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Chinasoft International & Shenzhen Kaihong won the Hongmeng Enabling Contribution Award | Continue to contribute to the power of ecological partners to draw a grand blueprint for the cause.


November 9, 2022

From November 4th to 6th, Huawei Developer Conference 2022 will be held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. Many industry elites and ecological partners attended the event to showcase industry innovations and decode industry trends and future development. Through keynote speeches, themed exhibition hall displays, online and offline interactive experiences, etc., the conference brought participants innovations in Hongmeng distributed capabilities, atomic services, AI, maps, audio and video, privacy and security and other technological innovations, in five scenarios. innovative experience and new open capabilities.

Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong were invited to attend this conference, and at the Hongmeng Ecological Partner Conference and Award Ceremony, they won the "Hongmeng Enabling Contribution Award" for their technological innovation in the field of intelligent Internet of Things and their outstanding achievements in the open source Hongmeng ecological construction.

The conference revealed that the Hongmeng system has grown into the most viable ecosystem, with 320 million terminal devices and over 250 million Hongmeng Zhilian products shipped. The open source Hongmeng project ranks first in the Gitee index with 5,000+ community code contributors. It is one of the open source projects with the highest code iteration rate and community activity on the current code cloud platform.

The achievements and development of Kaiyuan Hongmeng business today are inseparable from the unremitting efforts and continuous contributions of its peers. Since 2012, Chinasoft International has fully participated in the early research and development of Kaiyuan Hongmeng; in August 2019, based on Kaiyuan Hongmeng, a business ecological team was established; in September 2020, the Honglian joint venture brand was created; in January 2021, Chinasoft International has become a platinum donor of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, a category A donor of OpenAtom OpenHarmony (hereinafter referred to as “OpenHarmony”), and actively participates in the co-construction of the open source ecosystem; in July 2021, Chinasoft International and Huawei signed a Hongmeng ecological cooperation agreement; 2021 In August, Shen Kaihong was established to focus on the development of KaihongOS and build a digital base in the field of intelligent IoT; in August 2022, an intelligent IoT army was established, dedicated to becoming an expert in independent innovation of intelligent IoT construction, and promoting thousands of industries with open source Hongmeng technology Intelligent IoT construction provides customers with multi-level and all-round end-to-end integrated delivery services covering IoT products, services, and software applications.

After ten years of accumulation and continuous exploration and innovation, Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong have made great achievements in the joint construction of the open source Hongmeng ecosystem.

In terms of brand building, Chinasoft International established Shenkaihong and jointly launched a new strategy of "(1+1)×N", which is oriented towards the needs of the intelligent connection of all things. Based on the open source Hongmeng, a KaihongOS base and a super device management platform are aggregated into scenarios. Super equipment solutions, empowering multiple industry scenarios; creating brands such as Intelligent IoT Corps and Honglian Chuangying, and successively launching Honglian Chuangying in Wuzhen, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, Yancheng, Zhongshan and other cities to provide local customers Open source Hongmeng is the core of independent innovation AIoT ecological development enabling, releasing and empowering.

In terms of ecological co-construction, Chinasoft International, together with Shenzhen Kaihong and Tianjin Municipal Government, signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement to build the "Open Source Harmony City in the North"; build the "Jinhong" system in Tianjin Port, and released the "Intelligent Manufacturing Operation in Tianjin" System Technical Specifications and Standards"; relying on Shenzhen Kaihong, build a smart port global innovation laboratory with Huawei, leading port enterprises, scientific research institutes, etc., to empower the digital and intelligent development of smart ports.

In terms of product innovation, the Honglianchuang independent innovation AIoT platform created by Chinasoft International is based on the open source Hongmeng technology, uses the GitOK ecological platform to promote the handshake of supply and demand, and explores a new mode of docking services for independent innovation of the north-south ecology of the intelligent Internet; develop applications through GiTIoT The platform enables agile and low-cost development in the industry with technologies such as cloud-native digital base, low-code application development, and micro-services. Relying on Shenzhen Kaihong, it is the first to launch KaihongOS distribution for the financial industry and commercial display industry, and a variety of cooperative commercial equipment has been launched. And passed the OpenHarmony compatibility test.

In terms of talent training, relying on the Honglian Joint Venture Center, it cooperates with local bureaus of industry and information technology, universities and other units to carry out open source Hongmeng technical personnel training, and issues technical certification certificates to talents who pass the exam to help local Hongmeng ecological talent resource reserves and resources. Upgrading; Relying on Shenkaihong, reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Shaanxi Innovative Talents Development Research Institute, deeply integrating the innovative technology of KaihongOS and super equipment management platform with the development of the open source era, cultivating high-level compound talents, and promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

In terms of technical co-construction, OpenCV and Southern University of Science and Technology are specially invited to participate in the co-construction to increase the machine vision capabilities of OpenHarmony and realize the ultimate performance of OpenCV under the HyperTerminal. Cooperate with Beijing Institute of Technology, China University of Mining and Technology and other well-known universities and industry partners to jointly prepare the robot TSC project; relying on Shenzhen Kaihong, build 16 OpenHarmony community SIG groups, and deeply participate in the R&D and innovation of root technology fields such as kernel, soft bus, HDF, ArkUI, etc. .

The operating system provides a solid digital base for the intelligence of thousands of industries and is the key to promoting innovation in various industries and breaking the boundaries of development. Chinasoft International will continue to uphold its original aspiration, dig deep into the "root technology" of the Internet of Everything, and use scientific and technological strength to promote the new development of independent innovation and intelligent Internet of Things, strengthen and thicken Honglian, create GitOK and GiTIoT platform layers, empower production, and expand Link the ecology; create new industry standards, build a new ecological pattern, and nourish the prosperity and development of thousands of industries.

In the future, Chinasoft International will also join hands with Shenzhen Kaihong to continue to tackle the rooted technologies of intelligence, to build the "power of the country" in the era of intelligent connection of all things, and to work with industry partners to release the intelligent productivity of thousands of industries and become a co-creation partner for the digital transformation of government and enterprise customers. and preferred brands.