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Tackling Wisdom and Connecting Roots Technology to Build a New Industry Ecology | Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong Debut at Huawei Developer Conference 2022.


November 9, 2022

From November 4th to 6th, 2022, the 4th Huawei Developer Conference 2022 (Together) was grandly opened in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. Chinasoft International joined hands with Shenzhen Kaihong to attend this conference, focusing on industry challenges and cutting-edge trends, jointly building a safe and reliable digital base that enables thousands of industries and industries, creating a "national weapon" for the intelligent connection of all things, and changing human production and production with digitization and intelligence. Lifestyle, providing more efficient, agile and low-cost solutions for the industry to build the Internet of Things, and leading the independent innovation of the Internet of Everything.

Tackling Wisdom Connecting Roots Technology - Casting the "Heavy Weapon of the Country" in the Age of Digital Intelligence.
On November 5th, Peng Jiang, Senior Vice President of Chinasoft International Co., Ltd. and Supervisor of Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd., appeared in the Songhu Dialogue with the theme of "Building a Digital Base for Thousands of Industries". He said that based on OpenHarmony, Shenzhen Kaihong focuses on core technology R&D and innovation, promotes product implementation, and actively expands the ecosystem. Currently, it has launched innovative products and smart solutions in the fields of transportation, health care, finance, and education. In terms of talent ecology construction, Shenzhen Kaihong realizes the prosperity and development of industrial technical talents and applied talent ecology by deepening the integration of production and education and building school-enterprise cooperation. At the same time, the promotion of national policies has brought a rare development opportunity for the software industry. Shenzhen Kaihong will, as always, closely follow the national strategic policy and the requirements of "accelerating digital development and building a digital China" in China. The ×N" strategy enables the digital base of thousands of industries and industries, tackles the rooted technology of intelligent connection, builds the "power of the country" in the era of intelligent connection of all things, and works with industry partners to release the intelligent productivity of thousands of industries and industries.

Gather the power of ecology with openness - Promote a new benchmark for industrial development
On the morning of November 5th, at the Digital Government sub-forum, a forward-looking round table discussion was held with the theme of "OpenHarmony Empowers Thousands of Industries - A New Model of Smart Health Care", hosted by Wu Haijun, Vice President of Huawei's Whole House Smart Product Line Xiao Ran, Vice President of Huawei Strategic Research Institute and Director of Huawei's Standards and Industrial Development Department, Wang Chenglu, CEO of Shenzhen Kaihong, Zhang Shuaiyi, Chief Health Director of Shenzhen Happiness and Health Industry Group and General Manager of Shum Yip Health, Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association Chairman Hou Kepeng and other experts and scholars gathered together to discuss the new model of development with wisdom and wellness as the starting point in the context of the era of the Internet of Everything.

Dr. Wang Chenglu said that with the implementation of the "(1+1)×N" strategy in many fields, SZK has gradually explored the innovative development model of "partner + business + standard". Huawei, Shum Yip Health, Furniture Association and other partners cooperate closely, and as open source Hongmeng Ecological full-stack enabling partners, cooperate with thousands of industries to carry out ecological cooperation; in terms of commercial applications, face the actual scenarios, dig deep into the pain points, and continue to practice and innovate , work with partners to build industry benchmarks; in terms of standard construction, work with industry associations to promote industry standard construction and accelerate the marketization of smart industries.

Build a solid industry safety base - Empowering the era of digital intelligence economy
On the afternoon of November 5, Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong, as Huawei's diamond partners, were invited to attend the media conference to showcase new applications and new achievements.

Zhou Zixiang, president of Shenzhen Kaihong, attended the media conference and shared the theme of "Shenkaihong empowers the industry and builds the future together". He said that "connection (connecting all things)" and "wisdom (wisdom all things)" have become all things The core of the development of the era of intelligent connection requires us to take root in business scenarios, combine core technologies with industry pain points, promote the intelligent transformation of thousands of industries, and jointly move towards the intelligent connection of all things. At the same time, Shenzhen Kaihong closely follows the national policy direction, takes the security construction of national key information infrastructure as its own responsibility, builds the industry security base with KaihongOS and super equipment management platform, builds a security barrier for the digital economy base, and boosts the entire Internet of Things industry. The long-term and healthy development of the ecology.

Shenzhen Kaihong aims to build the core technology of the Internet of Everything, define the standards of the Internet of Everything, and lead the development of the era of the Internet of Everything. , smart manufacturing, smart government affairs, smart finance, smart education and other eight industry scenarios, truly realize the "connection" and "intelligence" in the era of intelligent connection of all things, and promote the digital and intelligent upgrade of the industry.

Deepen the "(1+1)×N" strategy - Build an industry-leading ecosystem.

