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Chinasoft International Helps Enterprises Open "New Model of Multi-Cloud Management" with One Click.


September 13, 2022

In order to help small and medium-sized enterprises grow rapidly and solve the pain points and challenges of digital transformation, Huawei and Chinasoft International and many other partners jointly launched the "828 B2B Enterprise Festival", linking many industry associations, think tanks, People's Daily Online, Xinhuanet, and CCTV. Finance and Economics Center, jointly build a digital ecosystem, create an excellent environment for enterprise transformation, and further promote the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy.

On September 7, focusing on how small and medium-sized enterprises can achieve the goal of using multiple clouds and managing multiple clouds through effective cloud management methods, Lei Mengqi, Marketing Director of the Public Cloud Business Department of Chinasoft International Cloud Intelligence Business Group, shared "Empowering multi-cloud management with SaaS, The theme of "Reducing Cloud Costs for Growing Enterprises" is live broadcast, which deeply analyzes the problems of how to rationally use and efficiently manage cloud resources in the current market environment, enterprises' public cloud strategy and multi-cloud strategy.

Multi-cloud management challenges faced by SMEs.
At present, the multi-cloud strategy is favored by small and medium-sized enterprises, and has gradually become the basic path for enterprises to migrate to the cloud. However, with the growth of multi-cloud applications, the selection and deployment of enterprises in the cloud has become more and more complex, resulting in a series of challenges and problems that need to be solved urgently:
? Multi-cloud management is difficult. Cloud resources of different cloud vendors are distributed on different platforms, accounts are scattered, management tools are scattered, and unified management is difficult;

? Serious waste of resources The waste of resources leads to high cost of going to the cloud, and vacancy of resources, high load, and low utilization rate generally occur;

? High O&M thresholds The O&M systems and models of traditional data centers are difficult to guarantee the O&M efficiency and quality in the cloud environment. Faced with a variety of cloud resources and management quantities, the operation and maintenance costs are high and the efficiency is low;

? It is difficult to count and predict, and it is difficult to use multiple clouds to quantify the cost of cloud resources and operation and maintenance services in a unified manner, and it is difficult to quickly gain insight into the problem.

Empowering services with Saas to make cloud management smarter and more efficient.
Facing the complex public cloud environment, Chinasoft International Cloud Management Platform (SaaS) cloud management platform can improve the customer's multi-cloud management, cloud monitoring, cloud operation and maintenance, cloud operation, cloud security and other capabilities.

8 major features to help enterprises open a new model of multi-cloud management with one click.
- Online upgrade, safe and stable
No installation, no maintenance, no upgrades, use the new version at any time, and the professional team responds in time to ensure the healthy operation of the cloud.

- Cloud service, on-demand billing
The SaaS product model can be used out of the box and purchased on demand, with extremely low usage costs and improved operational efficiency.

- Multi-point login, remote collaboration
Multi-terminal login and use anytime, anywhere, support multiple online at the same time, efficient collaboration, easy to use, you can work from home during the epidemic, and enjoy the product anytime, anywhere.

- Multi-cloud integration, unified management
It supports access to mainstream public cloud environments such as Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud, and enables multi-cloud management quickly, making the multi-cloud operation experience simple, secure, and consistent. Connect to multiple cloud resource pools to achieve unified management of heterogeneous cloud platforms.

- Bill analysis, cost optimization
Aggregate multiple public cloud bills, view consumption trends based on multiple dimensions such as public cloud, department, account, and product, and plan budgets reasonably. At the same time, based on billing information, it can intelligently identify resources to be optimized, and propose optimization suggestions to help enterprises optimize cloud costs and achieve reasonable and healthy operation of resources.

- Multi-cloud data, centralized display
It can monitor and visualize the information such as the overall resource usage, cost changes, and alarms of the enterprise to meet the enterprise's personalized data analysis needs.

- Monitoring on the cloud, unified warning
Provide cloud monitoring capabilities to support real-time monitoring of cloud infrastructure and middleware. Real-time alarm notification of resource status, avoid problems to the greatest extent, and ensure healthy operation on the cloud.

- Intelligent operation and maintenance to improve efficiency
Provide ITIL-based management best practice capabilities, provide an integrated, automated, scenario-based, and digital service management system for common platform tenants and service provider tenants, improve operation and maintenance service quality, and enhance user satisfaction.

At present, Chinasoft International Cloud Management Platform has helped thousands of enterprises manage multi-cloud in software, Internet and other fields, and exerted its application value in the process of digital transformation of enterprises - helping enterprises to improve IT work efficiency and resource utilization, reduce cloud costs, Build an operation and maintenance service platform, improve management efficiency, and achieve the goal of making good use of and managing cloud.