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Read Hongmeng in one article! The prototype of the Internet of Everything is emerging, and the commercial application of the open source Hongmeng industry is accelerated.


November 7, 2022

Under multiple rounds of U.S. sanctions, in September 2019, Huawei surprised the world with its "spare tire" HarmonyOS operating system (hereinafter referred to as "Hongmeng"). Its development status and future success have always attracted attention from all walks of life.

After more than three years of development, what is the current ecological development of Hongmeng, how does Huawei's Hongmeng OS and the commercial distribution operating systems launched by Hongmeng ecological partners compete and develop, what problems are still facing the current development of Hongmeng, and where will Hongmeng's ecology go in the future?

From November 4th to 6th, Huawei Developer Conference 2022 was held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. The reporters of Securities Times and e Company visited the scene and found a clue for everyone through extensive exchanges with Hongmeng ecological partners and developers.

The positioning of Huawei Hongmeng OS and open source Hongmeng is becoming clearer.
In September 2020 and May 2021, after Huawei donated the basic code of Hongmeng (hereinafter referred to as OpenHarmony or Kaiyuan Hongmeng) twice to the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, Hongmeng has transformed from an operating system originally owned by Huawei only. It has become an open source operating system. Since then, all developers and enterprises can participate in the co-construction of the Hongmeng ecosystem. This also means that Huawei's own Hongmeng system will compete on the same stage as the operating systems launched by other companies in the market.

However, as the developer of OpenHarmony and the continuous co-builder of the OpenHarmony ecosystem, Huawei obviously has an advantage in launching commercial distributions, so how will the commercial distributions released by the developers involved in the future based on open source Harmony compete with Huawei on the same stage ? Previously, Huawei, as well as inside and outside the industry, were not clear.

Now, after a few years of development, the positioning of Huawei Hongmeng and other commercial distribution operating systems based on open source Hongmeng has become increasingly clear.

"Huawei has the 'Hongmeng' brand, and 'ZaihongOS' is our distribution brand based on OpenHarmony, which means that Hongmeng is everywhere." said the above-mentioned person.

From this, it can be seen that the competition and cooperation relationship between Huawei and Hongmeng ecological partners in the field of Hongmeng ecology has become increasingly clear. Ecological partners can do it independently if they can promote it independently, and cooperate with Huawei Legion if they cannot promote it, and jointly expand under the empowerment of Huawei.

Since last year, Huawei has established a total of 20 armies, including Digital Finance Corps, Site Energy Corps, Machine Vision Corps, Manufacturing Industry Digital Systems Department and Public Utilities System Department, Coal Mine Corps, Customs and Port Corps, Smart Highway Corps, and Data Center Energy Corps and Intelligent Photovoltaic Corps, Electric Power Digital Corps, Government Affairs One Netcom Corps, Airport and Rail Corps, Interactive Media Corps, Sports Health Corps, Display New Nuclear Corps, Campus Corps, Wide Area Network Corps, Data Center Base Corps and Digital Site Corps.

Ren Zhengfei once defined the legion organization as follows:
through legion operations, the existing organizational boundaries are broken, resources are quickly assembled, interspersed with operations, efficiency is improved, a field is deeply and thoroughly understood, responsible for business success, and produce more food for the company.

The commercial landing of open source Hongmeng industry is accelerated.
According to the agreement, Huawei will continue to open up its technology and experience in operating system development and operation, and provide more than 20 enabling services, including industry insights, standard co-construction, software architecture consulting, and training empowerment, based on the actual demands of partners and the industry. , which provides end-to-end services from product planning, development, testing to launch operations, thereby accelerating the development and launch of partner OpenHarmony industry distributions.

The reporter learned from the Huawei Developer Conference that up to now, in addition to the above-mentioned Tuowei information, Honghu Wanlian, China Software International, Shenzhen Kaihong and other companies have launched commercial distributions, terminal equipment, solutions, etc. based on OpenHarmony

China Software International and Shenzhen Kaihong have built a KaihongOS commercial distribution operating system and a hyperterminal management platform, enabling N industry application scenarios.