Zhang Zhaosheng, CTO of Shenzhen Kaihong, shared many of the achievements of Shenzhen Kaihong in the financial industry at the financial forum of this conference. He said that under the trend of financial intelligence innovation, Shenzhen Kaihong is actively deploying wisdom based on the current development status of the financial industry. In the financial industry, aiming at secure payment, intelligent interconnection of equipment, and user experience improvement, it has deeply cultivated key core technologies, and has carried out many explorations in the fields of Internet of Things finance, pan-finance, and digital payment, helping to promote the implementation of smart financial application scenarios. In the future, Shenzhen Kaihong will focus on KaihongOS and the super equipment management platform to empower the financial industry, and join hands with more partners to build a new ecosystem for the financial industry.

In addition, Zhu Yue, director of Shenzhen Kaihong Transportation Solutions, also shared the achievements of Shenzhen Kaihong in the field of smart transportation in the transportation forum. He mentioned that the “(1+1)×N” strategy of Shenzhen Kaihong enables the construction of smart highway tunnels , build a "smart tunnel" solution with KaihongOS and super equipment management platform to realize the whole chain intelligent management from operation and maintenance, intelligent alarm to emergency disaster recovery. In the future, Shenzhen Kaihong will continue to build a safe and reliable industrial ecology in the field of highways, and is committed to promoting the construction of industry standards and helping highway construction to develop towards high quality.

Force independent innovation and intelligent networking - Build a multi-layered business landscape.
Huang Zhihang, general manager of the Marketing Department of Chinasoft International Intelligent Internet of Things Corps, gave a keynote speech on "The Road of Independent Innovation in the Digital Age" at the media conference. He said that Chinasoft International Intelligent Internet of Things Corps is committed to becoming an expert in the construction of independent innovation of the Internet of Things, promoting the construction of the Internet of Things in thousands of industries with open source Hongmeng technology, and building end-to-end AIoT industry solutions through localization, modularization and systematization, providing From full-scenario solutions to end-to-end delivery of one-stop services, a comprehensive service system covering "cloud-pipe-side-end" is formed to solve the challenges of traditional IoT, such as many security risks, troublesome data silos, and difficult application collaboration.

The Honglian joint venture created by Chinasoft International aims to comprehensively serve the intelligentization of products and help the independent innovation and development of the industry. It uses open source Hongmeng technology to empower industries such as water conservancy, transportation, environmental protection, as well as industries such as large and small household appliances, making the construction of the Internet of Intelligence more convenient. Safe and controllable, more personalized, more agile and flexible, more global intelligence, more efficient and cost-effective. GitOK Honglian's independent innovation intelligent networking ecological operation platform is driven by demand, takes scenarios as the path, takes the government as the guide, and takes the region as the unit to connect and serve the north-south ecology of the independent innovation of intelligent networking. The platform relies on the independent innovation AIoT ecological service data base represented by Kai Hongmeng, and builds eight core libraries such as chips, open source components, Kaihong OS, and solution solutions, combined with Kaihong OS customization capabilities, ecological integration capabilities, and solution dismantling capabilities.
Large core capabilities, focusing on four major scenarios including product manufacturing, marketing, connection management, and operation, to achieve full-scenario product life-cycle management, reduce R&D costs, and enhance core competitiveness. The ecological platform brings together the elements of regional industrial development, connects supply and demand, and helps the region to build characteristic industries. The GitIoT Honglian independent innovation intelligent networking development and application platform uses cloud-native digital base, low-code application development, micro-services, device connection management, data visualization and other technology suites to achieve agile and low-cost development, and quickly create independent innovative intelligent networking solutions.

Continue to contribute ecological power - Promote the implementation of innovative applications in the industry.
In the exhibition area, in the digital intelligence empowerment exhibition hall built by Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong, the core display of Shenzhen Kaihong's "(1+1) × N" strategy, ecological co-construction picture, as well as smart transportation, smart finance, smart education Product applications and solutions in other scenarios; and displayed hardware and ecological products such as smart IoT modules and SoC solution boards, as well as product intelligent upgrades, domestic smart Internet construction solutions and related typical cases, all-round and multi-angle display The corporate strength of Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong and their innovative practices in the field of open source Hongmeng.

At the Hongmeng Ecological Partner Conference and Award Ceremony, Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong won the "Hongmeng Enabling Contribution Award" for their technological innovation in the field of intelligent Internet of Things and their outstanding achievements in the open source Hongmeng ecological construction. Both parties will continue to contribute to the power of ecological partners. , to draw a grand blueprint for the cause.

In the future, Chinasoft International will continue to join hands with Shenzhen Kaihong to tackle the "root technology" of the Internet of Everything, lead the development of the industry, build a secure foundation for the industry, and work with industry partners to create a new pattern of co-discussion, co-construction and sharing of the ecology, and create an era of the Internet of Everything." At the same time, Chinasoft International will continue to optimize and strengthen platforms, products and services, link the software and hardware ecosystem downward, focus on application scenarios upward, link customer needs, build independent innovative intelligent networking construction solutions, and solve problems for customers. Empower thousands of industries to prosper and develop.

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