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Chen Yuhong of Chinasoft International: Helping tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises in China get on the express train of informatization.


August 31, 2022

On August 28, Chinasoft International, as a co-sponsor, officially launched the first "828 B2B Enterprise Festival" jointly initiated by Huawei and its 30,000 ecological partners. The theme of this festival is "to achieve good business and become a good enterprise", aiming to build an innovative development platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. During the launching ceremony, Chen Yuhong, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Chinasoft International Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhuanet, saying that dynamic SMEs are an important guarantee for my country's economic resilience and an important foundation for achieving common prosperity. As a leading enterprise in software and information technology services in China, Chinasoft International, like Huawei, has the responsibility and obligation to help tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises in China get on the fast train of informatization by leveraging its advantages in IT services and empower enterprises with digitalization growing up very fast.

Q: Chinasoft International, as the first co-sponsor of the B2B Enterprise Festival based on digital empowerment in China, please introduce what new policies and measures are in place for the 828 B2B Enterprise Festival? What do you think is the unique value of this corporate festival?
Mr. Chen:
As you all know, 50% of domestic tax revenue is created by SMEs, 60% of GDP, 70% of patents, and even 80% of employment opportunities are created by SMEs. SMEs account for 60% of the total number of Chinese enterprises. 99%. Whether the business of these enterprises can do well and whether they can become good enterprises will directly affect not only economic development and social stability, but also the international livelihood. Therefore, we took this opportunity to jointly launch the 828 B2B Enterprise Festival with Huawei, which is to empower domestic small and medium-sized enterprises so that they can do a good job in business. To be a good company is our starting point.

In such a new era of digitalization and digital economy, a good business will not be without the support of IT, and a good enterprise cannot do without digital transformation. Digital transformation has become a must for enterprises. Therefore, the main purpose of this enterprise festival is to help small and medium-sized enterprises in thousands of industries through our IT service capabilities, cloud service capabilities, etc., to help them develop in the market, acquire customers and products. In the process of production and quality management, improve efficiency and reduce costs, and provide support in the entire development process of the enterprise. At this enterprise festival, tens of thousands of suppliers including Huawei have already participated in providing diversified professional services. As a leading IT service company, Chinasoft International builds a platform through professional IT service capabilities to help companies better access and manage the cloud, and at the same time make some cloud-native applications on the cloud, providing end-to-end professional services from business opportunities to production and sales.

In my opinion, this Enterprise Festival is a grand event that came into being. Although there are many consumer-oriented festivals, none of them is dedicated to enterprises. This is the premise of the 828 B2B Enterprise Festival. Chinasoft International has been making efforts in the field of enterprise IT services since 2015. We have a platform called Jiefanghao, which is to liberate enterprise IT productivity, so that small and medium-sized enterprises who are unable to plan and deploy their own enterprise IT can find suppliers through our Jiefanghao. , to find a solution, in this area we have been stuck for 5 years. As the co-sponsor of this Huawei 828 B2B Enterprise Festival, I call on other enterprises in the industry to stand up together and help more enterprises complete their digital transformation in the form of a festival. Of course, the festival is a starting point, we must stick to it for a long time, and combine online and offline, festivals and festivals to promote our services in a long-term and in-depth manner. I think the Enterprise Festival is a very unique idea. Seizing such a very critical opportunity, we are full of confidence in the success of the 828 B2B Enterprise Festival.

Q: What is the entry point of Chinasoft International's digital empowerment and service differentiation in enterprises? Please discuss with actual cases.
Mr. Chen:
As one of the largest software service companies in China, Chinasoft International has profound technical and management skills in both industry coverage, end-to-end services from consulting to operation and maintenance, and the layout in domestic and international regions. precipitation. So how do we take advantage of it? In fact, it is to support these small and medium-sized enterprises in an ecological way. As mentioned just now, we started deploying Jiefang five years ago, and its biggest feature is that it combines the supply side and the demand side through the platform. In Nanjing, the government publishes software service requirements of more than one billion yuan on the Jiefanghao every year. These needs are undertaken by more than 600 ISVs within and outside the province. At the same time, these more than 600 ISVs are also on the Jiefanghao platform. Empowered and managed. Therefore, we say that it is a model of creating, sharing and growing together, and this model forms an ecosystem. At present, we have ranked among the top 80 in the world in the field of software services, and our goal is to achieve the top 10 in the world. How does a business like ours serve customers? It is to serve through the ecology. Similar to Jiefang, we also have a cloud brokerage platform like Huaxia Cloud, which organizes our 5,000 distributors and empowers them through this platform. Therefore, our biggest differentiation is to use our accumulated scale and strength to serve our final customers in an ecological way.

Q: What are your expectations and expectations for the future development of the 828 B2B Enterprise Festival?
Mr. Chen:
As a software service company, I am an old programmer myself, and I am looking forward to this enterprise festival. As we all know, no matter what form the digital transformation of an enterprise takes, it is supported by software engineers. At present, there are 8 million software engineers in China, including students from colleges and universities. In a few years, all our programmers will be able to play a role in the 828 festival and the time and scenes it covers. They can be here. Start a business and let more companies grow from here. Following the development of our software industry and empowering thousands of industries, this is my greatest expectation, and I also firmly believe that this day will come.