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Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong released the (1+1) x N strategy to change human production and lifestyle with digitalization and intelligence.


July 30, 2022

The 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit was officially held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 27 to 29. Chinasoft International Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. Hong” were invited to attend the opening ceremony and the summit forum respectively. Chen Yuhong, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Chinasoft International, and Chairman of Shenzhen Kaihong, delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony "Consolidating the foundation of OpenHarmony and enriching the ecology of thousands of industries"; Dr. Wang Chenglu, CEO of Shenzhen Kaihong, then delivered a speech at the summit forum with the theme of "With Digitalization, Sharing the theme of “Intelligent Changes in Human Production and Lifestyle”, and released the new “(1+1)×N” strategy created by Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong, which set off a climax of industrial digitalization and intelligent development. . Shenzhen Kaihong will build a scenario-based hyperterminal solution around the new All-Intelligence OS and hyperterminal management platform, and deeply combine Chinasoft's international first-class service and delivery capabilities to form a cloud-pipe-terminal integrated service system, and cooperate with industry-wide ecological partners to continue Explore the new business model of OpenHarmony, continue to break through the boundaries of the industry, and achieve the future of the Internet of Everything.

The era of the Internet of Everything "Made in China" to "Made in China".
The global digital revolution continues to deepen, and 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies are iteratively accelerated. After the PC era and the mobile Internet era, the way people acquire, use, and transmit information continues to evolve, promoting the chip + OS as the core information industry With continuous evolution, the information age and intelligent terminals are accelerating toward the era of the Internet of Everything.

At the same time, the factors driving my country's economic development have changed, and the high-speed economic development model brought about by demographic dividends, globalization, and infrastructure construction is no longer applicable. my country is faced with the disappearance of demographic dividends and rising labor costs, the extensive development model is unsustainable, and the industrial structure is in urgent need of transformation; at the same time, in order to cope with today's complex and changeable international environment, my country has proposed a dual-cycle economic development model; In the case of frequent climate occurrences, the proposal of my country's "dual carbon" goal has also brought huge challenges to the development of industry and manufacturing. Only by grasping the opportunity of the era of intelligent connection of all things, mastering the core technology, and promoting the transformation of the entire industry to the direction of digitalization and intelligence In order to continuously improve total factor productivity and achieve high-quality development.

Historical experience shows that mastering the core technology of the industry is the foundation of making the "industrial cake" bigger, and mastering the core technology can grasp the market share and profits.

In fact, China is currently the world's largest producer and consumer of smart terminals, with a super-large market advantage. At the same time, my country has strong smart device manufacturing capabilities, and has explored and formed a number of mature and replicable new smart manufacturing models. If my country wants to move from manufacturing products to creating industries and ecology, it is necessary to develop the root technology of the Internet of Everything, vigorously and improve the industrial ecology, and become a leader in the new development era.

All things Zhilian OS + super terminal management platform - Build the core of industrial ecology.
The complete industrial chain of the Internet of Everything is constructed by the perception layer, the network layer, the platform layer and the application layer. Among them, the terminal devices of the perception layer are rich and diverse:
sensors, modules, industrial equipment, etc., can be equipped with KaihongOS; at the network layer, whether it is a public network It is still a local area network. my country's development has huge advantages and leadership in the world; the application layer has flourished in various industries; and in the entire ecological link of the Internet of Everything, the most critical link - the platform layer, it It is both our opportunity and our weak point. The most important part of the platform layer, the operating system and the super terminal management platform, are not only the link between the whole ecology, but also the glue of the whole ecology.

At present, various application development and hardware terminal ecology of the application layer are separated from each other, and it is impossible to realize the interconnection and intercommunication between terminals, and it is impossible to realize the mutual circulation of information, which leads to the blockage of the industrial ecology, and the application development cycle is long and the cost is high. If you want to break the barriers, it is the key to break the situation by building an operating system base and a hyperterminal management platform to achieve software "definition" of hardware and complex systems.

