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Today, Changying is holding the Canglong with one heart and one heart / Chinasoft International "Cloud Tiejun Lectures on Martial Arts" The sixth training camp and the year-end 100-day sprint conference ended successfully.


September 23, 2022

From September 17th to 19th, 2022, the sixth training camp and the year-end 100-day sprint conference of Chinasoft International's "Tiejun Lectures on Wushu" was successfully concluded in Yinchuan, Ningxia. Sun Jiawei, Senior Vice President of Chinasoft International and CEO of Cloud Intelligence Business Group, and Tao Zhiqiang, Vice President of HUAWEI CLOUD China and Minister of Ecology and Partner Development of HUAWEI CLOUD China, attended the event. This issue of Lecture Wutang is facing the complex market environment, focusing on the evolution of team business, that is, based on ecological capabilities, fissioning the waist to fight, forming a new formation of one body and two wings, and finally helping the company's business sprint. Through the strategic path of "selling cloud, managing cloud, and cloud native", we are committed to becoming a mainstream player in the cloud service market. At the same time, we call on all the soldiers of the Iron Army on the cloud to unite and start the 100-day sprint.

In his speech, Sun Jiawei said that facing the huge challenges of the macro environment, Chinasoft International has resolutely devoted itself to the absolute success of Huawei's cloud cooperation strategy and the construction of cloud capabilities, and continued to forge organizational capabilities, scientific combat capabilities and team spirit. A century-old cloud, creating changes, Chinasoft International's cloud intelligence business has grown in the era of unprecedented digital changes, and it has raised a "big shark" that combines strong physique, organizational operation ability, and spiritual will. The Cloud Tiejun team must adhere to the organizational will to dare to fight, be able to fight, must fight, and must win, and use the waist joint innovation model to travel through the strategic path of "selling cloud, managing cloud, and cloud native", and join hands in the last 100-day sprint. Partners protect the ecology, serve customers and improve their capabilities, use the strongest mental outlook to exert all their energy and value, and complete the strategic goals of the organization this year.

Tao Zhiqiang said in his speech that HUAWEI CLOUD has released a new partner system this year, including one unified identity, two cooperation frameworks (GoCloud and GrowCloud), and six partner roles to comprehensively accelerate the growth of partners. GoCloud encourages partners to use HUAWEI CLOUD capabilities to create more value on the cloud; GrowCloud helps partners expand customer coverage, expand sales, accelerate growth, and achieve win-win business. HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to fulfill its service promises, help partners forge organizational capabilities, and help partners succeed. In the future, HUAWEI CLOUD will join hands with Chinasoft International to focus on solutions, expand large-scale, increase value, and strengthen the waist, and move forward with a consistent strategy to help partners and customers create new value on HUAWEI CLOUD, and build co-creation and sharing. , A win-win new industrial ecology.

This "Tiejun on the Cloud Lectures on Wutang" centers on the content of HUAWEI CLOUD's new partner cooperation frameworks GoCloud and GrowCloud, and invites core ecological partners Fenxiangqingke and Zhiyuan Internet to share relevant practical cases. The course combines the actual combat experience and cases of the Yunshang Tiejun waist, and substitutes real business scenarios into the training course, using practice to promote learning and practice to combat, comprehensively improve students' theoretical level and actual combat ability, and fully provide substantial "ammunition" for the sprint.

The wind is at the right time, and we have a long way to go, and we need to work hard. As a practical classroom for building Chinasoft International Digital Iron Army, "Tiejun on the Cloud Lectures on Wutang" has now reached its sixth phase. Lecture Wutang brings together the elites of cloud business operations, focuses on the team's waist and the pain points of talent training under the ecological evolution, drives the team's scientific combat ability through practical training, and fulfills the mission of "building a composite cloud-based iron army ecological talent", and is committed to becoming a The military academy of Chinasoft International "returning to study after a hundred battles". In accordance with the instructions of Chen Yuhong, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Chinasoft International, in the fifth issue, I believe in the power of belief, and go on with Huawei Cloud firmly, resolutely, and persistently, to achieve continuous business breakthroughs and growth, and achieve a "hundred-year-old cloud". The upcoming 100-day sprint will start the all-out battle!