Saudi Arabia the Patriot defensive missiles which during a Houthi missile and drone attack proved worthless. The THAAD is completely worthless. On the contrary, the Russian missiles from the S-300 to the S-700 seal their airspace ending the concept of MAD or mutually assured destruction and the Russians can win right now a nuclear war. The US has no defense at all against the Russian hypersonic nuclear missiles. The S-500 defensive missile of the Russians travels 15,480 miles an hour, rises to up to 115 miles, and can travel up to 2,174 miles carrying ten interceptor missiles. We understand the S-600 and S-700 have considerably increased their effectiveness. A primary cause of the Ukraine war is for the US to place nuclear hypersonic missiles when development is complete at the western boundary of the Ukraine so that they are about two to three minutes from Moscow traveling well over 10,000 miles an hour. The US is a few years away from a rollout of the hypersonic missile.

It is important to note that a fully mobilized Russian Army of ten million troops can reach the English Channel in about two to three weeks as there are hardly any defensive forces in the way. The actual war would be won in five to ten minutes as the Russian hypersonic missiles knocked out every airport and port so that no imports of oil, natural gas, or any other commodity could arrive in Europe. As discussed above, the US does not have any defensive missiles worthy of the name. The Russians only used the hypersonic missile once in the Ukraine with great effect but has not used otherwise its advanced weapons lest the missiles malfunction in enemy territory in which case it would be rushed to the US for analysis. They will be immediately used in the event of a European war.

.The Great Nightfall: How We Win The New Cold War

I suggest you read Mr. Middendorf's book. The Chinese-Russian alliance is becoming stronger all the time and if anything China will watch over the former western provinces for them.

The question is whether the US will lose control of the sea. Chinese submarines cannot be detected by the US which means that they can destroy the fleet with a wolf pack.

The uninvited guest: Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs red-faced

The Chinese submarines have been massively improved since then and still cannot be detected. The fact that the Chinese submarine surfaced next to the US fleet was to show the US that China deserved respect that was due

a sovereign nation which is certainly not being shown to China today. They have not chosen to give us another example of their ability to overcome our detection systems and move right next to our fleets as one message

was considered clear enough.

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