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Jiefang Haoyuan Universe "Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation" is in progress.


September 14, 2022

Taking advantage of the integration of the "828 B2B Enterprise Festival", Chinasoft International Jiefang held a series of "Origin Universe" activities. On September 8, the "Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation" of the seventh issue of Chinasoft International Liberation "Yuanyu" was held online at 19:00 Beijing time. We are honored to invite three industry leaders, including Mr. Ren Yongfeng of Smart Technology, Mr. Zhong Yiming of Nanqi Xiance, and Zhao Yuandong of Chunke Network. From the perspectives of policy, technology, practice, etc. Colleagues brought a wonderful content sharing.

01 Smart Technology: Helping enterprises to digitally work on the cloud.
Nanjing Smart Software Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It has been deeply involved in cloud computing for 7 years. It is the first member of China Open Source Cloud Alliance. It has a full range of cloud computing products such as private cloud, cloud desktop, cloud mobile phone, and cloud application. "VMware". Ren Yongfeng, a pre-sales engineer, shared the theme of smart technology helping enterprises to digitally work on the cloud.

Smart Technology has a wealth of industry application scenarios and solutions. It is a full-scenario cloud office solution provider, with core products such as cloud desktops, cloud applications, cloud mobile phones, and super cloud terminals. At the same time, it can provide cloud desktop, cloud application and cloud mobile phone products with VDI, IDV, TCI and vPro technologies, covering the needs of customers in all scenarios.

In a government-enterprise security office project scenario, the project client has high security requirements for core data, which is not allowed to be leaked, and there are many internal types, difficulties in centralized deployment, and extremely high operation and maintenance costs. Smart Technology builds a unified cloud computing platform for it, and provides solutions for building cloud desktops, cloud applications, and cloud host resource pools. In another case, in an office cloud desktop project scenario, the project customer has multiple office plants, the data flow is large, and the risk of leakage is increased. It is necessary to ensure the security of the core production data, and the data is required to be transferred only internally. Smart Technology builds a desktop pool for its deployment of cloud computing systems, and provides a management background to realize unified management solutions such as cloud desktops, terminals, mirroring, policies, etc., and finally make the project run smoothly. Through digital solutions, project costs are reduced and personnel efficiency is improved. , maximizing the realization of project benefits.

Ren Yongfeng pointed out that embracing changes and coping with the future, in the digital age, customer needs are complex and diverse, and different application scenarios will increase its "uncertainty". To this end, solution providers must always proceed from customer needs and standpoints, and at the same time satisfy customers' various "tricky" needs, while allowing solutions to take into account commonality and individuality, technology and safety, science and practicability At multiple levels, this is the "touchstone" to verify whether your plan is "hard enough, stable enough, and strong enough".

02 Nanqi Xiance: Application of Reinforcement Learning in Industry.
Zhong Yiming, Sales Director of Polixir, shared the application of reinforcement learning in the industrial field . The company focuses on the field of general intelligent decision-making. Based on technologies such as reinforcement learning, environment simulation, strategy transfer, and deep learning, the company takes the lead in realizing the application of intelligent decision-making through the original innovative core technology and platform of independent decision-making.

The typical product of Nanqi Xiance is the Xianqi Revive platform. The Xianqi Revive platform is a data-driven reinforcement learning intelligent decision-making tool. With a small amount of data, the decision-making effect can be significantly improved. It has the advantages of multiple application scenarios, strong scalability, low-code design, and easy to use. It is the crystallization of Nanqi Xiance technology. . The Xianqi Revive platform can restore the environment through data and build a virtual environment model module, which breaks through the long-term barriers between the environment model and the actual model for the application of reinforcement learning in industry.

Zhong Yiming listed the application of "Xianqi Revive Platform" in reinforcement learning scenarios such as pipeline network pressure energy-saving control optimization, pump room intelligent optimization, and intelligent chlorination system. For example, in the application of "Pump Room Pump Set Control Optimization" in the water industry, it was previously necessary to manually adjust the parameters of the pump set according to the set pressure value, which lacked efficiency and accuracy. Through the blessing of "Xianqi Revive Platform", the scheme applies reinforcement learning, and under the requirement of outlet pressure, the performance curves and adjustment strategies of different pump groups are analyzed to achieve overall energy saving, and finally the comprehensive energy saving of each pump group in water supply is realized. below the 10% target. The platform has already had many case practices in Wuxi Water, China Resources Power, Great Wall Motors and other enterprises. The platform has the characteristics of high input-output ratio, rapid deployment, and strong environmental adaptation. It provides the optimal solution for the above cases and gives full play to the driving force of digitalization.

Zhong Yiming believes that the digital era has quietly arrived, and data is driving industrial transformation in the smart era. Data continues to drive intelligence, and it is also necessary to constantly achieve self-breakthroughs: how to answer "how to" questions from data, how to lower the application threshold of intelligent decision-making technology, how to unleash the power of AI in a wider range of businesses... Only In this way, innovative scientific research and cutting-edge technologies can truly achieve "benefiting the public" and benefit human well-being.

03 Chunke Network: Application of Chunke Industrial Production Management System in Manufacturing Industry.
Zhao Yuandong, the software implementation consultant of Jiangsu Chunke Network Technology Co., Ltd., brings you the application and sharing of the Chunke industrial production management system in the manufacturing industry. The company is a high-tech company based on the independent research and development technology framework "CKPI", relying on the advantages of big data and artificial intelligence to create an industrial Internet intelligent service ecology.

The software developed by the company takes process control as the core and project management as the main line, which can comprehensively solve project management problems and improve project management and control capabilities. At the same time, it provides a powerful custom workflow driver and various process switches, so as to standardize enterprise management, normalize, visualize and simplify the workflow. Chunke industrial project management software has related applications in many fields such as technology manufacturing enterprises and the industrial Internet of the automotive industry.

Zhao Yuandong concluded that at the technical level, in order to rapidly improve the project management and operational efficiency in the industrial field, it is necessary to rely on information system management tools; at the operational level, service providers should follow the principles of "mutual understanding, equal cooperation, and resource sharing". Only by providing efficient and high-quality one-stop service for partners and growing together with them can we achieve "win-win" in the digital age.

Make a good business, be a good business. This "Source Universe" live broadcast event will continue to gather forces from multiple parties to achieve multi-party linkage. In the "required course" of "intelligent transformation and digital transformation", enterprises need to learn to "self-drive" at all times, be good at "coping with changes", and dare to "spiral growth" in order to seize new opportunities, Meet new challenges and create new advantages.

Chinasoft International Jiefang will be empowered by digital intelligence, driven by innovation, and will gather high-quality ecological partners through the "Yuanyu" series of activities to help more enterprises achieve digital transformation.

Jiefang "Origin Universe" series of activities.
The "source universe" of Jiefanghao is an ecological universe created by relying on the data precipitation and knowledge mapping capabilities of the Jiefanghao platform. Starting from the ecological "source" of the software supply side, through platform aggregation and empowerment, we will cut in with industry digital scenarios, continuously cultivate new ecological partners, and provide "source" power for the digital transformation scenarios of government and enterprises, and accompany the digital transformation of government and enterprises.