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When "Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation" is in progress | Chinasoft International Jiefang "Yuanyu" series of activities blooms with glory in the first "828 B2B Enterprise Festival".


September 5, 2022

In order to help enterprises accelerate their growth, promote the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy, and solve the pain points and challenges of digital transformation, Chinasoft International, as a co-sponsor, jointly launched the first "828" event with Huawei and its 30,000 ecological partners on August 28. B2B Enterprise Festival". The Enterprise Festival brings together various forces to empower small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve innovation and development, achieve good business and become a good enterprise.

Chinasoft International Jiefang will carry out a series of activities during the "828 Enterprise Festival" to help tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises in China get on the express train of informatization and enable enterprises to grow rapidly through digitalization.

On September 1, the sixth Chinasoft International Liberation "Yuanyu" series of activities was held online at 19:00 Beijing time. On that day, we were fortunate to invite three industry leaders to continue to explore the reform of "intelligence and digital transformation". Mr. Zhao Zhimin from Weituo Technology, Mr. Chen Chen from Zhiyuan Internet, and Mr. Liu Yongqiang from Jiurui Technology successively brought a wonderful content to the ecological colleagues from all walks of life from the perspectives of policy, technology and practice.

Weituo Technology: Practice of Digital Transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
Nanjing Weituo Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the digital transformation of manufacturing industry. It has thousands of users in defense and military industry, aerospace, electronic high-tech, industrial products, transportation and other industries. It has become a benchmark enterprise in many different industries in China. It has been deployed in China and has achieved good results. Mr. Zhao Zhimin, Deputy Director of the Market Research Institute, shared the topics related to the practice of digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Zhao Zhimin analyzed the market environment faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, and pointed out that enterprises need to solve five major difficulties in the process of intelligent transformation and digital transformation: in the initial stage, uncontrollable cost/quality/delivery time, lack of digital strategic planning and knowledge management, and difficulty in data integration and interoperability . The unique "N+X" model of Weituo Technology can help small and medium-sized enterprises to change their minds. "N" refers to common application scenarios in the same industry, and opening up production and operation management is at least suitable for the construction of digital workshops for small and medium-sized enterprises; "X" refers to personalized application scenarios. He shared the application of this model in the power tool industry, covering a total of 8 common application scenarios and 14 personalized application scenarios, shortening the project implementation period to 8-9 weeks, greatly enhancing the synergy value and maximizing the implementation benefits. .

Zhao Zhimin emphasized that innovation and synergy to create the core driving force of the manufacturing industry, the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises is no longer a "multiple choice", but a "required course" related to survival and long-term development.

Zhiyuan Internet: Building a BPM Platform to Help Enterprises Digitally Transform.
Zhiyuan Internet focuses on the field of enterprise-level management software. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating product design, research and development, sales and service. It provides customers with professional collaborative management software products, solutions, platforms and cloud services. Chen Chen, a senior consultant of ERP, shared the topics of Zhiyuan BPM platform to help enterprises' digital transformation.

Chen Chen pointed out that as many as 84% ??of enterprises agree that collaborative operation is an important part of the company's strategy and an important means of decomposing strategic goals and implementing strategies. At the same time, collaborative operation is an important force and supporting platform to promote the company's organizational reform, employee work collaboration, business process reconstruction and optimization, and the close integration of digitalization and business. Zhiyuan Collaborative Cloud Service Platform is positioned to provide enterprises with digital transformation and one-stop cloud services. From cloud standard applications to large-scale customization, it provides enterprise-level management applications covering various industries and multi-scenario fields.

Zhongtian Iron and Steel is the best practice of Zhiyuan Internet Collaboration Platform. Through the solutions provided by Zhiyuan Technology, customers have successfully built an integrated business application platform, realized business process reorganization and reengineering, and greatly improved the operation and management capabilities of characteristic applications.

Chen Chen concluded that people-oriented and customer-centric, low-code platforms can flexibly build people-oriented business processes and quickly help enterprises realize business digitization. A digital native enterprise that connects various businesses, regards technology and data as the blood of the enterprise, and integrates them into business operations and corporate culture, leading the new direction of future enterprise development.

Jiurui Technology: Machine Vision Technology Helps Manufacturing "Intelligent Transformation".
Beijing Jiurui Technology Co., Ltd. takes machine vision technology, industrial communication and measurement and control technology, and sensor technology as the core for key and complex problems such as positioning and identification, measurement and control, detection and inspection, and intelligent manufacturing in the industrial and engineering fields. Provide customized system solutions and equipment, and strive to become a leading equipment provider. Technical Director Liu Yongqiang shared the topic of machine vision technology to help the manufacturing industry "intelligence and digital transformation".

Jiurui Technology is a customized system solution and equipment provider with machine vision as the core, and has comprehensive machine vision technology capabilities. Liu Yongqiang focused on sharing Jiurui Technology's exploration of applying machine vision technology in the manufacturing industry, including application cases in the auto parts industry, medical manufacturing, metal material manufacturing, electronic connectors and other industries.

He shared that in the field of machine vision, Jiurui Technology has the overall architecture design technology, the technology of obtaining clear images under complex working conditions, the technology of fast and accurate understanding, recognition and processing of images, the technology of multi-sensor fusion, and the technology of friendly human-machine interface, etc. Through the superposition and empowerment of "fast, accurate, and stable" digital technology, it will help the manufacturing industry to "reform to digital transformation".

Under the surging digital wave, how to seize new opportunities, respond to new challenges, and shape new advantages has become a key issue for enterprises. In the "required course" of "intelligent transformation and digital transformation", the technology is constantly updated, the program is constantly iterated, and the environment is constantly changing. Enterprises must maintain a state of life-long learning, think about it well, and master it well in order to learn this "compulsory course." ".

To achieve good business and become a good enterprise, with the integration trend of the first "828 B2B Enterprise Festival", in this "Source Universe" live broadcast event, Soft International Jiefang has gathered various forces and bloomed with glory. The video account of Chinasoft International Jiefang and HUAWEI CLOUD and TA's friends' Weibo account and Chinasoft International Cloud Smart Video account were broadcast live simultaneously, demonstrating Chinasoft International Jiefang and Huawei's determination to work together to overcome difficulties and help each other in the same boat.

When the advent of the digital age has brought great opportunities for the development of enterprises, Chinasoft International firmly walks hand in hand with Huawei in the digital age, and always keeps up with the pace of Huawei's army. Chinasoft International believes in long-termism, firmness, determination, persistence and Together, Huawei demonstrates our determination to fight together in the digital field!

Chinasoft International Jiefang will continue to hold a series of "Yuanyu" activities, empowered by digital intelligence, driven by innovation, and based on its own profound software ecological base, to gather high-quality ecological partners, and continue to make it an excellent co-builder of intelligent transformation and digital transformation.