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The first 828 B2B Enterprise Festival is here! Chinasoft International, as a co-sponsor, works with Huawei to help enterprises innovate and develop.


August 31, 2022

Small and medium-sized enterprises are not only the main body of the market, but also the main force in ensuring employment. By the end of 2021, SMEs accounted for more than 99% of the national enterprises and contributed 80% of employment opportunities.

In order to help small and medium-sized enterprises innovate and develop, on August 28, Huawei and Chinasoft International and other 30,000 ecological partners jointly launched the country's first 828 B2B enterprise festival based on digital empowerment. With the theme of "Enterprise", it aims to build an innovative development platform for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Lu Yong, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of China Region Department, said at the launching ceremony that there are two key points for making small and medium-sized enterprises keep up with the pace of digital transformation and truly solve their problems: First, let them There are better business opportunities, and the second is to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency. This is the original intention of Huawei and ecological partners to create the 828 B2B Enterprise Festival.

"828 B2B Enterprise Festival is not only a platform for communication and empowerment of enterprises' digital innovation and development, but also the first festival that belongs to the enterprise itself. On the one hand, excellent enterprises and excellent products can be seen by more demanders, on the other hand It also allows the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to get more and better products and services." Lu Yong said.

According to Chen Yuhong, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Chinasoft International Co., Ltd., the 828 B2B Enterprise Festival is a festival that came into being, "China's 50% tax, 60% GDP, 70% patents, 80% employment, 99% of enterprises are from small and medium-sized enterprises. This power is invincible. We have the same consensus as Huawei, and believe that dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises are an important guarantee for my country's economic resilience. Chinasoft International, like Huawei, has the responsibility and obligation to give full play to its own The advantages in IT services help tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises in China to catch the fast train of informatization, and enable enterprises to grow rapidly through digitalization."

Tens of thousands of preferential products and 300 preferential policies - Reduce business digital costs.
As an important support for expanding employment, improving people's livelihood and stabilizing the economy, digital transformation has become a "required course" for small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of moving towards high-quality development. However, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with the dilemma of "dare not to transfer, will not transfer", and are trapped in a series of problems such as funds, technology and talents.

In response to the above problems, the festival will focus on the six major values ??that enterprises focus on, including business opportunity promotion, superior product discounts, technological innovation, brand enhancement, experience sharing, and talent development, focusing on specialization and innovation, SME bailouts, enterprise start-ups, and Chinese enterprises. Four major scenarios including going to sea to launch actions.

During the festival, HUAWEI CLOUD and its ecological partners will provide more than 10,000 products and release more than 100 new products, covering multiple digital scenarios such as corporate office, financial management, security services, intelligent manufacturing, and data processing. Among them, special support packages are provided for specialization, specialization, rescue of small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise start-ups, and key scenarios of Chinese enterprises going overseas, including specific product and service packages, digital transformation consulting, experience sharing, talent empowerment, up to one million levels subsidy for cloud migration, etc.

80 cities, thousands of events - Face-to-face relief for businesses.
When talking about specific supportive actions for SMEs, Zhang Xiuzheng, Vice President of Huawei China and President of Huawei Cloud China, said that there are essential differences between the consumer Internet and the industrial Internet. To C's consumer Internet can rely on a purely online approach to achieve business closed loops However, it is very difficult for To B's industrial Internet to achieve a closed-loop business online. It must sink into factories, factories, offices, and work scenarios, and must combine online and offline methods to serve the majority of enterprises.

Therefore, Huawei has linked 30,000 partners covering more than 300 cities and more than 2,000 districts and counties across the country. During the 828 B2B Enterprise Festival, more than 1,000 online and offline events will be held in more than 80 cities across the country, focusing on The three series of activities are "deeply cultivating the industry", "specializing and specializing in new" and "entering Huawei".

At the same time, based on more than 150 enabling cloud innovation centers across the country, Huawei will join forces with ecological partners to support local enterprises in their digital transformation.

It is understood that the month-long 828 B2B Enterprise Festival from August 28th to September 28th will set up four thematic weeks: New Product Release Week, Business Opportunity Promotion Week, Technology Innovation Week and Experience Sharing Week.

Taking Technology Innovation Week as an example, HUAWEI CLOUD will provide an ecological development fund, a support plan for technical partners, and continue to invest in the areas of solution co-creation, developer empowerment, and talent ecology to help developers and SMEs accelerate innovation . At the same time, the Enterprise Festival also advocates that large-scale technology companies open up their own technology ecosystems, so as to better form a technological innovation industry ecosystem and meet the needs of customers in the field of innovation and digitalization.

The Experience Sharing Week unites large enterprises with experience and resources to pass on experience through a combination of online and offline methods, and organize mutual visits between small and medium-sized enterprises to help enterprises better cope with digitalization. complex practice questions.

Chinasoft International's various initiatives - Fully assist the digital transformation of enterprises.
In the first 828 B2B Enterprise Festival, in response to the problems of difficult choices, lack of practice, and lack of benchmarks in the digital transformation of enterprises, Chinasoft International Cloud Intelligence is about to launch the "Digital Intelligence Pioneer X Plan" to gather ecological forces and build 100+ scenarios with partners It can reduce the high threshold for enterprises’ digital transformation; jointly build 20+ industry digital transformation benchmarks with leading enterprises in various industries, form a wide range of radiation demonstration effects, and comprehensively help enterprises to efficiently migrate to the cloud, use it, and use the cloud. Break the dilemma of digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

As China's leading Internet platform for the software industry, Chinasoft International Jiefang will carry out a series of activities of "Source Universe". Through the platform's aggregation and empowerment, it will cut into the industry digital scene and invite industry experts and industry outstanding suppliers to find the best solutions from the source. Optimized solutions to empower the digital transformation of government and enterprises. The "Yuanyu" series of activities provides a display platform for partners, and at the same time, it enters the enterprise with lightweight "point-to-point" to help enterprises enhance their brand influence.

Chinasoft International looks forward to joining hands with Huawei and many partners to jointly promote the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy, give full play to the role of digital technology in amplifying, superimposing, and multiplying economic development, helping small and medium-sized enterprises to digitally transform and upgrade, and achieve good business and become a good business. enterprise!