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“Climate change” is a hoax perpetuated by the elite in order to make money. (Updated 10.07.22)

The illusion of “green” energy:

In 2020, renewable energy sources (including wind, hydroelectric, solar, biomass, and geothermal energy) only generated about 21% of all the electricity produced in the United States.

“Compared with hydrocarbons, green machines entail, on average, a 10-fold increase in the quantities of materials extracted and processed to produce the same amount of energy.”

“A staggering 30,000+ scientists have come forward confirming that man-made climate change is a hoax perpetuated by the elite in order to make money.”


“John Kerry worried about the climate…. The oceans will rise .01 of 1% over the next three hundred years f@cking years…”

On rumble:

The 2020 Porsche 911 vs Greta Climate change activist.

“…ordered to pay over $8 million in fines and restitution after at least 150 eagles were killed at its wind farms in eight states…”

ESI is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources LLC, which in turn is owned by NextEra Energy Inc.

“NextEra Energy Inc., which is acquiring Hawaiian Electric Co. for $4.3 billion, received nearly $2 billion in federal grants and allocated tax credits..”

Wind turbines and the myth of green energy.

“The Biden administration has approved America's first large-scale offshore wind power project. But for every supporter, it seems there are detractors raising questions. Lisa Fletcher takes a look at the pros and cons of reaping the wind.”

“The Glaring Engineering Mistake That Made Wind Turbines Inefficient | Massive Engineering Mistakes”

Is the earth getting dangerously warm? Probably not, since the earth was warmer than it is now in 7000 of the last 10,000 years. By the way, does anybody know what the “right” amount of global heat is?

“Are we humans causing the warming by our carbon emissions? Actually, most of the “greenhouse effect” is due to water vapor, which makes one wonder why the EPA hasn’t designated H2O a harmful pollutant that they must regulate. Meteorologist Brian Sussman’s calculations in his book “Climategate” show humanity’s share of the greenhouse effect as .9 of 1 percent.”

“It’s even possible that CO2 may not affect global warming at all. During many stretches of planetary history, there has been no correlation between the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and global temperature. In other long stretches, the variations of the two factors followed a significant sequence: increases in CO2 followed increases in warmth by several centuries.”

“You don’t need to have a degree in climate science to know that, in a temporal universe, cause does not follow its effect.”

“Even global warming alarmists have tacitly conceded that CO2 is not the primary driver of climate change when they responded to the relative cooling in recent years by changing their story and telling us that the earth is likely to cool for a few decades in spite of still-increasing atmospheric CO2.”

“Translation: other factors outweigh CO2 in their impact on global temperatures…”

“What do we mean by fraudulent? How about this: NOAA has made repeated "adjustments" to its data, for the presumed scientific reason of making the data sets more accurate.”

“This creates a data illusion of ever-rising temperatures to match the increase in CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere since the mid-1800s, which global warming advocates say is a cause-and-effect relationship. The more CO2, the more warming.”

“For more than 60 years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has known that the changes occurring to planetary weather patterns are completely natural and normal. But the space agency, for whatever reason, has chosen to let the man-made global warming hoax persist and spread, to the detriment of human freedom.”

“There is no market, or not much of one, for vehicles that are less convenient and cost thousands of dollars more than similar-sized gas-powered alternatives – but do not save enough fuel to compensate. The basic theory of the Obama push for electric vehicles – if you build them, customers will come – was a myth. And an expensive one, at that.”

“The failures seemed to have started with Solyndra, a solar manufacturer that received almost all of its $535 million loan before filing for bankruptcy in 2011. The cause of Solyndra’s demise was its complicated technology that required a custom manufacturing facility and an expensive price tag. Cronyism with the Obama Administration coupled with a desire for Vice President Biden to tout its importance with a public relations visit to its California facility pushed the loan guarantee out the door quickly to the detriment of the American taxpayers.”

“This isn’t the first time President Joe Biden has helped oversee a massive infusion of taxpayer dollars into “green energy” and critics doubt whether there were many lessons learned.”

“The president’s new $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal includes the same kinds of “green energy” provisions that cost taxpayers billions following the 2009 stimulus bill – The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).”

“The main problem with the government getting involved in subsidizing and mandating particular energy sources is that these policies try to prevent winners from winning and keep losers from losing. In the case of the Crescent Dunes solar array, even nearly $1 billion in taxpayer money wasn’t enough to keep it afloat.”

“Tesla, received an estimated $4.9 billion in government subsidies…”

“The Department of Energy on Thursday announced that it had recovered some $200 million in taxpayer dollars loaned to a failed solar energy startup by the Obama administration.”

“That money represents just part of the $737 million that the Department of Energy previously issued to Tonopah Solar Energy in 2011; $424 million was still outstanding at the time the settlement was reached…”

George Carlin on Global Warming.

“…(FERC) late last month approved a request by Caiso to prioritize electricity moving through California to meet its own demands during emergencies. This will allow Caiso to override utility contracts and expropriate power destined for other states.”
“The ruling by FERC is stunning. Chuck Devore, the president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, writes in The Federalist”

“California’s politically driven renewable energy mandates are likely to cause more blackouts this summer outside of California after a remarkable ruling by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that allows California to hijack electricity that Arizona already contracted to receive.”

“Thanks to the policies of Newsom, Brown and Schwarzenegger, California has run out of energy.  Instead of building more power plants they cut out coal and nuclear as a source of energy.  Newsom is killing off the oil industry. Newsom is using YOUR tax dollars to bring down a dam in Oregon that provides California with water and hydro-electric power..”

“Dave Walsh: The Left's Green Energy Incompetency Will Require Years To Remedy”

“California has become an example of what a state looks like when it is controlled by a single party — in this case Democrats, who are trying to impose a green-energy secular religion on their people.”

No amount of wasted tax dollars are gonna have ANY impact on naturally occurring climate change.

About 570 million years ago, the Saint Lawrence Rift was formed, which laid the basis for creating the Great Lakes.

“Why the ice periodically advances – and why it retreats again – is a mystery that glaciologists have only just started to unravel. Here’s our recap of all the back and forth they’re trying to explain.”

“This is a post which writes itself in a single graph. We will throw other graphs in because we like controversy. Figure 1, from the NOAA, shows CO2 launching upward since 1960 on the left side, with graphs of tide gauge data from multiple stations on the right. The data on the right stays perfectly straight while the data on the left is springing upward, ostensibly causing global energy increases in the ocean in the form of heat.”

“…it is the smoking gun proof that global warming is not a major effect. For global warming to be real, we literally NEED the oceanic level to change (at least a little) in response to CO2.

URANIUM - Twisting the Dragon’s Tail (preview)

Part one: