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Hit the HDC2022 Songhu Dialogue: Build a Digital Base that Enables Thousands of Industries.


November 9, 2022

On November 5, the "HDC Together" Songhu Dialogue of the 2022 Huawei Developer Conference was held in Dongguan. "Shen Kaihong") Supervisor Peng Jiang attended the event. The Songhu Dialogue was based on the theme of "Building a Digital Base for Enabling Thousands of Industries". Experts, scholars, and industry partners from all over the world gathered to explore topics such as industry progress, talent ecology, and policy orientation to explore the wisdom of thousands of industries. The way of transformation. During the period, Peng Jiang said that Shenzhen Kaihong will closely follow the national strategic policy, attack the rooted technology of intelligent connection, build the "power of the country" in the era of intelligent connection of all things, and work with industry partners to release the intelligent productivity of thousands of industries.

Deeply cultivate the technology of connecting all things with the root of wisdom, and build a new ecology of the industry.
At present, the society is entering the era of intelligent connection of all things, and open source has become a major trend of global digital technology innovation in the new era. Open source technology has subverted the traditional way of software development and service, and promoted the vigorous development of basic software in my country. As a pioneer in the era of the Internet of Everything, based on OpenHarmony, Shenzhen Kaihong has always focused on technology research and development and continuous innovation, actively expanding the ecosystem and promoting product implementation. At present, nearly 20 products of Shenzhen Kaihong have passed the OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation, and focusing on the "(1+1)×N" strategy, KaihongOS and super device management platform are used to build scenario-based super device solutions. Many exploration achievements have been made in the fields of transportation and health care.

Taking highway transportation as an example, because the underlying supervision equipment has not been interconnected, the probability of road tunnel accidents is high, the rescue is difficult, the equipment operation and maintenance efficiency is low, and the cost is high. Based on "(1+1) × N" Strategically build a smart highway tunnel solution, using the characteristics of KaihongOS distributed soft bus, near field communication, stable connection, flexible deployment, etc., unifying data standards, enabling equipment to achieve interconnection, and realizing remote operation and maintenance of tunnel equipment and intelligent rapid inspection. management, promote the efficient operation of tunnel equipment, and help highway construction develop towards high quality.

In terms of community contribution, he deeply participates in OpenHarmony open source community governance and actively contributes to the open source community. According to Peng Jiang, up to now, Shenzhen Kaihong has led 4 SIG groups of OpenHarmony, participated in the technical co-construction of 12 SIG groups, and contributed more than one million lines of code, second only to Huawei. Shenzhen Kaihong has contributed to the rapid construction of multiple versions of OpenHarmony capabilities, the improvement and optimization of the mainline core capabilities, and to promote the completion of OpenHarmony's basic capabilities and technological innovation to adapt to more hardware and software devices and support more abundant industry applications Scenes.

In terms of talent training, building a prosperous industry ecosystem requires breaking the bottleneck of talent supply. Peng Jiang said: "The operating system is the soul of software, the most important weapon of a great country, and also the 'killer' of major scientific research projects. Shen Kaihong not only wants to be a basic software platform in China, but also hopes to cultivate a large number of top talents in this process. , to promote the ecological construction of the basic software industry, and realize the prosperity and development of the ecology of industrial technical talents and application talents."

Shenkaihong has always been committed to becoming the "black land" of the talent ecology. In the process of cultivating talents, Shenkaihong deepens the integration of production and education, builds school-enterprise cooperation, and gives full play to the main role of technical and skilled personnel training and human resources development. Contribute to industry-related resources, and create new heights for talent training in terms of teaching equipment, teacher training, and training base construction. While continuously cultivating basic software talents in my country, co-building the OpenHarmony ecosystem requires all ecological partners to look at the world and make full use of policy support to attract top international talents.

Strengthen the national strategic policy to create the "power of the country" in the era of the Internet of Everything.
At present, as an important pillar of the digital economy, the software industry cannot develop steadily without the guidance of policies. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Software and Information Technology Service Industry Development Plan", which proposes to implement the national software development strategy in depth, make up for shortcomings, forge long plates, improve the supply capacity of key software, and accelerate the prosperity of the open source ecosystem , consolidate the foundation of industrial development.

This year, Shenzhen insisted on first-in-class trials and demonstrations, and took the lead in proposing to build a global "Hongmeng Euler City", and released the "Shenzhen City's Action Plan for Cultivating and Developing Software and Information Service Industry Clusters (2022-2025)", "Shenzhen About Several measures to accelerate the cultivation of the Hongmeng Euler Ecosystem (Draft for Comment)” and other policy measures. These measures aim to further promote the self-reliance of key core technologies, promote the commercialization of the Hongmeng system, and actively seize the opportunities for new technologies and industrial upgrading in the era of the Internet of Everything. .

Shenzhen Kaihong is the co-builder of the open source Hongmeng ecosystem. The innovation momentum of Shenzhen's "Smart City", the government's policy opening and promotion, and the industry precipitation of Chinasoft International have driven Shenzhen Kaihong to become a leader in open source Hongmeng technology development and ecological construction step by step. Backbone. As a full-stack enabling partner of Open Source Hongmeng Ecology, a platinum member of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, and a donor of OpenHarmony B, Shenzhen Kaihong continuously exerts its technical reserves and industrial capabilities in the field of digital economy, and is guided by the scene-based innovation of open source Hongmeng. Promote Shenzhen to build "Hongmeng Euler City".

The era of the Internet of Everything is coming, and new intelligent applications will usher in new development opportunities. Shenzhen Kaihong will closely follow the national strategic policy and the requirements of my country's "accelerating digital development and building a digital China". )×N” strategy enables the digital base of thousands of industries and hundreds of industries, tackles the technology of connecting the roots of intelligence, builds the “power of the country” in the era of intelligent connection of all things, and joins hands with industry partners to release the intelligent productivity of thousands of industries and industries, and become the co-creation of the digital transformation of government and enterprise customers. Partners and Preferred Brands.