ArcherMind has built Hongcheng Zhiyuan HongZOS distribution and ecological products based on OpenHarmony, with OpenHarmony as the technical base for system capability construction and intelligent interconnection software customization capabilities, to build a more intelligent product experience and business experience for various industries. Provide assistance.

In addition, at present, nearly 20 products of Shenzhen Kaihong have passed the OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation, and focusing on the "(1+1)×N" strategy, KaihongOS and the super device management platform are used to build scenario-based super device solutions. Many exploration achievements have been made in the fields of education, transportation and health care.

Based on OpenHarmony, Honghu Wanlian has built SwanLinkOS commercial display distribution and SwanLinkOS transportation distribution, and developed several sets of OpenHarmony solutions from chips to applications.

From the perspective of the industry, the OpenHarmony ecosystem is accelerating in the fields of finance, education, transportation, government affairs, and industry under the promotion of multi-party construction, and a large number of commercial terminal equipment has been launched.

"OpenHarmony has 5000+ community contributors, 23 software distributions, 76 development boards/modules, and 79 commercial devices. It is the most active open source project with current code and community on the code cloud platform. In addition, OpenHarmony's base technology The capabilities have also been continuously enhanced, and now there are more than 16,000 APIs, which can support partners in efficient application development for complex devices and application scenarios." Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's terminal business, shared the construction of the open source Hongmeng ecosystem at the conference.

As for the Hongmeng ecosystem, Yu Chengdong revealed that as of now, the number of Huawei devices equipped with HarmonyOS has reached 320 million, an increase of 113% over the same period last year; the shipment of Hongmeng Zhilian products exceeded 250 million, an increase of 212% over the same period last year.

According to Huawei's concept, in the future, the Hongmeng Ecology and the open source Hongmeng Ecology will unify the ecology and achieve interconnection.

There are still expansion and talent problems.
It is worth mentioning that although Hongmeng Ecology is booming, as a new thing, there are still some development pain points and difficulties.

"Frankly speaking, Hongmeng is a new thing for the industry. In the more than a year of promoting the OpenHarmony industry, it is indeed very difficult, not only technical problems, but also business models and equipment manufacturers' willingness to accept equipment Harmony. degree, talents, etc." Xie Weijun, vice president of Tuowei Information and president of Kaihong Zhigu, told reporters.

Xie Weijun said that Tuowei Information has made some cooperation with Central South University, Hunan University, Shenzhen University, etc., such as offering Hongmeng courses in graduate classes, but this is still not enough. Compared with the company's needs, the talents in Hongmeng are far from enough. Now Tuowei Information is cooperating with local vocational colleges in Changsha, Hunan, and plans to train some more skilled workers.

"I think as our distribution company, there is a very big shortage of talents. How to solve the problem of talents can better solve the problem of ecological development." Xie Weijun said.

Peng Jiang, a supervisor of Shenzhen Kaihong, also said that to build a prosperous industry ecology, it is necessary to break the bottleneck of talent supply.

When asked how to evaluate the current development status of Hongmeng Ecology, most industry insiders told reporters that it is still in the exploration and investment period, and there is still a long way to go.

"So far we are still in the exploratory stage and cannot be said to be very mature, but through many failures, we have summed up some experience in the development of open source Hongmeng industry distribution." Xie Weijun said.

"Although the development is very fast, all participants are still in the investment period." A person in charge of a listed company told reporters that the company's participation in the co-construction of the Hongmeng ecosystem is due to the security of the company's own supply chain. The whole supply chain can be localized, which can prevent problems before they occur; the second is to seize the opportunity of the ecological development of Hongmeng, and promote the digital transformation of the industry by selling open-source Hongmeng industry distributions, equipment and solutions. While improving quality and efficiency, it also opens up a new revenue growth point for the company.

"With the rapid development of Hongmeng Ecology and the acceleration of the implementation of the open source Hongmeng industry, the prototype of the Internet of Everything has emerged, but there is still a long way to go before Hongmeng Ecology is truly successful." Another person from a Hongmeng Ecological co-construction enterprise told reporters express.