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Integration of digital and real to help the digital transformation of the transportation and logistics industry.


September 14, 2022

As one of the co-sponsors of the "828 B2B Enterprise Festival", Chinasoft International and HUAWEI CLOUD specially planned a three-day "ChinaSoft International Day", during which a series of activities such as the "Digital Intelligence Pioneer X Plan" were launched to continuously empower enterprises' digital transformation. The "Digital Intelligence Pioneer X Plan" will focus on the problems of difficult choices, lack of practice, and lack of benchmarks in the digital transformation of enterprises. It will gather ecological forces, jointly build 100+ scenario-based solutions with partners, and create 20+ digital transformation benchmarks with industry-leading enterprises. Together, we will build an innovation and development platform for enterprises to help them "make a good business and become a good enterprise".

The "Digital Intelligence Pioneer X Plan" series of special sessions - the practice of digital transformation in the transportation and logistics industry was held on September 9. The transportation industry is undergoing the most drastic changes in more than a century. Electrification, intelligence, networking, and sharing will bring about an all-round industrial revolution. How to help the development of the industry requires not only the advancement of science and technology, but also a solution and implementation plan that fits the national conditions to realize the real "people's transportation". Experts from Chinasoft Zhengtong (Beijing Chinasoft Zhengtong Information Technology Co., Ltd.) and Zhongjiaoxing Road (Beijing Zhongjiaoxing Road Information Technology Co., Ltd.) shared profound industry and landing experience around the new trend of digital development in the transportation and logistics industry. They also expressed their views on the topic of building sustainable transportation.

China Soft Political Communication
Data center, opening a new chapter of Zhihui traffic management application.
Chen Liuxi, Product Director of Beijing Chinasoft Zhengtong Information Technology Co., Ltd. shared the keynote speech on "Data Center, Open a New Chapter of Zhihui Traffic Management Application".

The distributed big data system of Chinasoft Zhengtong public security traffic management comprehensive application platform solves the problems of "multi-source data fusion", "information isolated islands", "lack of unified standards", "lack of unified management" and "lack of sharing mechanism" in the traditional traffic police industry. Five challenges, deep cultivation and self-research, and through its self-developed smart traffic management platform, it has truly realized an information-based big data platform that integrates multi-dimensional data aggregation center, comprehensive information research and judgment center and traffic control decision-making center, reaching the unified standard of data governance. The comprehensive platform for unified management of data assets and unified services for data development has been successfully implemented in 26 provincial-level traffic police corps across the country.

Liu Xi said that at the time of building a new wave of digital China, Chinasoft Zhengtong will always use the latest technologies and models, give full play to its technical advantages in the traffic management industry, and continue to do deep work in the industry based on its deep understanding in the industry for many years. Through its own digital capabilities, Baiye will be empowered, and a new chapter of intelligent traffic management will be built with ecological partners.

Zhongjiaoxing Road
Empower, integrate and connect, and continue to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of logistics.

Guo Yongfeng, Director of Product Solutions of Zhongjiao Xinglu, shared the logistics technology capabilities and enabling achievements of Zhongjiaxinglu's long-term deep cultivation of the industry with the theme of "Successful Cases of Digital Transformation in the Logistics Industry".

As a national-level specialized and special new "little giant", Zhongjiao Xing Road has built a Beidou integrated wisdom based on the logistics "digital +" chassis and supported by the three systems of Internet of Vehicles and cloud communication, security risk control, and digital transportation capacity. Logistics technology platform. Up to now, Zhongjiao Xinglu has formed a full-link logistics strategy intelligent engine, logistics carbon perception and carbon prediction calculation engine, logistics geographic information exploration and construction, freight insurance risk control engine, basic algorithm library and AI data lake. logistics AI framework.

Under the main framework of logistics AI, combined with modular services and scenario-based insights, the overall logistics technology capability platform of Zhongjiao Xinglu leads the industry. In-transit visualization management, network freight solutions, digital factory logistics collaboration platform, logistics control tower solutions, insurance industry solutions, digital government and enterprise solutions, and Chewangdaka App comprehensive service platform, covering a wide range of government departments and logistics companies , steel, coal, fast-moving consumer goods, insurance and other scenarios, forming a benchmarking effect.

Among them, the digital factory logistics collaboration platform is aimed at steel, coal, fast-moving consumer goods and other manufacturing and bulk commodity logistics enterprises, and uses GIS maps and Beidou satellite technology to realize vehicle violation alarms, intelligent queuing, and in-plant route navigation. Pain points such as data silos, high collaboration costs, blind spots in logistics organization, and low labor efficiency make factories smarter and more transparent. The program has successfully served more than ten large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises such as Shandong Iron and Steel, Japan Iron and Steel, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, Hegang, Baotou Iron and Steel, and Rongcheng Iron and Steel, as well as FMCG enterprises such as Mengniu.

Taking iron and steel enterprises as an example, through the digital factory logistics collaboration platform, after the whole process of multimodal transportation of orders is visualized, the monitoring rate has increased to more than 99%, and the satisfaction of logistics service has been improved by about 30%. The supply chain breaks the information silos, reduces the repetitive IT workload by 70%, intelligent and visualized in-plant and out-of-plant connection scheduling, and reduces the waiting time of vehicles from an average of 3 hours to an average of 1 hour.

Digital transformation has become a "required course" for enterprises, but most enterprises are faced with the dilemma of "dare not to switch, and will not switch". Let enterprises see the future of digitalization, and more importantly, achieve the landing by hand. This is the commitment of CCXinglu.

Chinasoft International will continue to work with partners to provide one-stop solutions for smart transportation and help transportation through its more than ten years of insights in the large transportation industry, the rich experience and service capabilities accumulated in consulting planning, solutions, submission and implementation, and operation guarantees. The development process of the logistics industry promotes intelligent transportation for inclusive life, brings more convenient, safe and green travel methods to the public, and contributes scientific and technological strength to accelerating the construction of a transportation powerhouse.