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"ChinaSoft International Day"|Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry Becomes Hot on the First Day.


September 13, 2022

As one of the co-sponsors of the "828 B2B Enterprise Festival", Chinasoft International and HUAWEI CLOUD specially planned a three-day "ChinaSoft International Day", during which a series of activities such as the "Digital Intelligence Pioneer X Plan" were launched to continuously empower enterprises' digital transformation. The "Digital Intelligence Pioneer X Plan" will focus on the problems of difficult choices, lack of practice, and lack of benchmarks in the digital transformation of enterprises, gather ecological forces, and cooperate with partners to build 100+ scenario-based solutions; together with industry-leading enterprises, create 20+ digital transformation benchmarks , to jointly build an innovation and development platform for enterprises to help enterprises "make a good business and become a good enterprise".

The first special session of "Digital Intelligence Pioneer X Plan" - the practice of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry was launched on September 7. China is in a critical transition period from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and the need for digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises is particularly urgent. Experts from 51WORLD (Beijing Wuyi Vision Digital Twin Technology Co., Ltd.) and Xinnuyun (Shanghai New Cool Information Technology Co., Ltd.) shared hot topics such as how the Metaverse empowers the manufacturing industry and digital factories.

"Industrial Digital Twin Platform" empowers intelligent manufacturing upgrades in industrial parks.
Dr. Li Zhuqing, general manager of the Pan-Park Business Department of Beijing Wuyi Vision Digital Twin Technology Co., Ltd., brought a sharing on "Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade of Industrial Parks in the Metaverse and Carbon Neutral Era". Dr. Li introduced that at present, the industrial park is facing the dual pressure of intelligent manufacturing upgrade and dual carbon management. Industrial intelligent manufacturing integrates and interconnects ubiquitous sensors, embedded terminal systems, intelligent control systems, communication facilities, etc. through the industrial Internet to realize an intelligent manufacturing mode of digital management and control of manufacturing processes and businesses. At the same time, the zero-carbon smart park is a park development model that has undergone low-carbon and near-zero carbon dynamic evolution and continuous optimization and iteration of the integration of planning, construction and operation under the background of "double carbon", and finally achieves net zero carbon emissions.

51WORLD is supported by Chinasoft International Cloud Service and based on digital twin technology to build a "global dual-carbon management platform" and "industrial digital twin platform", and build "intelligent manufacturing power represented by digital base" and "green energy as the foundation". The representative green power", form "intelligent power + green power", realize the deep integration of digital and intelligent technology and industrial parks, and explore new paths for the realization of low-carbon parks and industrial intelligent creation. At the same time, Dr. Li pointed out that 51WORLD has built a new global dual-carbon intelligent management system based on AES and DST, which can support the ubiquitous perception of global carbon emissions in industrial parks and the precise planning of dual-carbon targets. , digital upgrade of energy saving and carbon reduction, recycling of resources, etc., to empower the green, low-carbon and sustainable development of industrial parks with digital technology.

New nuclear cloud
Helping discrete manufacturing enter the fast lane of digital transformation.
Mr. Fan Zimou, an expert in intelligent manufacturing of the new nuclear cloud, gave a theme on "How far is the digital factory from us? », explained the different applications of new core cloud products and solutions in different scenarios of smart factory equipment layer, control layer, workshop layer, enterprise layer, and collaboration layer, as well as the implementation services of new core cloud to ensure customer success. Let us see the rise of a potential unicorn in China's industrial software field.

Xinnuyun focuses on the application of industrial Internet of Things, industrial big data, and AI technology in industrial scenarios. Its product "Xinheyun" is a factory digital full-stack solution (cloud MES+ERP) for discrete manufacturing Focusing on the digitization of factory planning and scheduling, production management, quality management, equipment management and supply chain scenarios, combined with the acquisition of real-time data at the bottom of the equipment, it provides digital transformation and upgrading services for discrete industries such as auto parts manufacturing, hardware and metal, equipment manufacturing, and electronic assembly. The new core cloud has served more than 2,200 enterprise customers, and continues to help discrete manufacturing enterprises to upgrade traditional production capacity to digital production capacity, and continuously release the digital potential of enterprises.

Chinasoft International not only provides the new core cloud with experience and empowerment of customer expansion, but also actively assists the migration and deployment of the new core cloud to HUAWEI CLOUD, and promotes the optimization and upgrading of the basic system environment. In the future, the cooperation between the new core cloud and Chinasoft International will be more in-depth and close, and continue to help the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, especially the discrete manufacturing industry, through the new core cloud or integrated solutions.

In the future, Chinasoft International will give full play to its advantages in the field of cloud services and software, and cooperate with ecological partners and customers in the manufacturing industry to explore more scenario-based solutions to help customers focus on lean operations and improve management efficiency. To better facilitate the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.