All-connected OS can be mounted on various hardware devices, combining sensor devices and computing power connection devices as needed to realize "software-defined hardware"; however, to realize intelligent collaboration between various terminals, it is necessary to use the hyperterminal management platform, Flexibly combine different terminal equipment modules according to application scenarios from a full perspective, access the management platform on demand, realize "software-defined complex system", empower thousands of industries, optimize all aspects and processes of production and life, and realize digital and intelligent Retrofits and upgrades.

Shenzhen Kaihong's "(1+1) × N" strategy - Join hands with Chinasoft International to empower thousands of industries to transform and upgrade.
Mr. Chen Yuhong mentioned in his sharing at the opening ceremony that "rooting in OpenHarmony's 'black soil'" and making a good connection with the technology of all things, Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong will work hard to develop, work hard, and deeply root the core technology. in China. "Chinasoft International has always been committed to revitalizing China's software development. Under such a development concept, in the pace of the development of the information technology era, it has continued to make unremitting efforts in its own product research and development and assisting partners in digital transformation. Based on the information technology field and Prospective insight into the development of the industry's digital intelligence trend. As early as 2012, Chinasoft International fully participated in the special research and development of early open source projects; in 2020, Chinasoft International and six other co-construction units established OpenHarmony under the organization of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation. Committee, and deeply participate in the co-construction of the OpenHarmony open source community. In the coming era of the Internet of Everything, the development of China's core technologies will deeply affect the future development of the industry. Chinasoft International seizes the opportunity under this background to focus on the core intelligence of the Internet of Everything. The development of the Internet of Things, the establishment of Shenzhen Kaihong, is now inviting Wang Chenglu, an industry leader, to join hands to join hands in the no-man's-land of the domestic intelligent Internet of Things, and promote the development of core technologies in the era of the Internet of Everything in China.

Based on a deep understanding of the needs of industrial ecological construction in the era of the Internet of Everything and Chinasoft International's many years of accumulated experience in the industry, Shenzhen Kaihong, as Chinasoft International's pioneer camp in the field of OpenHarmony, focuses on the development and innovation of open source operating systems based on OpenHarmony. Kaihong officially released the "(1+1) × N" strategy, one digital base - KaihongOS, and one super terminal management platform, enabling N industry application scenarios. KaihongOS inherits and develops the technical advantages of OpenHarmony: unified format, ad hoc network, safe and reliable, stable connection, flexible combination, flexible deployment, etc. The hyperterminal management platform realizes open access, visibility, management and control of all things through the twinning of the real world and the digital world.

Shenzhen Kaihong will build the core cornerstone of the IoT industry ecology around the All-Intelligence OS and the super terminal management platform, and join hands with open source community ecological partners to contribute. On the one hand, it is based on the open source HarmonyOS ecosystem, which continuously absorbs the underlying technology source power, and on the other hand, it uses KaihongOS to empower thousands of industries and industries, and feeds back the open source ecosystem through continuous innovation and contribution.

Chinasoft International positions itself as a leader in software intelligence, an innovator in product intelligence, and a co-builder of industry intelligence. Starting from the needs and pain points of all parties, it sorts out the end-to-end software delivery created by tool intelligence and professional talents. , Build high-value products and solutions with data intelligence and underlying technology, and realize the targeted supply combination of project co-creation with platform and ecological aggregation of resource elements.

With first-class cornerstone services such as Chinasoft International's industry precipitation, software and hardware product customization capabilities, and digital software factory operation management, we continue to provide industry customers with product services and application solutions. Backed by the strong support of Chinasoft International, Shenzhen Kaihong is deeply cultivating the "root technology" of the era of the Internet of Everything, focusing on the research and development and innovation of KaihongOS. In the future, Chinasoft International and Shenzhen Kaihong will use "hard-core products + excellent services" to play a "combination punch" to accelerate the transformation of the industry's digital intelligence, to be the most solid and reliable partners in the process of industrial digitization and intelligence, and to join hands with industry partners to jointly build A new ecology of smart life and smart production.