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Re: CL601R post# 16260

Saturday, 08/06/2022 7:15:11 PM

Saturday, August 06, 2022 7:15:11 PM

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Somewhere I read that WCVC's business-information-flow was disrupted by COVID-19, meaning that the accounting staff that used to work with them in person had to work remotely, which somehow slowed their accounting process (that contributed to their Edgar filings) waaaaaay down.

I can believe COVID-19 had some real-world impact on them, but it's hard to believe at this point that those isolation protocols are still in place, and that WCVC and its financial guys haven't had the time to get caught up.

I don't know a reason why the Ilegal Mezcal trademark action against Illegal Brands IP would prevent WCVC from getting current and filing to resume trading. Frankly I think Illegal Brands IP has the stronger case, so I'm somewhat surprised that it hasn't forced Ilegal Mezcal to 'put up or shut up' at this point, unless I.B.IP thinks that Ilegal Mezcal will eventually tire and drop their action, especially since Ilegal Mezcal has been the one asking for all the suspensions to negotiate a settlement.

In the past I've talked to T53 about WCVC getting current again. I know what he knows, that nothing in the SEC revocation order prevents WCVC from getting current again once they get all of their paperwork in order. WCVC looks like a rare revocation case, being a company that isn't a scam or a shell, but rather is a real operating company.

Frankly, I suspect the WCVC would NOT have been revoked if 'experts' (and/or foreign investors) hadn't been trading it while it was on the Expert Market. The fact that it was trading seems to have attracted the SEC's attention (according to the revocation paperwork).

It's bad news that the Capitol Hill I.B. closed, but good news in that WCVC had the sense to close a money-losing store. However, since WCVC moved to Florida, I haven't been able to dig up anything significant that gives me any hint at what it plans to do. But at least WCVC hasn't changed it agent or auditor (either would require registering the event which would show up in public), so there's theoretical reason to hope that they will continue to do their jobs.

Whether or not Nixon is "happy" in his current position I don't know; and while I'd LOVE to see a PR, at least he isn't making promises in PRs that he can't keep. He's probably following his lawyer's advice to keep his mouth shut.

But yes, I'd love to see him 'give a little love' to his current shareholders out of common courtesy, other than occasional updates of yummy food pix on his social media sites.